January 26, 2014

Sunday Snippet #13 -- The Wolf and His Diva

This week's Sunday Snippet is from my upcoming release The Wolf and His Diva.

Image courtesy of [James Barker] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Paytime! Billy squalled.
George jerked his head around, but before he could do anything, Billy had already tackled him to the ground. He oomphed but played along, relieved Billy obviously wasn’t too put out by the prospect of snow shoveling.
They tussled in the snow, enjoying their time together. When Billy’s playful bites became too much for George, he shook him off easily.
It’s not fair that you always win! Billy complained.
But I’m the big bad red fox!
Uh, big bad red fox? You got something wrong there. Isn’t it the big bad wolf?
George growled in response and shifted into his other animal form—a large, dark-gray wolf. It always amused him to see Billy’s reaction—a surprised yelp and a jump backward.


  1. Still waiting for it, with (more or less ;-)) patience...

    1. It's supposed to release mid March, so only a few weeks more. :) Thanks so much for your patience!