January 17, 2015

Star Noble: Steps to Heaven

Hello, Star Noble here ready to chat with you. Thank you, Chris T. Kat, for letting me introduce Steps to Heaven, my latest novel, released on January 9, 2015.

Here's a short description:

Steps to Heaven
Star Noble

Culver City police officers Steve Randall and Bob Curry have been friends since
their academy days. As partners on the job, Steveʼs enthusiasm and
impulsiveness is a perfect match for Bobʼs keen thinking. While Steve struggles
to understand his newfound attraction to Bob, the two are assigned to go
undercover to stop the distribution of a dangerous, deadly drug.
However, their best connection, a fashion photographer/informant, is murdered
before he can spill the beans on the key players. Steve and Bob follow the trail
of clues to the Steps to Heaven Club. Risking all, Steve and Bob attend a party
at the club. They aim to seek out the drug backers and solve the case, but when
their cover is blown, they become the hunted.
Steve has to admit, to die would suck right about now—especially since heʼs
finally realized his attraction to his partner is full-blown love.

Here's my short bio:

My name is Star Noble. I live in the middle of Europe. I started writing short stories as a teenager and haven't stopped since. When I found the Internet and the world of gay romance, I was hooked.

I participated in an online writing community and now look forward to having my work published.

I work as a teacher, and in addition to writing, I love reading, singing, travelling, drawing, and dancing.
Find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/star.noble.792 or add me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Moonlight17Star.
You can contact me at moonlight17@t-online.de.

I got the idea for this book when I saw a scene in a movie where two cops are dragged into a photo shooting. It had such an impact on me that I decided to build a story around this scene. Bob and Steve are very close to my heart and I hope you will feel the same, staying by their side through a dangerous investigation.

Read an excerpt:

Chapter one

Steve Randall, a detective in the Culver City Police Department, leaned back in the passenger seat and let out a contented sigh. "We did a good job, didn't we?" he said as he punched Bob Curry playfully in the side.

"Hey, I'm driving here!" Bob, his best friend and partner, complained with a smile. "I admit, you were great lunging out of that closet and overpowering Linda's stalker." Bob said. He cast his friend a proud glance.

"Yeah, we finally caught the lunatic before he could seriously injure Linda. Your former classmate is a gorgeous woman." Steve looked at Bob expectantly. Was Bob in love with her? Steve had noticed Bob holding Linda protectively when she had cried in his arms, fearing that the stalker would hurt her.

"In college, everybody wanted to be Linda Thornton's friend." Bob looked at him, his blue eyes sparkling. "She's still lovable, and I'm glad she's safe now." He turned into a side street and slowed down looking left and right.

"What are you looking for?" Steve asked, confused. "I thought we were going to my home to relax and celebrate a closed case? I have beer and…"

"I'm looking for a photo studio, ‘Fashion Photos’, where promising careers start." Bob checked both sides of the street. Warehouses and closed shops lined the street.

"Hey, I'm a great model," Steve joked, waggling his butt and moving his arms like a dancer.

"Dummy," Bob scolded. "Linda asked me to see her at a photo shoot she's doing tonight, before she returns to Philadelphia. She’s become a well known model." Bob stopped the car.

"Okay, I understand." Steve got serious. "And how do I get home? Take a taxi?"

"What're you talking about? You’re coming with me, of course! Linda wants to thank you for your courageous intervention in catching the stalker." Bob got out of his car, a comfortable old Mercedes.

Steve followed, happy that he could be with his friend. When had he gotten so dependent on his friend? They worked as a team now for five years and the shared experiences had brought them closer together.

"It must be over there." Bob crossed the street and walked toward an entrance. ‘Fashion Photos’ it said on a silver sign next to the door.

They stepped into the photo studio and heard laughter and voices coming from a room. Bob opened the door and peered into the room.

A man in tight black pants and a white silk shirt danced around a female model. It was Linda Thornton. The man held a camera, trying to find the right angle. A jazzy beat was filling the room. The photographer swayed to the music with a smile, the bright arc lamps reflecting off his bald head.

Bob and Steve entered the room hesitantly, waving at Linda.

She waved back. "Guys, you can wait over there at my dressing table. This is Randolph Foreman, the best photographer in the world!"

Randolph focussed on his model. Linda was wearing a thin blouse and a wide skirt. A wind machine was blowing the fabric up, revealing her long legs.

