May 06, 2015

Wednesday Briefs: At Full Speed, #12

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used this prompt: have a character draw a bath

At Full Speed, #12

Once they were back in Jake’s apartment, Jake didn’t know what to say. Thank you for bringing me home, now leave me the hell alone?
“Hey sunshine, you’re not going to try to kick me out now, are you?” Bruce held one of Jake’s hands in his as they stood in the middle of Jake’s living room.
“Are you a mind-reader? If so, get out of my head because it’s seriously creepy,” Jake replied with more venom in his voice than he intended. A second later, blood pounded in his ears, deafening him. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to… to…”
Bruce slipped out of his jacket and draped it over Jake’s sofa. Jake’s legs threatened to give out under him. If Bruce rolled up his shirt sleeves now, he’d scream and lose control over his bladder, he just knew he would. The world around him turned hazy at the edges and everything around him swayed until Bruce’s solid body stood right in front of him. Muscular arms wrapped around him in a loose embrace.
“Jake, it’s all right. I’ll never raise a hand against you, no matter what you say, okay?”
“You read my mind again!” Jake all but screeched. He still leaned against Bruce’s chest and clutched him around the waist, allowing some of Bruce’s body heat to reach him.
“I’m sorry,” Bruce murmured into his hair. “You’re not that hard to read.”
“I’m not sure if that makes me feel better.”
Bruce remained silent, but pulled Jake closer, then rubbed soothing circles on Jake’s tense back. Tremors ran through his body, and no matter how hard Jake bit down on his lower lip, he couldn’t stop shivering.
“How about I draw you a bath, so you can warm up?” Bruce pressed a firm yet tender kiss on Jake’s right temple.
Jake considered the offer. A bath would be wonderful, but he’d be naked and vulnerable. What if Bruce just wanted to use the bath as an opportunity to have sex?
“I don’t know,” Jake whimpered.
“What are you afraid of?”
Jake burrowed deeper into Bruce’s arms, not wanting to answer. If he didn’t engage in conversation, there was nothing Bruce could do, right? Except to beat him into cooperation, of course. Another full body shudder surged through him.
“May I take a guess?”
Jake shrugged. What if Bruce’s guess was completely weird? Jake’s stomach muscles tightened when another thought took residence in his mind—what if Bruce knew exactly what Jake was scared of?
“I’m guessing you think I’ll convince you to take a bath, so I can have my way with you. You’re feeling very unsafe, and you don’t trust me to do the right thing,” Bruce said.
Jake’s breath stuttered in his chest as panic rose within him. “You’re a dom. You get off on sex and hurting your playmates. And I’m going to be sick.”
Bruce whirled him around and basically carried him toward the bathroom where Jake vomited. Bruce kept a steady hand on his back as he heaved and sputtered. When he was done, Bruce flushed the loo, put down the lid, and placed Jake on it. From blurry eyes, Jake watched Bruce open the taps on the tub, make sure the temperature was right, then put in the plug.
Bruce crouched in front of him. “I’m a dom, that’s right. That’s how we met, remember? You’re a sub, and the few times we played, you enjoyed getting spanked, or did I get the wrong impression?”
Jake shook his head, even though the movement had his stomach protesting. “No.”
“But something happened, and for whatever reason, you’re falling apart now.”
“I’m not falling apart,” Jake shot back, anger coursing through him. “I survived two doms who tried to beat me to death. I didn’t fall apart then, and I’m not falling apart now!”
Bruce’s mouth fell open.


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