July 22, 2012

Giveaway for "Animal Magnetism Anthology"

For a chance to win an e-book copy of the “Animal Magnetism Anthology”, which also includes my short story "Cuddling Up", please leave a comment to this entry. I'll choose one winner using Random.org on Monday, August 13th. The winner will be notified at the same day. Good luck!

ETA: Giveaway extended to Tuesday, August 14th!


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Whether it's a dog, cat, or something more exotic, the animals in this collection of romantic m/m stories serve as the catalyst for bringing lovers together. No matter how the encounter begins, by the end of each story, with a little help from their finned, furred, or feathered friends, our heroes have discovered some animal magnetism of their own.

Stories included are:

A Few Too Many by Heidi Champa
Having a Ball by Cari Z.
Along Came Spiders by Matthew Vandrew
Cuddling Up by Chris T. Kat
New Tides by Avery Vanderlyle
Care and Rehabilitation by Kim Fielding
Butterbean and the Pretty Princess Make a Home by R. Cooper
Jonno by Emily Gould
On an Eagle's Wings by A.J. Marcus
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? by Skylar Jaye
Tears for a Broken Sun by Minerva Wisting
Stripped Bare by Lily Velden
Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle
Show and Tell by Liz Makar
The Conch Republic by G.S. Wiley

Here's the buy-link: Animal Magnetism Anthology

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July 13, 2012

Reunion (Patrick and Angel)

Patrick and Angel: Reunion
(Beta: Dizzy)

Patrick thought a lot about the encounter with Angel. He even caught himself looking around for the angelic face, especially in the evenings.

After two weeks he scolded himself for acting like a love-sick puppy. Sure, Angel had been pretty, no, beautiful, no wait—he'd been more than beautiful. Words eluded Patrick to describe Angel sufficiently. He wasn't merely drawn to the angel, with the fascinating companion, because of his physical appearance. There had been more, a certain vibe that had sparked between them, which now caused Patrick to pine for the man.

Get over yourself,” he muttered to himself one evening.

Mr. Toffee, his large cat greeted him at the door as soon as he inserted the key in the lock. Patrick frowned. Mr. Toffee didn't usually greet him except on the rare occasions Patrick forgot to feed him in the mornings. He was sure he'd filled the cat's bowls this morning, so why was Mr. Toffee meowing?

Patrick cracked the door open, pushed Mr. Toffee back into the house and eventually squeezed himself inside. The cat weaved through his legs, bumping his head firmly against Patrick's shins. He bent down to pet Mr. Toffee and talked to him. When the cat was satisfied he ambled toward the living room, jumped on the ledge of the large window and hissed.

Patrick rolled his eyes, hung up his jacket, exchanged his shoes for comfortable slippers and pulled his shirt from his pants. Flipping on the lights as he went, he walked to the kitchen where he put the kettle on. Even over the boiling water he heard Mr. Toffee hiss and snarl almost constantly.

Hey, Mr. Toffee! What is it? A big bird? Want me to let you out so you can chase it?”

The cat hissed again, sounding even sharper and more annoyed than before. Intrigued, Patrick walked into the living room. Mr. Toffee stood on the ledge and arched his back. Patrick had never seen his cat this agitated before. He came closer and peered through the window.

A large shadow jumped against the window, causing a new hissing fit from Mr. Toffee while Patrick stumbled backward a few steps. One of his hands covered his erratically beating heart as he gaped outside.

What the hell?” he asked.

The shadow pressed his large head against the windowpane, showing off a red-glowing eye. Cautiously, Patrick walked back to the window. He picked Mr. Toffee up and stared. He remembered this... thing, er, hell-hound.

What's he doing here?” Patrick asked himself. Loudly he said, “I don't have any fries.”

The beast let out a howl and stepped back from the window. Patrick's gaze followed the beast. The hell-hound trudged over to the fence with his tail tucked between his hind legs. On the fence sat Angel.

