September 23, 2015

Free Story: More Than Just A Friendship

No Wednesday Briefs today again (sorry about that, but I'm too busy to write at the moment) but I'm posting a free story I've written a while ago. Meet Gordon and Fynn. Comments appreciated. :)

More Than Just A Friendship

Beads of sweat rolled down my neck as we strode toward the ship. The King’s Queen shimmered in the sunlight, some of the sun’s rays reflecting off the round side windows. Wincing, I pushed my sunglasses from my head to my nose, wishing I was anywhere but here. This trip was going to be a disaster of epic proportions.
Fynn shoved his elbow into my midriff. “Gordy! Stop looking like a grumbler. We’re going on a fantastic trip for two weeks. We’ll see gorgeous places, relax, and have fun.”
I forced a smile on my face. Only Fynn called me Gordy, claiming Gordon sounded too frumpy. I disagreed, but if Fynn decided on something, then that was it. Sighing, I kept pace with him.
“You’re going to bounce off the walls if you add more caffeine to your system now,” I said as I snatched the coffee out of his hand.
Fynn’s protests fell on deaf ears, even though he screeched when I dumped it into the next available garbage can.
“Damn it, Gordy! I wanted to drink that.” Enraged, he pulled the dark blue hairband from his golden hair, shook his head, then shoved the band back on. I helped him smooth a stray lock behind his left ear.
“You won’t be able to sleep if you do, and since we’re sharing a cabin, I have to think of myself.” I grinned.
An expression flitted over Fynn’s face that I couldn’t grasp. Had I really seen it at all? Fynn cast me a sideways glance from under his long lashes then shrugged. “You’re such a bore.”
“There’ll be plenty of activities to rescue you from my boring self,” I drawled, doing my best to hide that his comment had hurt.
Fynn rolled his eyes before he tugged at my sleeve, then hooked his hand into the crook of my arm. “I wouldn’t take you with me if I thought you were a bore, you know that.”
“You wouldn’t take me with you if Adam hadn’t—” I cut myself off. No need to remind Fynn of Adam cheating on him.
“If I hadn’t found Adam fucking some stranger?” Fynn said in a hard voice that was so unlike him. I patted his hand. He rested his head on my shoulder and expelled a breath, then added, “I should’ve listened to you right away.”
We lapsed into silence as we walked the remaining distance toward the King’s Queen. I always warned Fynn whenever he had a new boyfriend. Most of the time I was right, because Fynn’s taste in men... well, it left a lot to be desired. Of course, I knew he’d never see me as more than his best friend. Why should he? I was a big man, with a formidable paunch and thinning hair. I didn’t fit into Fynn’s prey pattern. At least I had his friendship.
A friendship that would be put to a harsh test on that cruise. Two weeks together with him—a dream come true. Or maybe a nightmare, depending on how many times he decided to flirt and do whatever to forget Adam’s cheating. I’d be watching him, close but never close enough. Just like always.
“Gordy, really, you’re so tense it’s a miracle you’re not spontaneously combusting.” Fynn groused. He lifted his head from my shoulder and punched it.
“Ow! What was that for?”
“Stop scowling.”
“But you’re doing it too,” I shot back.
“That’s different.”
We reached the gangway and I stopped. Couples walked past us, smiling and chatting, excitement rolling off them. “Why is it different if you’re doing the scowling?”
Fynn rose on his tiptoes, wrapped his arms around my neck, and whispered, “I’m so much prettier than you when I do it.” He withdrew after he pecked me on the cheek and continued, “I have more reason to scowl, too. You have none. Come on now.”
Fynn slipped his hand into mine, something he always did, whether it was appropriate for the situation or not. Since I didn’t want to suffer from a dislocated shoulder, I followed him. I did have a reason to scowl, a very good reason even. The very same reason hastened along the gangway, chattering on about some kind of bachelor auction scheduled that afternoon.
“Are you going to volunteer?” I asked, my heart clenching. Well, I knew I’d spend some time alone, why not get accustomed to it right away?
Fynn’s eyes lit up as he sashayed right into my personal space. “Only if you bid for me.”
The words stuck in my throat as I stared at him, right into his dark blue eyes. The gleam vanished when I remained silent. Fynn turned around without another word and dropped my hand. An awkward moment passed until I cleared my throat.
Softly, I said, “Come on, midget, let’s get us settled.”
