May 07, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #30

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used the following prompt: “Do you need help?”

Hope #30

I lost all track of time as I followed Silvion through sometimes knee-high grass. After a while we rested at a lazily swirling small creek. Birds chirped close by in a strip of thick bushes and small trees. Everything seemed so cozy and filled with life.
It's beautiful here,” I said.
Silvion looked up from his crouched position, water running through his cupped hands. He splashed water into his face, then rose to his feet, taxing me with a long, scrutinizing look. Shane rested next to me, his small chest heaving in a regular pattern. It was soothing just to watch him. Still, my hands itched to reach out and pet him, make sure he was just sleeping and not dead.
I jerked my gaze from Shane to Silvion, who sat down on my other side. He asked, “You thought he was dead, right?”
I fumbled with the straps of my backpack, which somehow seemed to defy my fingers. I muttered something under my breath but the damn straps only got stuck.
Do you need help?” Silvion asked, the laughter suppressed but still audible in his voice.
I shot him a dark look but after another try sat back on my butt and said, “Yes.”
Silvion rolled onto his knees and deftly opened the straps, then set the backpack aside, against a small boulder. He ruffled my hair, which resulted in an almost tumble to the side from me. “Oh, sorry. I forgot again.”
Yeah, yeah, I better write 'Caution. Fragile content' on my forehead.”
Silvion guffawed, slapping his hands on his thighs as he did so. Shane blinked his eyes open. His ears perked up as he gazed from Silvion to me and back again. He clambered to his feet, stretched himself and yawned, then stomped his paws on my thigh and butted his head against my shoulder.
I pulled him on my lap, petted and kissed him. He wiggled in my arms, his lips curled up in a smile, or what I interpreted as a smile. Silvion regarded us with a pensive expression.
We'll rest for some time, then go on,” he said. With that, he lay back with his head cushioned on his large hands, and closed his eyes. Moments later, deep snores filled the air.
I snickered. “Think I should tease him later?”
Shane yipped and licked my face.
Shane barked affirmation and I pulled a face. “Why not? He doesn't seem dangerous to me.”
Shane growled and shoved his nose firmly against my throat. For a second, I feared he'd bite me, which was ridiculous. He'd never been anything but tender with me. Why did I suddenly believe he could or would harm me?
Shane's tongue slipped out and he lavished my throat and neck. I endured the tickling sensation only a moment before I peeled him away, giggling. “Stop that or the giant over there wakes up.”
Shane peered over my shoulder, then climbed down into my lap. I was too keyed up to lie down and sleep, so I sat cross-legged, with Shane curled on top of me.
Go back to sleep,” I whispered.
He yawned again, but did as I bid. It didn't take him long to fall asleep as well. I drew in a deep breath and raised my face up, so the sunrays could warm me. Although I knew it was only an illusion, I clung to the hope that this was just a nice walk in the park and not a life-and-death situation.

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