August 11, 2012

Back home & Animal Magnetism Anthology

So, we're back home from our vacation. We had great weather most of the time and really enjoyed our time at the beach:

It was a very relaxing vacation and I even had time to write, so now I'm halfway through with another story.

On Monday the 13th the Dreamspinner Press Anthology "Animal Magnetism" will be out. It includes my short story "Cuddling Up". Here's the blurb for it:

Cuddling Up by Chris T. Kat
It\'s bad enough zookeeper Paul Myers can\'t leave work because of a thunderstorm, but when he seeks refuge inside the big cat house, he\'s greeted with a sight that chills him to the bone. The new keeper Paul happens to have a crush on, Noah Collins, is sitting in one of the compounds—and he\'s not alone. Noah is cuddling with a full-grown snow leopard and her two small cubs. But that\'s not the only surprise Paul is in for that night....

You can still enter the give-away here or here. There will also be a chat at Literary Nymphs on Saturday, August 18th. Drop by if you like. :)


  1. Oh your blurb for your short story has me so impatient for the book to come out! I have just GOT to read that. You alone are responsible for my love of shape shifters now! Glad you are home and had a fun time.

    1. *waves* Hey Dizzy! i'm delighted that you're looking forward to read the story! I had great fun writing these characters.