Patrick sucked in a breath. It really was Angel, balancing precariously on a small fence post, his legs swinging back and forth. He held out both arms for the hell-hound. The beast hauled himself up on his big hind legs and laid both forepaws on Angel's shoulder. He nuzzled Angel's face and Patrick couldn't decide whether he was disgusted by the side of Angel cuddling the beast or if he wanted to exclaim a heartfelt “awww”.

After setting Mr. Toffee on the floor, Patrick ventured out through the back door. Slowly, he walked up to Angel and the beast. He cleared his throat when neither of them seemed to notice his presence.

The hell-hound directed his glowing red eyes at him, his tail swishing side to side. Patrick asked, “Is he excited to see me or does he expect me to get him some fries?”

King Kong gave one single bark, which sounded like a whole pack of hounds barking at once. Patrick started at the sound, and quickly looked around to see if one of the neighbors stuck out their head to see what's going on.

Shh, King Kong,” Angel admonished his pet. The beast immediately lowered himself to the ground and sat there primly, waiting for his master's next command.

He's... very well trained,” Patrick offered.

Of course he is. I trained him myself.”

Patrick rolled his eyes before asking, “So, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

Angel's face lit up as he smiled broadly at Patrick. Swallowing heavily at the unexpected rush of lust flooding through his veins, Patrick stared at the other man. However, Angel's next words served as a cold shower.

I'm here to collect my reward. I told you I'd find you and that you'd obey me.”

Patrick refrained from rolling his eyes again. “Ah, right. I didn't expect you to wait outside in my garden, I have to admit.”

Angel exhaled a long sigh. “I would have waited inside your house, of course, but I'd have to leave King Kong outside and he'd cry the whole time.”

That's... very inconvenient.”

It is! Just because he's a hell-hound by nature means the owner of the house has to invite him in. I can walk anywhere I want but he has to be invited because of some ooooooold rules.” Angel shook his head disapprovingly.

He hopped down from the fence, one wing wrapped securely around him, covering all the interesting parts of his physique while the other wing was neatly tucked up on his back.

I demand of you to invite King Kong into your house,” Angel declared.

Oh, here we go again! “Do you now?”

Irritated, Angel replied, “Yes, I do. Now do as you're told.”

With great effort Patrick managed to suppress his laughter. Calmly, he said, “No.”

Angel's mouth fell open and his eyes widened. “What?”

I said no. I suppose it's not a word you hear often, am I right?”

You can't say no! I demand of you--” Angel broke off, when Patrick stepped closer with his right hand lifted.

If you ask me instead of demand, I might, emphasis lying on might, think about it.”

Angel's cheeks colored. He scowled at Patrick, which only fueled Patrick's desire to hug the man—right after putting him over his knees.

I demand--”

Ah!” Patrick said.

Angel stamped his left foot on the ground and yelled, “I'm an angel! I don't ask, I demand! And I demand of you--”

Patrick stepped even closer. Angel pushed himself off the ground, both wings flapping and revealing his finely toned body as well as his crotch. Patrick grinned up at the flushed angel and asked, “What was it you wanted to ask?”

I did not want to ask! King Kong, come up here. We're done.”

Patrick shrugged, waved and walked back to his house. When he reached the back door, he heard wings sweeping through the air, twirling up old leaves in their wake.

Wait!” Angel called.

He landed behind Patrick, then brushed the tip of one wing over Patrick's neck. The soft touch elicited a gasp and shiver from Patrick. He turned around to face the angel. King Kong landed next to his master with a reverberating thunk. Patrick raised an eyebrow in amusement while Angel grimaced.

He's not the most graceful creature,” Angel stated. He immediately scratched the beast behind his ears, adding, “but he has other qualities.”

I'm sure he has.”

Patrick waited while Angel petted King Kong. He caught the angel darting glances at him now and then but stopped himself from making it easy for Angel. His patience paid off in the end. Angel stared at the top of his beast's head and mumbled, “Would you please invite King Kong into your house?”