He took photo after photo. "Good. Now we need some polarity, something for you to work against." Randolph looked around, noticing the two visitors for the first time.

Bob and Steve watched the photo shoot leaning against Linda's dressing table.

"We need you!" Randolph exclaimed.

"You what?" Bob asked, puzzled.

Steve sat open mouthed, not understanding what Randolph wanted from them.

"Go, stand by her. Don't be shy. You can do it." Randolph ran over and pulled the resisting Bob away from the dressing table.

"Trust me. Trust me." Randolph also grabbed Steve's arm and dragged him toward the stage where Linda stood smiling.

"Stand by the beauty. Yes, yes," Randolph said, obviously fascinated by his idea.

"I can't. I'm shy," Bob objected when the photographer placed him next to Linda.

"Yeah, yeah, I know you are shy," stated Randolph, not at all impressed. He stood back to envision the shot for a moment.

"And you over there." He motioned Steve to the other side. Linda slung her arm around Steve's shoulder, the fan at their feet blowing her blond hair back. She smiled, looking relaxed and happy.

"And you do angry. Angry." Randolph stepped back and brought his camera in position.

Deciding to make the best of it, Steve put a grim expression on his face. He met his partner's eyes, and after a moment of hesitation, Bob matched Steve's look. Steve nodded, content. They were just doing fine with Linda snuggling in close to them.

"You're a vision of delight, honey," Randolph crooned at Linda. Slouched behind the camera, he took a series of shots with a smile. "You did quite good, guys. Cut, over!" Randolph straightened, regarding the group with benevolence.

"Finally!" Bob breathed a sigh of relief and fled from the stage. Catching his foot on a cable, he stumbled and went down with a thud.

"Bob, watch your step!" Linda said, startled.

"Boy, you can't get away fast enough, can you?" Steve asked with concern when he bent down to help his partner up. "You're so clumsy, buddy," he whispered in Bob's ear.

"Too cute!" Randolph said from behind. He looked at the two men with admiration.

Bob blushed and hissed, "Let's get out of here!" He dragged Steve with him.

"Why the hurry, boys?" Linda asked. She turned to Randolph Foreman. "Thanks for the shoot. You're the best." She dropped a kiss on Randolph's cheek.

"Love you, honey," he crooned, but his eyes were on the parting detectives. They were almost at the door when Randolph caught up.

"Don't leave, please," he begged. "Don't know your name, but I've just found my latest model." He beamed at Steve, examining him from head to toe.

Now it was Steve's turn to blush. "We're cops, not models." He pulled Bob out of the room, but Randolph didn't give up that easily.

"Guys, have mercy. Enrico, the star of my latest photo series, left me without any reason. I'm heartbroken and in need of a substitute. You." He looked at Steve with sparkling eyes. "You have the perfect body for the next swimsuit summer collection…"

"No way, Mr. …?" Steve was out of the door. Linda went after him.

"Listen, Steve. Randolph Foreman is an old friend of mine," Linda said, standing in front of him so he couldn't get by. "You've been so kind to help me. Now, would you do this guy a favor? I'm sure he will pay you really well." She looked at her former classmate Bob, searching for backup.

Bob shrugged his shoulders, looking more relaxed, now that the attention was off him.

Three pairs of eyes watched Steve Randall.

Randolph said, "Please, do me that favor. Um, what's your name – Steve? Be my model for this photo shoot. It won't last long. It's for the next collection of the company I work for. If I don't get a model right now, my ass is on the line." Randolph looked down, sighing deeply. He was a pitiful sight.

"Hey, my friend, it can't be too hard," Bob addressed Steve. "Linda and I are going to have a drink and we'll pick you up afterward." He smiled at Linda, and both of them looked expectantly at Steve.

"You think I'm that easy? That I'd make a fool of myself posing half-naked? Forget it." Steve scowled.

Linda put her hand on his shoulder. "Steve, I can easily picture you in a swimsuit. You're slender, with muscles in all the right places…" She glanced down at his body, undressing him with her eyes.

"Linda's right. You have the perfect body for the next swimsuit collection, Steve," Bob said with an encouraging smile.


Now I have some questions.

How important is the cover of a book for you? This cover was made by Paul Richmond. Do you like it?

Steps to Heaven is a mystery novel. Do you love reading mystery novels? Why?


It was nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by, and let's keep in touch.

Star Noble

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