May 21, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #32

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used the following prompt: “Don’t you know I put the f in fabulous, darling?”

Hope #32

What do you mean you have no idea?” I asked, my voice hitching to an almost screech.
Quiet!” Silvion ordered. He grasped my elbow and towed me deeper into the forest, behind a large tree that was obscured by thick bushes with nasty thorns.
Shane stayed clear of the bush and laid down in a small recess, filled with dry- and old-looking leaves. He huffed, then rested his head on his forepaws, sending me a look that was filled with so much sadness I swallowed heavily.
I yanked my arm free of Silvion's grasp. Well, I tried to, but when he growled at me, I changed tactics. Instead of pulling away, I kept still and gazed up at him. “Would you please let go of me? Thank you so very much.”
Silvion's other hand closed on my free arm, and a scowl appeared on his face. Shane whined and hid his eyes behind his paws. I shook my head and, despite the situation, I quirked a grin. “Stop imitating Disney characters.”
Shane lifted one paw, barked and thumped his tail on the ground, causing leaves to crumble and fly in every direction.
You're not taking this seriously,” Silvion grumbled, drawing my attention back to him.
Of course I am!”
No, you aren’t. And you also don't have a plan how to obtain the dragon scales and get away from their nest.” After a long moment, he added, “Alive.”
At least he released me, and I could step out of his reach. Rubbing my arms, I wondered if his grip would leave bruises. I wasn't brash—usually—but I couldn't hold my tongue. In a dramatic gesture, I flipped my hair out of my face, jutted out my hip, and said, “Of course I have a plan. Don’t you know I put the f in fabulous, darling?”
Silvion gaped at me. Shane cocked his head to the side, his ears perked up, an intense look on his face. The kind of look that told me I'd just painted myself into a corner—or worse.
I shifted until my stance was natural again, then cast a nervous glance at Silvion. His large hands were balled into fists, and a thick vein pulsed visibly at his right temple. His eyes conveyed anger—no, fury was the better word for it—and I started to sweat.
Awkward. I licked my lips and flapped my arms through the air, then slapped them against my flanks.
Look,” I said, but trailed off when Silvion advanced on me. If he decided to knock me around, there was nothing I could do about that. Which didn't help me with my trembling limbs and the difficulty of drawing in breaths.
I winced when Silvion put his hands on my hips and lifted me off my feet until our eyes were on a par. He didn't say a word, just scrutinized me for an eternity. I cleared my throat after a while, but never dropped my gaze. Silvion's fingers tightened on me before he said, “You're so fragile, and so scared, and still you're joking around as if this was nothing serious. I don't understand you.”
I could dissolve into tears and cling to you if that's what you prefer,” I said. Silvion's horrified expression brought a reluctant smile to my face. I added, with a shrug, “That's just my way of dealing with things. You're right. I'm scared out of my mind. But I want Shane back.”
Tears welled up in my eyes, and I choked on my next words. “I want him back so much.”
Silvion's expression softened, and suddenly I found myself locked into a tight embrace. I wrapped my arms around his sturdy neck and rested my head on his shoulder, soaking up the comfort he offered. Silvion rubbed my back for a while, then set me back on my feet. Shane bounced around me, whining.
I snatched him up in my arms and nuzzled my face against his furred head. He licked my face, all the while making those endearing, enthusiastic puppy noises.
A roar that shook the earth and caused me to reel into Silvion interrupted my cuddling session with Shane. Dazed and terrified, I asked, “What was that?”
The dragon's mate is calling him. Now is the time to collect the scales,” Silvion answered.
Oh, fuckety-fuck! What now?

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