See, that wasn't so hard,” Patrick praised. “Now try it again while looking at me.”

Angel's head shot up. “You want me to look at you while I beg you to... No! That's ridiculous. Invite him in! Now! I demand of you—”

I swear if you're going to use the phrase I demand of you or even just the word demand one more time, I'll put you over my knee.”

Angel gazed at him in confusion. “Why would you do that? Is that a good position for me to be in to receive my reward?”

Patrick couldn't help it—he laughed. Angel kept staring at him in bewilderment until Patrick calmed down again. Still chuckling, he asked, “Have you never heard the term I'll put you over my knees before?”

No? What does it mean?”

It means, you'll be lying across my lap and I'll spank your lovely bottom.”

Angel jumped back a step. He opened and closed his mouth several times while his eyes grew bigger and bigger. Patrick watched Angel's wings turn pink before he glanced at the angel's crotch. The arousal was visible and Patrick smirked.

Th-That's not what I had in m-mind,” Angel stuttered. “It doesn't sound very r-rewarding to me.”

No? It does to me.”

But wouldn't it hurt me?”

Patrick laughed again. “Of course it would. That's the whole point of it so you'd remember your manners the next time you want something from me or anyone else.”

Angel took another two steps back. A pout formed on his face and he said, “You're not worth my attention.”

He whirled around and quickly crossed Patrick's lawn. King Kong stared from Patrick to Angel, then heaved a sigh and trotted after his master. To Patrick's astonishment he felt a sharp pang of loss at seeing Angel walking away from him.

Some people like to get spanked. It turns them on sexually,” he called after Angel.

Angel glanced over his shoulder. “I'm not some people. I'm an angel.”

Suit yourself,” Patrick murmured.

He opened the door and slipped inside the house. For a moment he stood in his living room, not sure what to do with himself. Eventually, he shook himself and forced his feet to go to the kitchen to fix something for dinner.

He brewed some tea before he rummaged through his fridge. The knock at his kitchen window caused him to hit his head pretty badly at the top of the fridge. Rubbing his head he stared at the window.

Sighing, he opened it and asked, “What is it now?”

You are supposed to come after me! I told you that much the last time we met! You're not doing this right!” Angel told him, his voice holding so much indignation that Patrick had to smile.

You need to learn some manners. Now, if you'd excuse me, I'd like to prepare dinner.”

Patrick was about to close the window when Angel grabbed his wrist, sending an electrical tingle through his whole body. He heard Angel moan and sluggishly lifted his eyes to gaze at the angel. All sluggishness left him as he caught sight of Angel. The man glowed, a soft golden halo shimmering around him while his clear blue eyes sparkled.

Angel?” Patrick asked softly.

Angel slowly withdrew his hand, then held it in front of his eyes, scrutinizing it. Patrick watched the angel's chest heave up and down, a fine flush covering his skin until Angel dropped his hand.

When Angel looked at him again Patrick's breath hitched. God, he had it bad! His cock throbbed painfully in the confinement of his jeans. Before Patrick could react, Angel had squeezed himself through the kitchen window and now crouched on the counter top, his wings draped securely around him.

King Kong put his huge paws on the window sill and barked. If it had sounded like a pack of hounds earlier it sounded now like a dozen of packs.

Tell him to stop!” Patrick shouted.

He won't listen. He wants to be with me.”

Then go back to him!”


What?” Patrick felt the first beads of sweat trickling down his back.

No. I want to be where you are.”

Patrick wrapped his arms around Angel, intent on lifting him off his counter and carrying him to the back door but as soon as he had Angel in his arms he changed his mind. Warmth flooded him, pooled in his gut and spread out from there. Angel uncurled his wings to push closer to Patrick and both men moaned when Patrick rubbed his hands over Angel's bare skin.

Invite him in?”