Fynn’s shoulders eased at my nickname for him, and his usual smile reappeared. He nodded, and together we approached the staff welcoming the guests.
 * * *
We left San Francisco, standing at one of the upper decks, leaning against the railing with what seemed a million other people. The King’s Queen honked and Fynn jumped in surprise. A dark-haired man standing to his left side grinned and asked, “First time?”
Fynn shook his head, his face taking on a deep shade of red. The horn resounded through the harbor again, competing against the cheers from the waving crowd. Fynn winced and the dark-haired man’s lips quirked into a smile. Not an easy-going smile, mind you. It was more along the lines of what a twerp, which of course raised my hackles and my protective instinct. According to Fynn, I had a supreme protective instinct. Well, his words went more along the lines of “you goddamn overprotective mother-hen”, but to each his own.
Unfolding from the railing, I sent the man a withering glare. His eyes widened for a moment, then he composed himself. Too bad. Sometimes my height was an advantage, though usually only as long as it took the other person to realize he wasn’t facing a muscleman, rather a guy with a ginormous crush on his best friend. I sighed.
Fynn lifted my left arm and slid under it. In a theatrically high-pitched voice, he said, “Come on, leviathan, protect me.”
The other man snorted a laugh. “Ah, it’s like that.”
Fynn nodded as he pressed against me, a broad grin embellishing his always pretty face. I stared down at the top of his golden mop, then shook my head. “Are you going to enlighten me? I think your conversation with Mr.—”
“Myners, Jack Myners,” the dark-haired guy supplied, holding out a hand for me to shake. “Pleasure to meet you.”
“Gordon Pawell,” I replied.
“Fynn Green,” Fynn added, though he didn’t extend his hand. Kind of impossible actually, since one hand was locked around the railing and the other was wrapped around my waist. Not that Fynn got around my waist, but...
“Have fun on your trip,” Myners said.
“Oh, I plan to.” Fynn’s voice conveyed unexpected vehemence. Myners cast us another amused look before he engaged the man at his other side in conversation.
Fynn stayed close to me, never budging an inch, as the King’s Queen pushed out of the harbor and into the open sea. I barely dared to breathe, lest Fynn come to his senses and bring some distance between us. He’d always been affectionate, around me at least, so his behavior wasn’t that much out of the ordinary. I’d learned to take what I could get.
When the first people left their places, I asked, “What do you want to do now?”
Fynn snuggled deeper into my half-armed embrace. The light breeze stirred his hair, and he raised his face to the sun. I pulled my own sunglasses off and gently set them on his nose. He smiled at me, one of his thousand watt smiles that accentuated the dimples in his cheeks. With heroic effort, I suppressed a moonstruck sigh. Why did he have to be so cute? A fact he didn’t like to be reminded of.
“Thanks,” he said. “I forgot mine in our cabin.”
“Don’t do it again.”
He laughed. “Now there’s a thought. Yours are way cooler than mine.”
I rolled my eyes. “I’m not trading. Yours are way too small.”
“I suppose you’re right. Hey, I’m sure they sell sunglasses on the ship. Want to go and select a new pair with me?”
“With you or for you?” I asked.
He nudged his elbow into my belly. “Can’t it be both? How about I try to find a sensible pair of sunglasses and you can approve of them?”
“I’m sorry. Did you just say you’d try to find something sensible? You?” I faked shock.
“I do that.” A moment later he cracked up. “Okay, I admit it’s only occasionally.”
I interrupted him. “Very, very occasionally.”
“Yeah, fine. In rare circumstances I do that. Oh, come on, it’s much more fun when you go with me. You have the ‘why-me’ look down to an art.”
“Midget, buying sensible clothes or accessories with you is an art. One only a few selected people have mastered.”
Fynn’s expression softened and he seemed almost... almost shy, when he slid his hand into mine and whispered, “There’s only one person who mastered this specific art.”
 * * *
We delayed the purchase of new sunglasses. As we passed the ballroom, Fynn stopped, with an audible gasp. His mouth hung open, as he took in the appearance of the large room. He squeezed my hand before he whispered in awe, “Gordy, look.”
Obediently, I surveyed the room. Sure, it seemed nice. The large, oblong dance floor was lined by tables and chairs on two long sides. Staff was busy preparing for the bachelor auction later. They smiled at us while they worked, some of them throwing a calculating look in our direction. I’d do the same if I were in their shoes.
“Hmm,” I murmured.
