May 19, 2012

Flying Apart (Ben/Joey)

  Info: Again no shape-shifting and this time also no spanking as well as unbeta'd. Hopefully it's still fun to read. :)

Flying Apart

Joey writhed on the bed, his hands tangling in Ben's short hair. Immediately, Ben disentangled Joey's hands and gently but firmly pushed them above Joey's head.

A whine escaped Joey's throat. “Ben!”

Shh, it's okay,” Ben murmured.

Joey swallowed, closed his eyes and focused on Ben's tongue laving his cock and balls. Joey's breath came in short, desperate gasps, the sensations too much to bear. Still, Ben didn't relent. The older man pushed Joey's legs up, with that gaining access between Joey's ass cheeks.

Shaking from the sheer intensity of all of Ben's attention on him, from being the center of Ben's world, had Joey grappling for Ben's hair, shoulders—anything to hold on because he was flying apart. Flying apart in a good sense, wonderful sense even, but it was still too much. He didn't care about the whimpers, the pleas spilling from his mouth; everything inside him screamed for an anchor.

Ben stopped licking around the base of Joey's cock and nipped at the tender flesh of Joey's inner thigh. In a low, hoarse voice, he demanded, “Leave your hands up. Don't touch me.”

I can't! You have to restrain me!”

I will do no such thing. Obey me,” he said softly.

Joey brought his hands up over his head, the soft command anchoring him in a way impossible to explain. Even if he was flying apart, Ben would catch him, piece him together again later. Just like he always did; just like always.

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