If this is a ploy to get what you want, your lovely bottom will pay the price,” Patrick warned.

Angel looked him directly in the eyes, before pleading, “Please, Patrick?”

Patrick didn't know whether it was the word please or the use of his name but he relented. “King Kong, please come in.”

The beast yipped in delight and hauled himself up on the window sill. He tried squeezing his bulk through the window but grew frustrated when his wings got stuck. Mr. Toffee chose this moment to make an appearance and jumped on the counter. Nonchalantly he walked up to King Kong and sniffed at him.

Oh-oh,” Patrick said.

Seconds later Mr. Toffee jumped from the counter in triumph. King Kong howled while Angel screeched in outrage. “Your cat scratched my pet! How dare it! I demand--”

Despite the bizarreness of the situation Patrick did what he'd promised Angel earlier. He pulled him into his arms, carried him over to a chair and put him over his knees. Angel let everything happen to him almost docilely—right to the point when Patrick's hand slapped down on his ass for the first time.

Angel screamed, King Kong barked and Mr. Toffee trundled back into the kitchen, wanting to know what the commotion was all about.

I told you not to use the word demand again,” Patrick said, all the while bringing his hand down on Angel's ass. He didn't use much force but Angel screamed as if he was getting skinned. King Kong's bark worsened to the point where Patrick shouted, “Quiet!”

King Kong stopped instantly. He stared at Patrick and whimpered. The whimper was piercing, like a cacophony of whistles. Patrick cringed while Mr. Toffee whizzed out of the room.

I said quiet, understood?”

King Kong simply stared at him but remained silent. Angel did no such thing. He screamed, kicked his legs, flapped his wings and wiggled on Patrick's lap. It was like holding on to a slippery eel—almost impossible.

Angel pushed his left wing into Patrick's face, hissing and sputtering. Patrick had long stopped spanking, hell he hadn't gotten more than a few smacks in, but Angel kept screeching. No matter what Patrick said nothing seemed to get through to the angel. In the end, he held Angel as securely as he could and waited.

Angel's struggle ceased after a while. On a sudden impulse, Patrick rubbed his face against Angel's left wing and dropped kisses on the soft feathers. Angel gasped loudly. He also calmed down in an instant.

So, that's how to calm you down, hm?” Patrick murmured into the feathers.

Angel's wings turned pink, even a bit red at the tip of them. Patrick bit his lower lip and slowly loosened his grasp on Angel. “I'm helping you up now.”

Patrick set Angel on his feet, curious to see Angel's face. Angel hid behind a curtain of blond curls while he reached around to feel his ass. “Y-You... you... smacked my bottom. Again.”

Angel's voice broke and Patrick's heart stumbled a beat. Had he gone too far? “I told you I'd spank you if you used the word demand again, didn't I?”

Angel lifted his face, a few tears trickling down his cheeks. “B-But it hurts. This is not how it's supposed to go. Nothing is going as it should since I met you. Nothing. I'm an angel! You are supposed to show me your respect and worship me and-and do what I say. What is wrong with you?”

My poor Angel, all confused.”

Your angel?” Angel whispered softly.

Freudian slip,” Patrick wheedled.

Who is Freudian and why did he slip? What has that got to do with me being your angel?”

Freud not Freudian and he was--” Patrick cut himself off. “Forget it. Turn around and let me have a look.”

Angel wiped the tears off his cheeks, turned around and slowly withdrew his hands. Patrick's eyes widened at the sight. He saw his hand prints all over Angel's ass. Tentatively he stroked over Angel's flesh, eliciting a moan from the angel.

Your skin seems very sensitive because I know I did not slap all that hard.”

All angels have a sensitive skin. Last time you smacked my bottom your hand prints were visible for three days. It was so embarrassing, especially because father said I was to visit you again.”

Your father?” Patrick repeated. “I thought... oh, never mind. Okay, I'll keep your sensitive skin in mind the next time I smack you.”