Would he take part in that auction? Bids would skyrocket, that much was sure. I should enjoy the few hours I’d have Fynn to myself. It didn’t happen as often as it had a year ago. Not because we didn’t try... Come to think of it, Fynn was always the one badgering me to come by and spend time with him. I’d tried to bring some distance between us because I couldn’t deal with it, us, everything. I always pretended work kept me busy, which it actually did, no surprise there.
Fynn tugged at my shirt until I sent him a quizzical look. He expelled a breath then said, “Isn’t it pretty? Did you see the two chandeliers over the dance floor? I bet in the evening it’ll be so romantic here.”
“I guess so.”
“You guess? Could you sound more enthusiastic?”
I squeezed his hand, hoping he’d take my apology. I didn’t intend to be a party pooper. Fynn wanted to enjoy his time here, and I’d see to it he would. At least I’d see to it he had the chance to try. I asked the first thing that came to my mind, “Seriously, are you going to volunteer for the auction?”
Fynn’s gaze darkened before he flashed me a grin. Had his gaze really darkened? I wasn’t certain anymore. Maybe the light had played a trick on my eyes. He forestalled any more pondering by saying, “I might.”
Bitterness washed over me in a draining wave. For him, this would be fun. For me, it would be torture. I forced a smile on my face. “Seems like something you’d enjoy.”
Fynn frowned. “The way you say it, this sounds like I’m some kind of show-off.”
“Aren’t you?”
Color rose high in Fynn’s cheeks. Of course he was. He liked showing off his drawings. Fynn drew for a living—penciled erotic sketches of gay couples. He didn’t need the money, since his parents had left him a ginormous trust fund, though.
“That’s different,” Fynn muttered. “I like to show off my works, but not myself.”
“Oh?” I said, making this little word sound like a question.
Fynn huffed, then pulled me away from the ballroom. “I really don’t. It’s only when you’re around that the desire to present myself gets overwhelming.”
“Why?” I asked, trailing after him. What the hell? “Where are we going?”
Fynn shrugged. “I want to go to our room.”
My mouth went dry. Sure, our cabin was great, no doubt about it, but... when we’d seen our room earlier, I’d been just short of a heart attack. Fynn had taken no notice then, which might have been because I demanded to leave the room right away. Our cabin was great, fantastic even. But it held only one bed. Granted, it was a huge bed, where we’d fit in comfortably, but I feared my unconscious reactions to Fynn’s closeness.
“Why?” I repeated.
“I don’t need new sunglasses, and I’d like to get settled and unpack my bag.”
Fynn stopped, throwing a curious glance at me. “Yes. Most people are exploring the ship and it’s crowded everywhere. Just for an hour or so, okay? What’s up with you, anyway? Usually you’re the one who tries to get away from the masses.”
Usually that didn’t mean my only other option was to fantasize about all the things I could do on a large bed with Fynn. This was unsafe territory. Terribly unsafe even.
I patted his hand, then broke the grip he had on me. I waved my free hand through the air, pretending nonchalance, and said, “You go ahead. I’ll go and explore for a while.”
Fynn’s lower lip slipped out. I closed my eyes for a moment. How I hated when he did that. I always caved, no matter how hard I tried to convince myself to withstand the temptation.
“I thought we’d do the exploring together,” Fynn said in a hurt voice. He gazed up at me from his dark blue eyes, conveying all his emotions with a single, slow sweep of his lashes, and I groaned.
“All right. We’ll go to the cabin, unpack, and then explore the ship.”
Fynn threw himself against me, wrapped his arms around my neck, and squeezed. “Oh, thank you! You’re the best!”
No. Just smitten by him. But I wasn’t going to tell him that.
 * * *
Fynn launched himself at his suitcase, chattering about all the things he wanted to do and see. I sat in a plush armchair, my suitcase set neatly beside it, so it wouldn’t be in Fynn’s way. His shorts rode low on his slim hips, every now and then exposing a sliver of toned skin. What I’d give to be allowed to run my hands along his belly, to feel the smoothness of his skin.
How would he act during sex? Aggressive? Dominant? Or would he like for me to set the pace?
My cock filled as I wondered about the taste of Fynn. I always wanted to know if he tasted as sweet as the body lotion he liked to use, a combination of apple and citrus. It should’ve been a revolting smell, but on him it fit.
Fynn pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the bed. The muscles in his back rippled smoothly underneath his skin, and my cock pressed heavily against the fly of my pants. I hid my face behind my palms, a low groan escaping my mouth but not Fynn’s attention.
