November 11, 2012

Coming Soon: A Purrfect Match

A Purrfect Match will be released on December 10th! It'll be available as e-book and as paperback (how cool is that?).


When a bad day at work culminates in losing out on a promotion, Jim Sanders shifts into his animal form to let off steam. Then his bad day turns into a bad night—while prowling his Atlantic City neighborhood as a large gray house cat, he’s caught in a torrential downpour. What little luck he has washes down the gutter when his new boss, Andrew Wright, catches him taking shelter on his porch, brings him inside, and starts calling him Mr. Frosty.

As a feline, Jim becomes the inadvertent confessor for his boss’s lonely son, Tony, a victim of schoolyard bullying. As a human, he feels drawn to Andrew, a man he wanted to resent. Finding love was never part of Jim’s plan for the future—not with his bizarre secret—yet suddenly he finds himself navigating that minefield anyway. But not everything is easy, especially for an interracial gay couple dealing with prejudice in the workplace, at Tony’s school, and even within their own families.

Dreamspinner Press now has pre-oder buttons on their website...

I really love the cover Shobana Appavu created for the book, Jim and Andrew look exactly how I imagined them.

I'll definitely do a giveaway in time and let you know.

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