Angel whirled around, both hands covering his behind. “Next time? There will be no next time!”

Patrick looked from Angel's face to his crotch. To Patrick's astonishment he found Angel was fully erect. A kinky angel? Patrick wasn't sure how he felt about this but reached out nonetheless, giving Angel's erection one long stroke. Angel whimpered at the sensation.

When Patrick pulled away he said, “I d--, I-I mean, will you pleasure me now?”

You mean suck you?”

Why would you suck at me?” Angel replied confused.

Suck at you? No, I mean blow you.”

Why would you blow me?”

Patrick put his hands on his hips, a frown on his face. “What exactly entails pleasuring for you?”

Angel blushed. It took him a couple of tries to get out the words. “I've heard other angels talk about it. I only know you have to kneel in front of me.”

Patrick sat back heavily on the chair he'd just vacated. Despite his attitude Angel was still completely innocent. Patrick wasn't sure he was the right man for this. Angel walked up to him, asking, “Are you sick?”

Patrick smiled weakly, then patted on his right thigh. When Angel didn't get his meaning, he snatched Angel's hand and pulled him on his lap. Angel hissed and squirmed, his wings flapping and rustling. Patrick grabbed a fistful of feathers and dropped kisses onto them. Angel's squirming stopped immediately. He snuggled closer to Patrick, all the while staring at him in awe.

This is an erogenous zone none of my former lovers ever had,” Patrick muttered.

I'm special, very special,” Angel declared. “You aren't going to pleasure me, are you?”

No. At least not right now.”

Not even if I say please?”

Patrick smiled and trailed his fingers along the ridges of Angel's left wing. “No, not even then.”

Why? Your love-stick seems to be in need of pleasure itself.”

Love-stick?” Patrick chortled. “You've got a lot to learn, my angel.”

Angel beamed at Patrick. “You said my angel again.”

I guess I did.”

Good. I dem--”


Oops,” Angel grinned at him. “I wish you to kiss me.”

Patrick cupped the angelic face in his hands, brushed his thumbs over the high cheekbones and gently pressed his lips to Angel's. He tasted so sweet, so right, so incredible.

When they came up for air, they were both panting. “Are you sure you don't want to pleasure me?”

Laughing, Patrick tucked some of the golden ringlets behind Angel's left ear. “We'll get there in time. You have to be patient.”

But why? I'm an angel, I always get everything I desire instantly.”

Not when you stay with me.”

Angel pouted, which caused Patrick to grin even more than before. The angel blew out a long breath when he concluded his pout wouldn't get him the result he wanted.

You're a very difficult man,” Angel complained. “Are all men like you? Maybe I could ask someone else to plea--”

Angel broke off mid-sentence when Patrick flipped him back over his lap. Patrick gave Angel's ass a light tap while he struggled to keep hold on Angel's flailing arms and wings. “Was this a serious question or did you just want to provoke me? Be careful with your answer, little angel.”

Angel glanced over his shoulder at Patrick, a sheepish smile on his face. “Provoke you.”

Patrick brought his hand down sharply on Angel's sit spot as he said, “Don't.”

Angel screeched, mostly in outrage but agreed anyway. “I won't!”

Good.” Patrick put him upright again, then ushered him to the backdoor. “Get your hell-hound inside.”

What about the pleasure?”

Patrick groaned. How was he supposed to survive the rest of the evening? What the hell had he gotten himself into?

But that, ladies and gentleman, will be explored in the next installment. ;-)

July 08, 2012

Introductions (Patrick and Angel)

This story is supposed to be the first installment in a new series and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. But  be warned--I went off into fantasy-land so if wings are a total turn-off for you, you better skip this story.

Patrick and Angel: Introductions 
(Beta: remydoodle)

Patrick rounded the corner fast, almost too fast. He barely kept his balance, inwardly thanking his guardian angel for his luck because falling would inevitably mean to be killed.

