December 22, 2013

Sunday Snippet #9 -- Attachment Strings (Jeff Woods Mystery #1)

This week's Sunday Snippet is from Attachment Strings (Jeff Woods Mystery #1).

I couldn’t sleep like this. I felt smothered, suffocated, and out of my element. Alex fell into a restless sleep, which didn’t help my insomnia one single bit. In the end I pushed him off me and sat up. Sleepily, he blinked at me. “What’s the matter?”
You’re emanating heat like an oven. I can’t sleep like this.”
That’s the nicest euphemism for I-hate-cuddling-so-get-the-hell-away-from-me I ever heard.” Alex scooted to the edge of the bed, bringing as much space between us as possible. “’Night.”
I stared at his naked back while I settled against the pillow. Two grown men couldn’t lie comfortably and sleep in Alex’s small bed. No way. We were crammed together like sardines in a box; no one could sleep like this. I tried to convince myself of this for the next half hour. In the end I turned on my side and whispered, “Are you still awake?”
No,” came the muffled reply.
I’m cold.”
That caught Alex’s attention. Sounding more alert he asked, “Seriously? Want me to get you another blanket?”
I rolled my eyes while I looped one arm under his head and the other around his waist. I pulled and he obediently shuffled backwards into my arms. His ass molded perfectly against my crotch and his back felt like it belonged pressed against my belly and chest. A funny thought somehow. It was also a very new thought for me, one I’d never had before. I tightened my hold around his trim waist and wondered if tomorrow would bring even more revelations. I wasn’t sure I could take more mind-boggling thoughts.
Since overanalyzing wouldn’t get me any nearer to a much desired sleep, I placed a firm kiss on Alex’s neck.
He chuckled. “You really hate cuddling, huh?”
Absolutely,” I agreed.
Think you can sleep now?”

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