January 21, 2015

Wednesday Briefs: At Full Speed, #1

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used this prompt: have a character get pulled over by a policeman

At Full Speed, #1

“Oh, crap!” Jake jumped in the driver’s seat when the blue lights of a police car flashed behind him. He glanced at his tachometer and cursed again. No, no, this could not happen. Not again. How many speeding tickets could one get before serious trouble arose?
Jake pulled to the side, cut the engine, and waited. He cast another glance in the rearview window, catching sight of his enormous wide blue eyes, darkened from distress. He shoved his blond bangs out of his eyes and made sure to straighten his collar. Looking respectable, rather than disheveled and panicked, was hopefully going to help the situation. Who knew, maybe the cop wasn’t averse to him fluttering his lashes and he’d get away with a verbal warning? It had happened before, so why not again today?
The rap at his window caught him offguard and he started. He peered up through the window, struggling not to show too much anxiety—because some cops got off on that and he’d hated those situations with a passion—and his mouth fell open.
For a moment, or two or three—but who counted these things anyway—Jake simply stared. This just couldn’t be true. It could not. He closed his eyes, praying the man outside his car was an illusion, and re-opened them.
“Oh, fuck me,” Jake groaned.
“I don’t think so, sunshine. Roll down your window,” Bruce said.
Bruce. His boyfriend Bruce. His new boyfriend Bruce to be precise. The tall, broad-muscled Bruce with short-cropped brown hair and eyes of the same color. His eyes had been one of the first features Jake had fallen for. They were always filled with a light twinkle and so much warmth. Except right now; these eyes held no warmth at all. For a split second, Jake debated bursting into tears—no matter how unmanly that would be—but Bruce slapped a hand against the window, rattling it. Jake gasped and hurriedly rolled down his window.
“Hey Bruce, what a surprise.” Jake forced a small smile on his face. A friendly smile wouldn’t hurt, right? Everyone liked to see friendly faces better than those sour expressions so many people sported lately.
“Indeed. License, please.”
“Your driver’s license. You have it with you, right?” Bruce asked, a crease forming between his eyebrows. Jake’s hand itched to smooth it out. He must’ve gotten lost in his contemplation of Bruce’s face because he prompted, “Jacob.”
Jacob. Jake grimaced as a hot flush crawled from his cheeks to his throat and collarbone. As much as he liked, no, adored Bruce’s slightly raspy voice on any normal occasion, right now it sent goose bumps up his arms. Would Bruce find out about the other times he’d gotten speeding tickets? It wasn’t that he was a reckless driver, he just got lost in the moment, and when the roads were free, why shouldn’t a driver be allowed to drive fast?
He fumbled for his wallet, wondering if he could tell any of his thoughts to Bruce. They hadn’t known each other for long, and Bruce had always seemed… strict. He wasn’t overbearing or anything. He simply oozed an authoritarian air that had attracted Jake in an instant.
When he handed Bruce his driver’s license, he babbled, “I’m sorry for speeding. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. The road was free, and I…”
Jake dropped his gaze after Bruce took his license, taking no further notice of his chatter other than raising an eyebrow. Before he walked back to his car, Bruce told him, “Stay put.”
“Stay put. Sure. What does he think I’ll do? Drive away? Does he think I’m stupid or what?” Jake muttered to himself. He slumped in his seat, rubbing a hand over his tightly clenched stomach. What if this was a deal-breaker or something? What if Bruce didn’t want to see him anymore?
Jake rolled his shoulders to prevent himself from hunching over, which as an aftereffect would bring on a headache. It took forever for Bruce to come back. He leaned into the open window, handed Jake his license and a ticket. “Lots of speeding tickets in the last year, Jake.”
Jake shrugged, tucking away his things. Couldn’t Bruce have looked the other way? Why did he have to write him a ticket too? After all he was the man’s boyfriend. Didn’t that count for anything?
Jake did his best to swallow down his irritation, but his retort came out curt and on the sullen side. “Yes?”
“You’re mad at me for the ticket, hmm?”
“It’s your job, I know that but… it still sucks to get a ticket from you.”
Bruce’s lips curved upward. “Because I’m your boyfriend?”
A hot surge of relief undulated within Jake’s stomach. “Are you? Still my boyfriend, I mean?”
“Of course, even though seeing the list of your speeding and parking tickets had me feeling the tiniest bit faint a few minutes ago.”
Cringing, Jake cleared his throat. “Yeah, I know that feeling. Believe me I do.”
Bruce chuckled, took a quick glance of his surroundings, and lowered his voice. “So, you’ve been a bad boy. Need a firm hand to remind you how you should behave in traffic?”
Jake’s jeans grew uncomfortably tight around his thickening erection. He gulped a deep breath. “That might help.”
“I’m off in two hours. Meet me at nine o’clock in my apartment and I’ll deal with you.” Bruce gave him a wink and strode back to his car.


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  1. Huumm, a new wednesday brief story...

    1. Thanks a lot for reading the first installment, Sylvie. :) I hope you'll like the story.