He heard the huge, nightmarish... thing panting as it chased after him. Patrick searched for a hiding spot or preferably a fire ladder or... or whatever, so he could put a safe distance between himself and the grotesque creature. All this simply because he'd decided to indulge in some junk food. Next time he was going to order his food in—if he lived long enough.

Patrick's lungs burned, his leg muscles began to spasm and panic set in. A hot gust of air tickled his neck, causing him to stumble. He plunged face forward to the ground, all air rushing out in one short pained gasp, then reflexively put his hands behind his head to protect his vulnerable neck.

The... whatever-it-was growled and pulled sharply at the bag of junk food. Patrick barely retained control over his bladder.

A chuckle drew his attention. He sensed someone hunkering down next to him before gentle fingers pried the bag from his hand.

Don't worry, he's not malicious. He just wants your fries,” a soft, melodious voice informed him. The fries-loving beast growled, sending goose bumps up Patrick's spine. The voice added, “Right. He wants your fries and your ketchup. You see, the ketchup is majorly important.”

Patrick listened to the creature's paws clicking on the ground as it followed the voice. Whoever it was, tore open his bag of food and talked soothingly to the yipping beast. Carefully and slowly, Patrick turned on his side to take a look. His heart thumped painfully hard against his ribcage, almost busting it.

In the corner of the badly lit alley crouched something that seemed to be a mix between a large dog and wolf but the size of a pony. That wasn't even the strangest characteristic of the beast. No, the strangest characteristic was the dark brown, folded up wings on the beast's back.

Patrick's gaze was riveted to the hands that dumped his fries on the torn bag, generously spreading ketchup all over them. The beast licked the hand in a grateful gesture, then dug into the food.

Patrick's breath caught when he really looked at the man kneeling next to the creature. His eyes widened as his gaze traveled from the most beautiful face he'd ever seen to the man's naked torso and further down where a white, feathery wing covered the man's crotch.

Wait. A man with wings?

Patrick closed and opened his eyes repeatedly until the man chuckled again.

I'm real. He's real too.” The man pointed at the beast at his side.

What... what is he?” Patrick stammered.

King Kong. He's a hellhound but there's no reason for you to fear him. I adopted him as a pup because he was unsuitable as a hellhound. Like I said, there's not one ounce of maliciousness in him.”

King Kong?” Patrick snorted.

The man's face lit up as he smiled. “A long time ago I watched a movie with a giant ape and the resemblance between them is striking, isn't it?”

Patrick tilted his head. He couldn't detect even the slightest hint of resemblance but he wasn't going to argue. Instead he focused on the man. He took in the sight of the golden ringlets framing the man's face. “And you are...?”

You may call me master.”

Patrick burst out laughing. The other man's face fell, the confusion so obvious that Patrick took pity on him after he had control of himself again. He rephrased his question, “I meant what are you? Since your companion is a... a hellhound.”

Oh, sorry. I thought that was obvious. I'm an angel.”

To emphasize his point, he spread his wings, the white brightness blinding Patrick momentarily. 

An angel. Of course. How silly of me to ask,” Patrick muttered. “Did I have a stroke or something? Or maybe I had an accident and I'm in a coma now?”

No, I can assure you that you're perfectly healthy.”

Patrick got to his feet, brushed dirt from his pants and tentatively stepped away from the two... beings. “Well, I'll leave now. Thank you for rescuing me from your... pet.”

Rescue, huh? I'd be willing to accept a reward for my help.”

Patrick froze. “Excuse me?”

The man rose to his feet, which allowed Patrick to estimate his height. They were both equally tall, though Patrick lacked the finely toned body. He stared, drinking in the sight of the other man. The skin appeared smooth and invited him to touch.

Patrick licked his lips before he forced himself to look at the other man's face again. A knowing smirk played on the beautiful face.

Unconsciously, Patrick walked toward the winged man. He stopped himself with great effort. The blond frowned at him and asked, “Why are you standing there? I demand of you to come to me. Immediately.”

