February 01, 2015

Sunday Snippets #19: Secret Energy


“If you’re referring to my pleased expression, it is because you haven’t allowed another man to take you so far.”
Robin jerked in Peter’s arms, determined to bring some space between them, if only to have a chance to hide his red face. Peter’s grip around him was unbreakable, though, so Robin muttered, “Right. And you know that how?”
“The energy lines are all intact. There’s not a single trace of someone else inside you. There are also no traces of anyone having come close to this.” Peter pressed his finger against Robin’s hole, not going farther but definitely getting his message across.
“Energy lines? Oh sheesh! Fantastic. I find my mate, who not only happens not to be a simple werewolf; no, to make it even more awesome, he’s into new age stuff. Lucky me,” Robin drawled and rolled his eyes.

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