March 09, 2013

What's going on?

In my personal life:

I was sick, then both kids were really ill. We either had the flu or a bacterial infection. The last few weeks really weren't good healthwise. I hope we're through with illnesses  for a while.

In two weeks I'll be on the plane to visit my good friend Rosie in the States! I'm so looking forward to spend time with her. So far we've planned hiking tours and a three day visit to Washington. Exciting!

In my writing life:

Too Good to be True? came out on February 27th. You can read a character interview at Babes in Boyland and also win a copy of the book.

The galley proof for The Caveman and the Devil is done and I'm thinking about writing another story with Paul and Noah. They're just so much fun to write! But: I have other stories to write first.

I also submitted Secret Chemistry II today. I really hope DSP accepts it.

 There will be some authors guest blogging here soon. I hope you stop by and read what they have to say.

That's all from me. How are you doing?


  1. I really hope they accept Secret Chemistry 2 also. I loved the first one and have been waiting for the next.

    1. Thank you so much, Jenna! It took me longer than anticipated to get the second book ready for submission because I tinkered around with it for an eternity. ;-)

  2. Hey Chris T Kat I was wondering where you were: we didn't have a Wednesday update. I hope you and the kids are doing better.

    I'd love to read more of Paul and Noah! I hope you do continue to write these characters. Wow that sounds like a repeat because I say that about all your characters. I'd love to read more of Patrick and Angel too! It's been too long since we've heard anything from them.

    Drink some orange juice and eat some chicken soup and get to feeling better. We miss you!

    1. No, I know. I will only do the Wednesday Briefs occasionally--there's just not enough time to do all the things I want.

      I just realized that I'm promising to continue Patrick and Angel's story for FOREVER! I swear there's always some other story distracting me. I will get back to them eventually!

      I miss you too! *hugs*