Whatever spell Patrick had been under, evaporated exactly at this point. Annoyed, he turned around and moved away. “Thanks for your help again. The food is on me.”

Hey! Hey! You... you mortal! Stop walking! I demand of you--”

Oh dear. Spoiled brat much, eh?

Patrick kept walking and ignored the screeched complaints. A moment later an eerie silence settled around him. Patrick was in a part of town he didn't know well and the chase had led to him losing all sense of direction.

The silence was interrupted by the whooshing sounds of wings. Patrick looked at the sky and stopped startled when the man, angel, whatever, swooped down in front of him, effectively blocking his way.

Who do you think you are?”

Patrick Fanelly, nice to meet you. I didn't get your name?”

Flabbergasted, the other man gazed at him. “I'm Angel. Just... Angel.”

Well, hello Angel. Thanks again for helping me with... King Kong. Have a good night.”

Patrick moved, intent on passing the other man. An outstretched wing hindered him. “I'm still waiting for my reward.”


Yes. Since I know you find me very attractive, let me make a suggestion. You may kneel in front of me and bring me pleasure.”

Patrick gaped. The prospect of sucking Angel off was very tempting but the attitude? No, thanks.

I already thanked you, that's enough.”

How dare you!” Angel hissed. He pulled back his wing and stomped a few feet away. Patrick looked as the other man flounced off. He shook his head, smiling at the angel's behavior and moved again
Seconds later he heard the unmistakable sound of wings sweeping through the night's air. Angel landed in front of him, again blocking his way. Not even the scowl on his face could diminish his beauty.

You are supposed to come to me and not to walk away from me,” Angel stated, scandalized.

Am I?”

Yes. When I stomp off everyone follows me to make up with me.”

I'm not everyone.”

But... you need to demonstrate respect for me.”

Oh, do I?”

Angel smiled. “Yes, you do. I knew you'd understand. Kneel.”

Let me spell it out for you: N. O. No.”

You-you can't deny me!” Angel sputtered. Indignantly, he straightened up, his wings flapping wildly. “I demand--”

Patrick had enough of Angel's demands. He grasped the other man's elbow, turned him around and landed two sharp smacks on Angel's naked ass.

Angel screeched and pushed himself off the ground. He looked down at Patrick from a safe distance, both hands clutching his behind. The beast—King Kong—appeared at his master's side, cocking his head this way and that way, obviously concerned about Angel's well-being.

You... you... you!” Angel screamed.

I what?”

You smacked my bottom! You were supposed to pleasure me!”

I found it very pleasing to smack your lovely bottom,” Patrick said, grinning when he discovered the tip of the wings coloring in a soft pink. He pointed upward and asked, “You liked that, didn't you?”

Hurriedly, Angel tucked his wings behind his back. In horror Patrick watched Angel fall to the ground.

Angel yelped when he landed on his butt. Light blue eyes stared at Patrick accusingly. “Ouch.”

Patrick rushed toward the fallen angel. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

A bit.”

Patrick helped Angel to his feet, and turned him around to brush off dirt and tiny pieces of gravel from Angel's backside. Angels gasped softly at the contact.

Patrick turned him back around, smiling when he became aware of the downcast eyes. Angel folded his wings neatly up on his back but Patrick still saw the feathers turn pick up to their roots.

Take your hellhound and go home, Angel,” Patrick told him mildly.

Angel lifted his eyes. The desire Patrick found in those eyes caused his breath to hitch. He cupped Angel's face in his hands and pressed a gentle kiss on Angel's full lips. It pained Patrick to let go but he managed. He needed time to think. This... this was just too bizarre.

He glanced over his shoulder as he walked away. Angel touched his lips with the fingers of one hand and waved with the other one. He called, “I'll find you and then you're going to do what I demand of you.”

Patrick laughed. That sounded like a challenge. One he might take on.