March 05, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #23

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used the following prompt: have dog barking

Hope #23

Shane barked at Marisa, which he followed with a series of low growls. An adult dog would've sounded seriously dangerous, but Shane...
I smoothed my hand over my mouth to hide the grin. He leveled a drop-dead look at me and I laughed out loud. “Sorry! It's just that I can't take you serious in that baby-form.”
Shane blinked at me, then tilted his head to the side, which meant one of his ears flopped while the other one stood up. He was the personification of cuteness. Not that he hadn't been cute in his human-form. With those large, dark eyes, the forever disheveled dark-brown mop of hair curling at the nape of his neck, and that single mole in his left cheek, he'd always carried an air of mischief with him.
I wanted him back. The real Shane.
As much as he’d grown on me in his puppy-form, I needed him back in his human-form, needed him to wrap his arms around me and have him curl around me at night.
Sweat beaded down my neck and back as I thought about his lanky frame spooned behind me. Yes, he'd been very easy on the eyes, and he'd been an easy-going person altogether, but in bed? He'd been firm and demanding, a total alpha-guy. Before I knew him, I'd been the one calling the shots with anyone I met. I'd never bottomed for anyone before I fell in love with Shane. But with him? It had been the most natural thing to do.
Shane's tug at my pants leg drew me out of my memories. I cast him a small smile, then gazed at Marisa. “I'm going.”
Marisa wrung her hands in her lap. “Look, it's going to be dangerous! You're not equipped to deal with anything that might attack you. Why take the risk?”
“Because I want him back in his human-form!” I yelled. Shocked by my own outburst, I rubbed my palms over my face. Shane jumped up next to me and rested his head on my thigh. “Please, Marisa.”
“Aren't you scared?” she asked softly.
“Scared? No. I'm absolutely terrified.”
Her mouth fell open, and it took her a second to gather her wits. “So why do you want to put yourself in a situation that could cost you your life?”
Marisa, I was ready to throw my life away because I couldn't deal with the pain anymore,” I said but stopped when Shane lifted his head, growling. I patted his head and shrugged. “I'm going to help you. Maybe we both will die in the attempt, or maybe we'll both survive and get back to our normal lives, I don't know. I just...”
I rested my head on the back of the sofa, swallowing down the lump in my throat. I tightened my grip on Shane and told him, “This'll probably sound stupid, but I really want to hug you again. I want to hold you and kiss you and, even if it's the last thing I'll ever do in my life, it'll be worth it.”
Shane yipped and crawled up my chest. He nuzzled his furred head against my cheek, eliciting a smile from me. “You know what the worst thing about your... your...” I choked on my own words before I managed to blurt them all out in something resembling an intelligible sentence. “The worst thing about your death was that I couldn't say goodbye.”
Shane swiped his tongue over my nose. I tugged him closer and buried my face in his soft coat, breathing in his puppy scent. I longed for Shane's real scent, but for the time being, the puppy fragrance was at least very comforting.
All right,” Marisa's low voice reached me. “I'll set everything up. I need a phone. And you two should probably eat something, and try to get some rest. This'll take me a couple of hours.”
I pulled my face out of Shane's fur. Excitement and anxiety coiled my stomach into tight knots, but I forced a grateful smile on my face. “Thank you.”


(PS: I won't be flashing next week since it's release day for The Wolf and His Diva

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  1. I really like this. For me, the theme of this whole arc is that you'd do anything for love. Of course he's going to go slay the dragon (or at least wait until dragon leaves his nest and then steal a couple dragon scales!). I can picture Shane in his puppy form with his floppy ears! Thanks Chris T. Kat. I'll miss you next week!

    1. You're right about the theme, Dizzy. Gil will find a way, now that he has an idea what to do about Shane.

      I'm so thrilled you're still enjoying the story, thank you! :)

  2. I know that I will miss the story, but not your writting as I've pre-ordered your book and will be able to read it!

    1. Sylvie, thank you so much! (Wow, someone pre-ordered my book--how cool is that?) I really hope you'll like "The Wolf and His Diva".