October 24, 2011

Lesson - Fanfiction White Collar (Reese Hughes / Neal Caffrey)

(beta: remydoodle)

As I watched Peter and Elizabeth kissing I became aware of someone observing me. I turned around, searching and gulped when I discovered my observer. Reese Hughes – of all the people, for f-- uh, well.

I pondered if I could pretend not having seen him but I was too late. He gave me the two-finger point and my stomach plummeted to the ground. For fu--

Slowly I ambled over to him, the picture of nonchalance and innocence even though my knees were shaking. I could understand why Peter being angry caused temporary muscle weakness. He could pull off angry very well. 

Reese however radiated a different kind of power. From our very first meeting I've wanted him to like me, wanted to please him. Weird, huh? What I didn't want was for him to look at me like he did now – stern and disappointed. 

I flashed him a brilliant smile. “Peter is all right.”

“I can see that.”

His eyebrows knitted together more closely. I shifted from one foot to the other without being too obvious about my discomfort. “Well, I guess we better get home and get a good night's rest. Goodnight.”

I turned around and walked away. At least that was my intention. I stopped dead in my tracks when Reese said, “We're not done, Neal.”

I cringed. I was not in the mood to face Reese. Maybe I should run away and pretend I didn't hear him?
“You're not going to run, young man. Turn around and get back.”

I felt my face turn pale then flush in a deep red. Snail-like I turned around and peered at him. I wore my best pleading expression, the one which usually had people forgetting they were angry with me.

“Put the puppy eyes away and get in my car.”

For fuck's

“Thanks for the offer but I can walk home just fine.”

“You're not going home right now. You'll come with me and we're going to have a nice chat about following rules and obedience in general.”

“No, thanks your highness. I have to pass on this surely incredibly interesting topic. I'm sure you can find yourself a more appreciating audience. I --”

“Now!” Reese bellowed and my legs cooperated without my permission. He slid behind the steering wheel while I wrung my hands in my lap.

“Seatbelt,” he snapped.

Oh, for fuck's s--

Great. One-word sentences. I remembered two other occasions with him uttering one-word sentences. The outcome had been horrible; at least for my backside. I squirmed in my seat, desperately racking my brain for something – anything – to get me out of this.

The drive to his house was silent which was pure torture. Several times I tried to start a conversation but after my third attempt he simply growled, “Not one word until we're at my place.”

At least he spoke full sentences again. Maybe there was still hope.

My last bit of hope was shattered when we entered his house and he immediately led me into his kitchen and pointed at a corner. “Corner.”

“Yeah, right. I kind of figured it's a corner and not--” 

A large hand landed on my unprotected backside. I yelped. “Ow!”


I rolled my eyes and stamped towards my place of doom. To show him what exactly I thought of his stupid corner I kicked it. Another swat landed on my butt.

Oh, for fuck's sake,” I hissed.

“Stand still and be quiet.”

I swallowed down the urge to cuss and instead crossed my arms in front of my chest. Reese puttered around in the kitchen and I strained my ears to listen to what he was doing. From the sounds of it he was preparing tea. I relaxed a bit. As long as he didn't get out that dreadful wooden spoon again he could do as he pleased.

A chair scraped on the floor and my stomach made a sudden flip-flop. This was so not a good noise. It meant Reese was placing a chair in the middle of the kitchen. It also meant that he would be sitting down on it and I would follow suit. Unfortunately I'd be in a rather undignified position over his lap. I rubbed my sweaty hands on my pants. How did I always get myself into such situations?


It was just my name but it held so much more. My eyes filled with tears as I turned around. “Reeeeeese, please, don't do that.”

I didn't care that I was whining. It was my butt on the line! From the look of Reese's face I was in for a lesson, a very painful lesson. One I surely could learn in a less painful way.

He was sitting on the chair and calmly held out his hand to me. He shook his head and beckoned me to come closer. I dragged my feet. “Reeeeese, please. It was an emergency! Peter would be dead otherwise and you know that. Did you really want to lose one of your best agents because of some stupid FBI policy?”

His right eyelid twitched.

Fuckety fuck! I was dead.

“Do I have to get you?”

“No!” I gasped. He had to get me once. I didn't want to repeat that experience. I walked over to him and positioned myself at his right side. Tearfully I tried again, “I'm right and you're not! It was his only chance.”

