May 06, 2012

The Color Question (Ben/Joey)

Info: No shape-shifting this time. This little story is probably best described as an erotic spanking scene.

Many thanks to Dizzy for the beta!

The Color Question

Joey? Sweetheart, do you have a second to come over to me?” Ben called from the bedroom, where he sat staring at the content of the basket with the freshly washed clothes.

Joey peered around the door frame, an innocent expression plastered on his face. It immediately set all of Ben's alarms off. Leveling a finger at Joey, Ben said, “You already know why I called you, don't you?”

I take it you found your new shirt?” Joey could barely hold back the laughter.

Ben closed his eyes for a moment. “Did you put my white shirt in with the red clothes on purpose?”

You wouldn't buy the pink shirt. What else was there to do for me?” Joey asked, his hands spread out in a what-can-you-do gesture.

Ben stared at Joey, taking in the relaxed pose, the smile and twinkling eyes. Oh, all right, he knew what his brat wanted!

Ben erupted into motion, startling Joey who only had time to whirl around and attempt to flee the scene. Ben was quicker, and wrapped his arms around Joey's waist, pulling him flush against his body. Nipping sharply at Joey's ear, he growled, “Someone's in for it.”

Joey shivered, tilted his head back and kissed Ben firmly on the mouth. He didn't resist when Ben walked them toward the bed, pushing the basket of clothes aside. Joey stood in front of him, anticipation pouring from him.

Ben pulled Joey's shirt off him, drinking in the sight of his gorgeous lover. There were moments like this when his heart soared with the knowledge of just how much they loved each other.

Don't go all gooey on me now,” Joey quipped.

Way to kill the mood,” Ben replied while at the same time bringing his hand down hard on Joey's ass.

Joey gasped and steadied himself with putting both hands against Ben's chest. “Love you.”

I thought we weren't supposed to go all gooey?”

Joey shrugged, then pushed closer to Ben. “Please, Ben.”

Sweetheart, you don't have to beg me. Step out of the rest of your clothes, I need to get some supplies.”

Joey had his clothes off by the time Ben emerged from the bathroom with some towels and a cooling lotion in his hands. Ben smirked upon seeing Joey's already erect cock. “Horny, aren't we?”

I don't know about you but yes, I am.”

Ben laid his supplies on the bed, retrieved a bottle with lube and two paddles from his bedside drawer, and undressed quickly. He seated himself on the bed, his back leaning against the headboard. Spreading out a large towel over his lap, he beckoned for Joey to come closer.

Joey crawled onto the bed. His face was already flushed as he positioned himself comfortably over Ben's lap. Ben adjusted Joey's cock between his thighs, knowing Joey loved the constant friction as much as the spankings to come.

Ben's hands slid up and down Joey's back, ass and thighs, relishing in the familiar feeling of the beloved body of his brat. Swiftly, he brought his hand down for the first time. Ben started slowly, alternating between Joey's ass cheeks. As he picked up the pace, Joey's breathing quickened and he wiggled under the onslaught.

When Joey's ass was a bright pink Ben stopped and applied some of the cooling lotion on Joey's stinging flesh, taking his time to massage it into the skin. Sliding one of his hands between Joey's legs, he found Joey's cock and gave it a few long strokes. Joey groaned. “Ben, more.”

Pushy today, aren't we?”

Please, Ben.”

Hmm, I know I said you don't have to beg but I sure like hearing you beg for more,” Ben chuckled.

Joey wiggled his ass enticingly, causing Ben to shift to relieve some of the pressure on his own cock.

Ben slapped his hand down again, this time harder than before. He set a fast rhythm but with no obvious pattern for Joey so the younger man was constantly surprised from the next slap. Ben delivered spanks to Joey's ass, and took some time to redden the flesh on Joey's thighs as well. He listened carefully to Joey's gasps, hisses and sometimes squeals. As long as Joey kept humping away on his lap, Ben knew everything was fine. From time to time Joey craved this, and Ben was only too happy to indulge him.

When Joey's cries became more urgent, Ben slowed down until he stopped completely. He repeated his earlier motion, applied more cooling lotion on the now deeply red skin and also gave Joey's cock a few more lazy strokes.

Joey relaxed over his lap, and sighed in contentment as Ben rubbed the lotion into the abused skin.

Keep the lexan for the end, okay?” Joey muttered.

All right.”

Ben lulled Joey into a sedate state, then picked up the small wooden paddle. It was a light one, which always left Joey with a stinging bottom. Ben tapped the paddle against Joey's ass and was rewarded with a breathy moan, accompanied by a heavy shiver.

Ben snapped the paddle down on Joey's ass, at first using a clear pattern to help Joey accommodate and push his ass toward the slap if he wanted. After a while he changed the pattern to a more unpredictable one, coaxing the first whimpers out of Joey.

The skin of Joey's ass now had a scarlet tone, and still Joey's hips canted back and forth forcefully, searching and begging for more. Ben could feel pre-come leaking from Joey's cock, soaking the towel.

Again he stopped the spanking, laid the paddle aside and rubbed the lotion into Joey's hot skin. He spent more time pumping Joey's cock, smearing pre-come all over it. Joey was beyond speech, only unintelligible words spilled from his mouth. Ben smiled—he loved to drive Joey crazy even if it mean that he had to neglect his own cock for a while.

Ready for the finish, sweetheart?”

Joey nodded his head frantically. Ben took the lexan paddle in one hand while the other one kept hold of Joey's cock. He brought the paddle down on Joey's sit-spot in rhythm to his strokes on Joey's cock. Joey thrashed around, every part of his body moved, eliciting a groan of pleasure from Ben.

When Joey started keening, Ben threw the paddle aside and pumped Joey's cock fiercely. Seconds later, Joey's body stiffened as he came with a scream.

Ben smiled as he watched Joey writhing over his lap, riding the waves of his climax. He rubbed his hands along Joey's sweaty back and sore ass, eliciting a garbled response from Joey.

My good boy,” Ben praised in a soft voice. He didn't use the term boy often but every time after such a session it felt right.

Joey let out a deep breath. “Thank you.”

Ben helped Joey to shift from his lap to lie on his side next to Ben. The older man pulled the wet towel off, and wrapped a hand around his own cock. He asked, “Want to help or look?”



Joey scooted closer, rested his head next to Ben's thigh so he could watch. Ben laid one hand on Joey's head, carding his fingers through his hair, and used the other one to stroke himself to completion. It only took a few fast pulls before he shot his seed over his hand.

A soft gasp when he climaxed told Ben that Joey had enjoyed what he'd seen. When he could breathe freely again, Ben bent over to kiss Joey.

Contentedly Joey said, “See, it was a good thing I washed your white shirt with the red ones.”
You could have just asked for this.”

But where would have been the fun in that?”

Point taken,” Ben admitted.

Before Ben could slide down on the bed to cuddle with his brat however, Joey asked, “Aren't you going to wear it?”

Ben raised an eyebrow at his cheekily grinning lover, then shrugged. “I guess I could, huh?”

He retrieved the pink shirt, pulled it over his head and grinned at Joey. “Well?”

Pink so isn't your color.”

Oh, you damn brat! Come here!”

Joey squealed when Ben pulled him into a rough hug. After their laughter subsided, both sighed. 

“You are allowed to go all gooey on me now.”

Ben chuckled. “Thanks, sweetheart. And yeah, I think we're pretty perfect for each other.”

That we are.”



  1. Thankyou. I'm loving what you're doing with this couple. This story is both cute and VERY hot.

    1. Donna,

      I'm very glad you enjoy reading about Ben / Joey. Thank you very much for reading and commenting, I appreciate it!