October 13, 2012

Germany: The German Corner in Koblenz

I almost forgot to post... but, hey, I have a good reason! I'm editing "A Purrfect Match". I'm really excited about this book.

Anyway, to today's, um, tonight's topic: The German Corner in Koblenz.

Koblenz is one of Germany's oldest towns, and I'll talk about this city in one of the next posts. For more information on Koblenz, please visit this site.

The two rivers Moselle and Rhine merge together at the German Corner. As you can see here (all pictures taken by remydoodle):

 The little cars you see hanging in the air is the cable car between Koblenz and the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein on the other side of the river. And yes, I was inside one of these cars but only because remydoodle made me do it!

Located at the German Corner is the monument of Emperor Wilhelm I. This is a replica of the original statue and was inaugurated in 1993. For more information about the monuments history, please visit here.

It is a very impressive statue and a real tourist magnet. Oh, and look, the horse is pretty well endowed. ;-)


  1. LOLOLOLOL I can't believe you added that last picture! Such a perv looking at that horse's privates!
    Oh wait, I took that picture! LOLOL

    1. OF COURSE I added the last picture! We got a good laugh out of it, right? XD

  2. Tja Denkmäler konnten wir schon immer, oder *lol*

    1. Hehe, wir haben so gelacht als wir das "Gehänge" sahen. *gg*