July 01, 2015

Wednesday Briefs: At Full Speed, #16

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used this prompt: “Pass me the …. please”

At Full Speed, #16

When Jake woke up, the room was dipped in shadows. For the first time in forever, that fact didn’t send him into a turmoil of emotions. Instead he listened to his body, the way it moved slightly up and down where it rested on Bruce’s chest.
“Hey, sunshine.”
Jake stretched his legs before he carefully rolled on his stomach. Strands of hair fell into his eyes as he propped himself up on Bruce’s solid rib cage. He couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips. Bruce was still here. From the look of it, he hadn’t moved a single bit for hell knows how long.
“Hey,” he replied, his voice raspy from sleep. “How long did I sleep?”
“About six hours.”
Jake’s eyes widened as he processed Bruce’s words. “Six hours? Six? Oh, my God. I’m so sorry!”
“For what are you sorry? That I got to hold you for hours and enjoy being close to you? Hmm, yeah, that’s a real hardship, however did I survive?” Even Jake couldn’t take Bruce’s words seriously, with the way he pressed his hands against his cheeks and stared at him in fake-shock.
“Ha-ha.” Jake’s lower lip slipped out in a pout, something he hadn’t dared to do for a long time because it would eventually get him slapped. A shiver crept up his spine as he thought about one of those instances. Would Bruce get pissed off as well? Hurriedly, he got a grip on himself and slanted his gaze to the side, not wanting to see a dangerous glint in Bruce’s eyes.
“Hey.” Bruce snatched his chin between his pointer and thumb and slowly pulled Jake’s face back. “I’m not going to hurt you because you’re pouting. I think it’s cute.”
Probably to punctuate the seriousness of his comment, Bruce lifted Jake’s head and smacked a light kiss on the tip of his nose. He laid his hands on Jake’s shoulders then trailed them up and down his spine. Jake closed his eyes, sighing in bliss. He exchanged his propped-up position in favor of resting his full weight on Bruce, soaking up Bruce’s tender ministrations.
A rumbling from Bruce’s belly alerted Jake that they both hadn’t eaten in a while. “Are you hungry?”
“Actually, yes.”
“I could cook something for us. Would that be okay?”
“Of course it would be. I’ll help you. Right after I’ve used the bathroom,” Bruce replied.
“So it was a hardship lying here with me, after all,” Jake teased. Where the hell did he take the courage from? None of the guys he’d been with had been fond of Jake’s quips. Shouldn’t he have better control over his mouth yet?
Bruce’s laughter rocked them both. “It was only a beginning hardship on my bladder.” Bruce gave Jake’s ass a light pat, and damn if that didn’t get him excited. “Now move, sunshine.”
Jake scooted backward, allowing Bruce to rise from the sofa. As he watched Bruce walk to the bathroom, he massaged his growing erection through the layers of clothes. It filled quickly, and when he transferred his gaze to his crotch, his cock’s outline was unmistakable.
“Don’t play without me, Jake.”
Jake’s head snapped up as heat surged into his cheeks. Bruce leaned against the doorframe, grinning. He pointed at Jake’s groin and shook his head. Before he went into the bathroom, he said over his shoulder, “That’s mine to play with, so leave it alone.”
Jake snatched his hands away, closed his eyes, and willed his traitorous cock to behave. He got up from the sofa and went into the kitchen, where he rummaged in the fridge. It wouldn’t be a gourmet meal, but he had enough ingredients to whip up some pasta with sauce and meat.
He busied himself lifting out a pan and a pot from the cupboards when Bruce walked up behind him. After he’d pressed a quick kiss on Jake’s neck, he asked, “What can I do?”
“Pass me the olive oil, please.”
It was surprisingly easy to prepare their meal together in Jake’s small kitchen. It was domestic, and an unknown warmth pooled in Jake’s gut. Never before had anyone treated him like Bruce did. After he threw the pasta into the boiling water, he turned toward Bruce. “Thank you.”
“For what? Passing you the spices?” Bruce’s lips quirked into a smile.
Jake took Bruce’s hands in his. “For everything.”


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