November 03, 2012

Germany: Loreley

Most people associated a mermaid with this name. In reality, the Loreley is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine, near to Goarshausen. This particular rock marks the narrowst part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea. The rock is 65m high, and there's a very strong current, which had lead to a lot of boat accidents.

Several myths are told about the Loreley. One of the most popular ones is about a woman, who is sort of a siren. She sits on the cliff above the Rhine and combs her golden hair. The men on the boats are distracted by her beauty and song, which causes them to crash on the rocks.The Russian artist Natascha Jusopov created a statue of the Loreley. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a close-up for the statue, so instead I'm giving you a link.


  1. Thanks for the pics!!I always believe that Lorelei was a mermaid <_<

    1. I thought so too for a long time. :)