January 02, 2015

Missouri Dalton: A Curse on the Mountain

Wow, we’re almost to end of the tour folks! This has been a rather strange holiday for me. It’s the best I’ve had in a long while actually. I’ve really felt like it’s—the holidays. My day-job presented me with a ham for Christmas in what I still find to be a rather Dickensian sort of thing, and I got to spend time with my friends and family. And of course, I’ve gotten to spend time with all of my readers as you dig into my newest book. 

The strongest theme in A Curse on the Mountain, is hope. So it’s rather appropriate to have it released during a time when half the world is trying to remind itself to hope. 

And I hope, that you all enjoy the book. Have a wonderful new year!

A Curse on the Mountain
In the cursed city of Var Eldore, perched on a mountaintop surrounded by a frigid swamp, the rain never stops. Former pleasure slave Myr lives in hiding, trying to stay a step ahead of his captor. But there’s more to Myr than he realizes, and destiny has other plans for him. Soon, he counts soldiers, spies, nobles, and wizards among his allies. Their goal is to oppose the king and those who perpetuate slavery, and fight for the freedom of their land. As they uncover secrets and conspiracies, each more tangled than the last, Myr also discovers he has unique abilities to aid their cause—the Redeemers.

As the strength of the Redeemers grows, so does the number of enemies they must face. Each member of their alliance has his or her own demons to battle, and Myr must confront the truth about himself and become the leader they need. Alongside his lover Ryall and the people who have become his family—as well as some unlikely friends—Myr and the Redeemers must prepare for war. If they fall, the city in the rain will follow.


It's day six of the blog tour and I'm giving away something at each stop along the way! Today, those of you who comment on this post will be entered to win a copy of The Blight in the ebook format of your choice.

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Missouri Dalton is a writer of horror/paranormal contemporary fantasy and alternate historical novels.

Missouri was raised mainly in transit, slowed down to finish school in one place and was then determined to be as nomadic as possible, if only because that's how things just worked out. She uses writing as an escape from her own neurosi and currently lives with her dear friend Sophia.


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