To emphasize my point I stamped my foot. His eyelid twitched again. He reached out and unbuckled my belt. In fascination I watched those old but strong hands work on my belt before it registered with me what he was doing.

“No, no, no. Please, Reese, don't,” I repeated those words again and again. They fell on deaf ears. I frowned. Maybe Reese was partially deaf? I mean – he was old, right? Loudly I snapped, “I said no! Do I need to translate it for you in another language?”

“Young man, do you want to give me more reason to spank you? If that's the case, go on.”

“I don't want to get spanked at all.”

“We agreed on this kind of punishment, didn't we?”

“Yes, but --”

“You'd rather go back to prison?”

“No,” I choked out. “Reese, I'm sorry. I just didn't see any other possibility.”

“I know that and it worked. I'm glad Peter is alive but this is solely to enforce that you will obey me the next time. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” I whispered. My pants and briefs took exactly that moment to fall to the floor and leave me bare. I chose that moment to panic. “No, no, no! You can't do that! Not … not like this!”

“Do you tell me what I can do and what not?”

Triple fuckety fuck!

“I didn't mean it like that! Please, Reese, I'll be good! I promise!”

“I believe you.”

“You do?”

“Of course. I'm just going to make sure you won't forget your promise within the next few days.”

I gulped audibly. The next few days? Oh, this was going to hurt like a bitch.

“You don't need to do that! Seriously! I won't forget my promise! Not ever!”

There was a sudden pull and my perspective changed. I gave an outraged screech when Reece pushed up my shirt, tightened his grip around my waist and landed the first swat on my bare butt. I wriggled and squirmed but his hand fell over and over again. After the first dozen swats I snarled, “That's enough! For fuck's sake, Reese, stop it! I've had enough. I learned my lesson. No more disobeying you!”

“Watch your mouth, young man,” he chided me in that infuriatingly calm manner.

“I said stop it!”

“Is this your decision to make?”

“Reese!” I wailed. “It hurts!”

“It's supposed to hurt.” 

I grunted in pain when an especially hard slap landed on the underside of my buttocks. How could his hand hurt so much?

“Reeeeese! I'll be good! I swear, I will but please stop it.”

His answer was another sounding smack right on my sit spot. I cried out and the first tears fell. I didn't even fight against them this time. It was a useless effort anyway. I sobbed and howled and kicked my legs in a vain attempt to get rid of some of the sting. Nothing helped of course. This was his show, not mine.

An eternity later he declared, “All done.”

I pushed myself up from his lap and pulled on my briefs. I let out a pained yelp when the soft cotton came in contact with my scorched butt. “Ow, ow, ow. Oh, geez. Ow.”

As if the spanking hadn't been embarrassing enough Reese bent down to pull up my pants. Gently he lifted them over my butt then pulled up the zipper. He swatted my hands away when I attempted to buckle my belt. Wordlessly he went over to a cupboard, retrieved two mugs and poured tea into them.

I was still bouncing up and down on my heels, trying to get rid of the fire in my butt. I was also trying to calm down my breathing and wipe away the tears from my face with my shirtsleeve. Reese looked at me, rummaged in a drawer then came over to me with a handkerchief in his hand. He didn't give it to me though.

He wiped my face clean then told me, “Blow.”

“Reese! I'm not a kid!”


Maybe he was deaf after all? I was too tired of arguing and did as I was told. My face was probably from the same color as my ass but I survived. Hesitantly I asked, “Are we good?”

“Sure. Drink your tea. I'll drive you home afterwards.”

“I'd rather not sit.”

A small smirk appeared on his face. Ruefully I rubbed my butt. “I'm really sorry for disobeying you.”

I waited for him to nod and open his arms. It took him almost a minute before he said, “Come here.”

His arms were open and I lunged at him. His embrace was tight, almost crushing but it held all the comfort and reassurance I needed.



  1. YAY I didn't read this before, so I'm glad now. Poor Neal, but somehow, it's kind of funny that he always end like this XD I suspect that he likes to show his butt to Reese XDDDD.
    Pd: I'm sara tsuzuki!

  2. Hey Sara,

    I'm glad you liked this story, it was fun writing it. :) Going to send you an e-mail probably today because I wanted to ask you something.