February 04, 2013

Sneak Preview: Secret Chemistry 2

Image courtesy of [Evgeni Dinev] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So, “Secret Chemistry” subtitle is “Shifters: Book One”, and indeed there will be a second book. So far the working title is pretty awesome. Behold, it's “Secret Chemistry 2”. ;-)

What? I never said it would be awesomely good...

I'm really glad that most people liked Tim's younger brother Robin because Secret Chemistry 2 will be about him (although Tim and Jay play important roles as well).

It'll be a while until I can submit the manuscript but I really like the story. Did I mention how much I love the cover Anne Cain created for Secret Chemistry? Yeah, well, since I mostly request her for my book covers (and DSP is awesome because they always make it possible!) I asked her if she might be interested in doing the cover for the second book. She is! :)

Now I only hope DSP will accept the manuscript. At the moment it's still at my beta but she's already working on chapters 21 to 24. The book has 33 chapters altogether and is about 13k longer than the first one.

Without further stalling, here's the promised snippet (from chapter one):

Shut the fuck up and leave me alone!”

Robin felt Tim tighten his grip on his shoulders. Tim seemed to struggle to control his temper before he snarled, “You are not going anywhere without me.”

Robin tried to shrug off his brother's hands, his frustration kicking up a notch when he couldn't free himself. Panting, he shot back, “I didn't come with you two love-sick puppies to be kept as a prisoner! I came with you to help you. Now let me do my own thing!”

You are not going anywhere without me,” Tim growled.

Tears welled up in Robin's eyes, and the urge to stomp his feet like a petulant toddler became almost unbearable. Instead of giving in to this less than mature action, he shoved against Tim's chest, satisfied that he at least managed to throw his brother off balance. “That'll mean Jay will be with us too, which will inevitably lead to the two of you sucking faces. No, thank you.”

Robin, it is too dangerous for you to stroll around on your own.”

What the hell could happen to me? I'm a werewolf for Christ's sake!”


So what? I can defend myself if a bad man is out to get me.”

You can't even shake me off.”

For a moment Robin was engulfed in a tidal wave of rage, and a sudden red haze veiled his gaze. He was so sick and tired of everyone believing he needed to be protected. Just because he couldn't get Tim to let go of him didn't mean he couldn't fight off another wolf. Allowing the rage to surge through him, he gave his wolf permission to surface.

Robin's canines elongated and his face shifted partially. Tim lifted his hands from Robin's shoulders, clearly startled by Robin's changed appearance. A threatening growl rumbled in Robin's chest.

Okay. Okay, I understand you're suffering. How about we take a run together? I'll just get Jay and—”

No!” Robin yelled. “I do not want your company. Is that clear enough? Or do you need me to write it down for you?”

Hurt flashed over Tim's face, causing Robin to feel guilty for just a moment. But damn, he needed time to himself! As much as he loved to be around people, he also needed time to do as he pleased with only himself for company. Why was it so hard for Tim to understand?

Stiffly, Tim replied, “Crystal clear. You're still not allowed to go anywhere alone.”

Jay sidled up behind Tim, and wrapped his arms around his mate's waist. Immediately, Tim's facial expression changed from irritated to content. Robin rolled his eyes and barely suppressed the urge to make a rude gagging gesture. Those two were lovesick, absolutely and annoyingly lovesick. If that's how true mates behaved Robin wasn't sure he wanted to find his.

Hey, what's all the yelling about?” Jay asked after snatching a quick kiss from Tim.

The usual. He wants to go out alone.”

Jay glanced at Robin, a sympathetic expression on his face. Robin couldn't keep the angry flame within him going. Not with Jay gazing at him like that, which was all the more irritating.

Do you really believe he'll be in danger? Maybe he could just stroll around the house and pastures?”

Robin looked at his brother again, allowing himself new hope. Tim's shuttered expression didn't bode well but if he'd listen to anyone it would be Jay. Robin held his breath as he waited for Tim to answer.

Hesitantly, Tim said, “I don't know.”

What's supposed to happen to him? Neither of us smelled a wolf since we arrived here. Not that I'm all that sure what he'd smell like but you two would recognize another wolf,” Jay replied.

Damn, Robin thought, why hadn't he thought of this argument? He directed a pleading look at his brother, “I haven't smelled another wolf. Come on, Tim, please. I'm going crazy here!”

Tim seemed unconvinced. Now was probably not a good time to tell Tim about the weird and somewhat scary odor Robin smelled since their arrival...


  1. Oh, a Robin book! :) One reader (okay, me) is very excited to see this one headed her way!

    1. It makes me happy that you're excited. :)

  2. I can't wait for this one. I LOVE Robin.

  3. I've just finished book 1, and I can't wait for the next book. I'm glad it's about Robin because he's just so cute!

    1. I'm so glad you liked the first book, thank you! I hope to submit the second book in the next couple of weeks. :)