August 15, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

I haven't posted anything that's not book-related for a long time, so what better reason could I have than to announce that today is my 18th (!!) wedding anniversary. Yep, we married at a young age--we're not even fourty yet. ;-)

The hubby gets me red roses every year and every year the bouquet is getting bigger and bigger. Not that I'm complaining. lol

To more book-related news:

Battle Stations, the sequel to Breeding Stations will release in October. In a couple of weeks I'll start on the edits for Against the Odds, the sequel to Despite the Odds.

The last months I haven't written much but I'm trying to get back to writing Jake and Bruce's story (At Full Speed) soon. Life keeps me pretty busy and while I still have more ideas than any sane person needs, the desire to write isn't always there. I'm still working on The Prince and the Mercenary with Julie Lynn Hayes but I guess it'll be some time till we finish it (that's mostly on me--I'm slow at the moment). However, I had a burst of energy during our vacation and wrote a contemporary novella, title Stained. I'd started it in spring but stopped at around 6k because I simply had no time. Well, or I simply did other things, like read (a lot).

I've discovered a few new-to-me authors and so far I've read everything by Jordan L. Hawk and loved every word. Recently I've discovered KJ Charles' books. I've read about twenty books during our vacation and around fourty on my summer break. As much as I like writing, I like reading even better.

Hope you all had a pleasant summer so far!

~ Chris


  1. Happy Anniversary! Happy to hear we'll be getting more of Bruce & Jake's story.

    1. Thank you!

      Their story is far from finished but I'm hoping work will allow me to keep writing a little bit in the next weeks. :)

  2. Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! =)