April 24, 2014

Jaye Edgerton: The Winter Lord

Please help me welcome fellow DSP author Jaye Edgerton!

First off, thanks so much to Chris for having me! This is my first ever blog tour for my first ever published book, and it’s all been incredible and overwhelming at the same time! And readers, don’t forget to hop over to my blog at jayeedgerton.com and submit your email address (it’s right there on the left side of the page) for my giveaway!
My first release is a novella called The Winter Lord—and that Winter Lord would be the pretty fellow you see there on Anne Cain’s absolutely gorgeous cover. He’s a fey named Therial, and he and the little land he rules over have been cursed to stay in Winter. Sounds all too familiar to those of us living in the US, hmm? When a human man named Erik comes looking for a way to bring Spring back, Therial decides to make him his Champion. But Erik is torn between his home and Therial’s frozen realm of Azanael.
The funny thing is, I never set out to be a romance writer. This is my first published fiction, but I’m a fantasy writer at heart. As I worked on more “mainstream” novels, I found myself especially fond of the romantic elements, sometimes writing sex scenes in lieu of what I actually meant to be working on! I realized what I needed was to occasionally set aside my dark fantasy novels where terrible things were always happening to good people and just let myself write romance for a bit before going back to the doom and gloom. (Seriously, in the novel I’m working on right now, the heroine dies in the first chapter!) And because I’m a lesbian with an affinity for writing male characters, that meant gay romance.
I hope people enjoy reading The Winter Lord as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you need me, I’ll either be trying to keep the libidos of my mainstream characters in check or elbow-deep in my next romance novella!

When Erik, a human scholar and amateur mage, sets out to find Alfheim, the legendary home of the light-elves, he has nothing to lose. His village suffers under a mysterious Unending Winter, and his lover died in a hunting accident while trying to find food. Erik wants to find a way to end the cold, but he doesn’t expect a beautiful but Winter-cursed fey lord who wants him for his champion—and his bedmate.
Lord Therial is an elemental creature, tied to the land, and the elves of his kingdom revere him like a spoiled but rightful ruler. A spell cast by a rival fey locks him and his little corner of Alfheim into a perpetual Winter that seems connected to the one afflicting Erik’s home. If Erik fails to defeat the enemy, both realms will remain trapped forever.

Therial, despite everything else, was the most breathtaking thing in the room. He had been a sight to behold the night before, in Erik’s own bed, but now he was groomed and ornamented, done up like a queen. His hair was swept into an elegant bun atop his head, with strands left to float in artistic wisps over his shoulders. The cloth of his robe gave off a hint of glitter like fresh-fallen snow. The cut was the same as before, though, with skin left bare to his navel. The impression of femininity was so strong that it took Erik a moment to reconcile this beautiful creature with the one whose manhood he had tasted the night before.
“Erik, my dear, my sweet…. It soothes my aching heart to see you awake and on your feet.” Therial stood and approached Erik, so graceful that he seemed to drift rather than walk. Therial brushed Erik’s freshly shaven cheek with slender fingers, and against Erik’s will, his cock started to stir again. “Are you well, my love?”
Erik couldn’t quite tell if the fey was being sincere or theatrical. Perhaps Therial saw no difference. Before Eric could answer, Therial pressed on.
“Oh, but you must be starving.” Therial turned to a knot of elves standing by a side door. “Bring our new guest a feast! Roast boar, our finest fish, spare nothing!”
Erik took that moment to glance back at Brija, but she was watching the chatting courtiers, uninterested in the fey lord’s whims. And now that Therial mentioned it, food did sound good. How long had he slept?
With his servants properly occupied, Lord Therial turned his attention back to Erik. “Are you feeling recovered?” He daintily covered his mouth as he giggled. “You seemed healthy last night, of course, but….”
“I am feeling like a man who did not almost freeze to death,” Erik answered honestly, surprised as he realized how quickly, how completely he had recovered from his ordeal on the mountain. Was Therial as versed in healing magic as he was in soul magic? Or had Erik been tended by a healer he’d been too unconscious to remember? Before Erik could ask anything else, Brija stepped forward. “Lord, is there something you would like me to do beyond fetching the human for you?”
Lord Therial smiled at her. “Of course, dear Brija. You are to train him.”
A hint of concern creased Brija’s stoic expression. “Train him for what, my lord?”
“To be my champion, of course!”


Jaye Edgerton lives in Columbus, OH, with three ferrets and a long-suffering best friend-slash-roommate. “Eccentric” is a nice way to put it. In addition to fiction, she writes about geek culture for her local alt-weekly. She likes her fluffy happy romance to be about men and her serious dark fantasy to be about women—she’s contrary that way. Before deciding to take her writing seriously, Jaye spent a cumulative five-and-a-half years working in bookstores, used and otherwise. After that she spent seven years in tech support where she mostly wanted to cry a lot, but the experience encouraged her to chase her dream of being a professional writer instead of just writing dirty vignettes about her Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft characters that she showed to all of two people. She’s much too fond of office supplies, out-of-print sci-fi/fantasy authors, and Transformers.

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