September 03, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #43

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used: "What time is it?"

Hope #43

I opened my eyes, swallowing convulsively, and stared at my surroundings. It seemed we were in some sort of log cabin that consisted of one large room. On my left, I saw a rustic kitchen, done in dark wood, with gleaming pans hanging on one side of the polished stove. A counter separated the kitchen from the rest of the room, with a few high chairs lined up around the counter.
On my right, there was a wide area consisting of two large, dark leather armchairs, set about a round table crafted from glittering glass pieces. A bit farther ahead stood a high bookshelf, filled to the brim with books and rolled-up parchments. Behind the bookshelf was probably the largest bed I'd ever seen. It was from the same dark wood as the kitchen counter, and large pillows in deep blues drew my attention.
“Come on, we'll get you settled in bed,” Silvion said.
He took my hand in his large one, and I bit my lip at the moan that wanted to tumble over my lips. Silvion glanced at me, a small smirk playing, and I flushed, mumbling, “Shut up.”
He walked me to his bed, then turned me toward him. With efficient movements, he'd rid me of most of my clothes, so that I stood in just my shirt and briefs in front of him. Undeniable hunger lurked in his eyes. I shifted from foot to foot, enjoying the way he seemed to eat me up, but at the same time feeling utterly confused.
I glanced at Shane, who forced a tired smile on his face when he caught my gaze. I held out my hand for him and he rushed to me, engulfing me in his arms. “Shane,” I whispered, “I'm so confused.”
Shane's heart beat rapidly, and his hands roamed along my back, never settling anywhere for long. “So am I.”
“How about we all get some sleep?” Silvion asked. “The bed is big enough to hold all three of us.”
I shivered when I thought about the three of us in Silvion's bed. Wouldn't that become awkward? I was a cuddler and always nestled up against a warm body next to me. Not everyone appreciated that, though I didn't think either Silvion or Shane would mind. Just... what if I chose one and the other one got mad? After all, I loved Shane and Silvion was—
“Gil, breathe. I understand your attraction to Silvion,” Shane said.
“Are you still attracted to him?” I asked.
Shane cupped my face in his hands, then pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “No matter what I say, you'll be pissed off at me. Can I plead the fifth?”
“I think Gil wants to know if it's okay for him to be attracted to me while he still loves you,” Silvion threw in as he pulled off his robe. My eyes bulged when he revealed his body. A large, male body, packed with muscles and not an ounce of fat.
Shane chuckled before he let go of me and undressed as well. He pulled back the oversized duvet and ushered me to the middle of the bed. Shane climbed over me and pressed his front against my back. I groaned and closed my eyes.
“Shane,” I moaned. It was really him.
Silvion came to bed as well, straightening the duvet over the three of us. He turned on his side, facing me.
“Is the house secure?” Shane asked, a hint of anxiety in his voice.
“The wards are all on and working fine. You're both safe here.” Silvion pulled me and Shane into his chest, his right arm resting on top of our flanks. Shane sighed and his exhale tickled along my neck.
“What time is it?” I asked, the words slurring as sleep claimed me swiftly.
“Time for you to get some rest,” Silvion said, then pressed a kiss to my forehead. To Shane he said in a much firmer voice, “For you too. Later we need to talk.”
“Now I'll never fall asleep,” Shane muttered.
Silvion growled something before he lifted himself on his left elbow and smacked a kiss on Shane's mouth. Shane gasped but kissed back with vigor. I probably should've freaked out, but this just felt right. Smiling, I tugged at Silvion's tight shirt. “Get back here, I'm getting cold.”
Shane and Silvion laughed, then made sure I was sandwiched between them. I fell asleep shortly after.


  1. Is it next wednesday yet?

    1. Not yet. :) Promise I'll work on the next part on the weekend! Thanks so much for reading.