October 01, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #45

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used: have your character make a promise

Hope #45

Shane,” I sighed. “Just for the record—I don't like you, I love you. I'm not even sure what we're doing here, but I promise you I'll never decide to like anyone more than you or to leave you. I'm sorry I made you doubt me and my feelings. This... this was... is all a bit much to take in, you know?”
Shane gave a curt nod. “I can understand that.”
“I'd never try to come between the two of you,” Silvion chimed in. “If you want me gone, say so, and I'll leave you to it.”
I grabbed Silvion's neck, my breathing speeding up as panic threatened to overwhelm me. I needed Silvion close, needed to feel safe. Shane chuckled and nestled against my left side. He propped himself up on an elbow and said, “Guess that means Gil wants you to stay.”
“What about you?” Silvion asked.
Shane's eyes darkened and he leaned forward. Silvion met him halfway and they kissed. Their tongues sneaked out, twined around each other, and Shane fed small, needy moans into Silvion's mouth. My right hand slipped to my cock and stroked up and down its length. Watching the two of them making out turned me on more than I ever thought it would.
Silvion drew away from Shane, who looked at him with open desire. Silvion inclined his head toward me and said, “Someone's being a bad boy.”
Shane's gaze flickered to my face, then traveled down my body to my crotch, where I was still busy tugging at my cock. Shane tsked, reached out and stilled my hand.
“What the fuck, Shane?” I wheezed.
Shane smiled at me, a predatory kind of smile that caused me to shiver. I swallowed when Shane put both my hands above my head and said, “Leave them there.”
“What if I don't?”
Silvion bent over my face. His exhales fluttered softly against my skin while he dipped one of his fingers into my crease, circling my hole. At the same time, Shane grasped my cock and slid it into his mouth, moaning around it. I cried out and my back arched into a bow.
Shane gagged then swiftly pressed an arm on my pelvis to keep me on the mattress. Silvion grinned at me before he sucked my lower lip into his mouth. His finger teased my hole and Shane licked up and down my shaft while he massaged my balls with his free hand.
Sweat broke out on my body, and I trembled from excitement. I didn't know on which sensation I should concentrate; they were all wonderful, yet too much and not. I wound my arms around Silvion's sturdy neck, almost sobbing when he lifted his head and brought some space between us.
“I can't leave my hands up! I need something to hold on to. Please!”
Silvion regarded me with an odd look, then asked Shane, “What do you think?”
Shane gave my cockhead a sharp suck, and it was all I could do to squeeze my eyes shut, grit my teeth, and not come on the spot. When I opened my eyes again, both stared at me with smug expressions.
“Oh, you're so pleased with yourself, aren't you?”
Shane laughed. “Actually, yes, we are. If you're honest, you're in a quite happy place. Don't think I never knew you had a thing for threesomes. You weren't exactly subtle about your favorite porn videos.”
Heat rushed through me in such a breathtaking tempo I became dizzy. He'd known about that? Did that mean... did he know...?
Silvion brought his mouth next to my ear and his rumbling voice sent another shiver deep to my core. “What do you need, baby? What do you want us to do?”
Breathing. I needed to concentrate on breathing. Inhale, exhale. I could do that. It shouldn't be as difficult as I made it out to be.
Shane peppered my shaft with tiny kisses and my eyes rolled back. Could I really tell them? And far more interesting—could I go through with it? Neither of them was exactly small build.
“From what I gathered, Gil was very fond of double penetration videos,” Shane whispered into my pubes.
A thin stream of precome oozed out of the tip, and my hole clenched around Silvion's finger.
“Is that right?” Silvion asked.
“Yes,” I gasped.

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