February 12, 2013

Too Good to be True? will release on February 27th

Hi all! Unfortunately there will be no flash fiction from me this week. I'm down with the flu (well, I'm sitting again and temperature finally seems to be back in normal range) and couldn't write. Still, here are the other briefers for this week:

Nephylim    f/f
Lily Sawyer      m/m 
Tali Spencer     m/m
Cia Nordwell     m/m
MA Church     m/m
MC Houle     m/m
Victoria Adams      m/f

Too Good to be True? , the sequel to Seizing It will release on February 27th. It's already up on Dreamspinner's Coming Soon Page: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3604

Anne Cain did a marvelous job on the cover!


Three months after Kit falls in love with Dale, his epilepsy takes a turn for the worse and his nightmares and flashbacks about his abusive ex intensify. His work at the veterinary clinic and as a freelance translator only add to the stress. As Kit’s life flies out of his control, his last tether of sanity frays as Dale grows frustrated with Kit’s stubborn independence.

Dale wants to be Kit’s rock—to step in to help—but the walls Kit builds may be too hard to break through.

I'll do a small blog tour, and here are the dates:

Feb 26th: Interview at Sarah Madison

Feb 27th: Giveaway at Pants off Reviews

March 2nd:  Guest post at Helen B. Pattskyn

March 3rd: Guest post at Kim Fielding

March 5th: Guest post at Skylar M. Cates

March 7th: Character Interview at Babes in Boyland

March 14th: Second character interview at Andrew Q. Gordon

I hope to see you around!

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