“Are you okay? Do you feel sick?” Fynn asked.
A feather-light touch alerted me of his closeness, and I had to bite my lip and tug at my hair. Otherwise I’d have reached out for him, pulled him on my lap, and ravished him. It hurt to be so close and yet to never be close enough. This trip had been a bad idea.
“Gordy, come on, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” I squeezed out.
“Nothing, my ass.”
I snorted. “Watch your language, midget.”
“Don’t midget me. Tell me what’s wrong!” Fynn emphasized his comment with a yank on my left arm.
I gave in and revealed my face. “There really is nothing,” I said, smiling to appease him.
Fynn frowned, then crouched down between my legs. He sat there with his mouth at the right height to suck my dick. I gasped, then grabbed him by the shoulders and hauled myself out of the chair, all the while keeping him at arm’s length. I nodded toward the bathroom and mouthed, “Be right back.”
I fled to the relative safety of the bathroom.
 * * *
I locked the door, flipped the toilet seat down, and sat. For a while, I breathed in and out, trying to establish a normal rhythm. Every time I closed my eyes, the image of Fynn’s large, blue eyes, full of trust, as he crouched between my legs, popped into my mind. My cock pulsed at the image. I shoved down my pants, intent on getting rid of my hard-on, when Fynn’s tentative voice floated through the door. “Gordy? Are you okay?”
“Yes,” I replied tersely. Was he listening? No way could I wank with him listening from the other side.
“Are you sure you’re not sick? Do you need help?” The door knob moved and I jerked my hand out of my pants. “Gordy?”
God damn it! I took a calming breath, then called back, “Everything’s fine. I’ll be out in a minute.”
I flushed the toilet, made sure my clothes were straight again, and then held my head underneath the shower head, cursing when the cold water pattered on me. At least it solved my problem.
Grabbing a towel from a rack, I dried my hair as much as possible before I unlocked the door and stepped out of my hiding place. Fynn sat on the bed’s edge, his arms curled around his tucked-up knees. When he saw me, he wiped a hand over his eyes and hastily uncurled himself.
“Were you crying?” I asked, perplexed.
“What? No! Why would I?” Fynn shot back. He had his back to me as he straightened the comforter on the bed.
“Are you lying to me?” I asked. Fynn’s shoulders slumped in obvious defeat. He was a lot of things, but a liar he wasn’t. At least, not a good one. My eyes widened when he turned around to face me. “Geez, Fynn, what’s going on?”
I closed the short distance and engulfed him in my arms, pushing my own troublesome thoughts aside, so I could concentrate on Fynn. He shuddered and leaned heavily against me. I rubbed one-handedly over his trembling back, remembering the year after his parents’ death when we’d done this a lot.
“Fynn, come on, talk to me.”
Fynn coughed and pushed away from my chest. His eyes filled with tears but he struggled to keep them at bay. Shaking his head, he sank back onto the bed’s edge. I followed him, and the bed dipped so much under my weight that Fynn lost his balance and toppled onto me. I winced and propped him up again, while he giggled.
“I’m so glad you find this funny,” I muttered.
Fynn sobered up and cast me a concerned glance. “Sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’s just—”
“It’s just what?” I asked when he kept staring at the floor.
Fynn pulled the hairband off and twirled it in his hands. “I...” He swallowed convulsively. “I need to talk to you, and I’m not sure our friendship is going to survive what I have to say. But... I really need you to know, because I can’t pretend anymore.”
He jumped from the bed and walked toward the door.
“Fynn!” I called. My stomach churned, and everything in me coiled, but this was Fynn and I’d only ever seen him this upset after his parents’ death. “What’s going on?”
Fynn leaned his forehead against the door. He held his hands clenched to fists at his side. His shoulders were so tense, they almost touched his ears. Everything in me screamed to go over to him, hug him, and babble soothing nonsense in his ear. Whatever had made him so upset?
His words finally echoed through me. Why wouldn’t our friendship survive? It had survived not only his parents’ death, but my disinheritance by my father and numerous boyfriends on Fynn’s side, as well as a few on mine. So why was our friendship in danger now? Had I given myself away?
Fynn turned and lowered his gaze to the floor. Slowly, he slid downward until he sat on his heels. He slung his arms around his knees and started a slight back and forth rocking motion, which set off my inner alarm bells. He’d only done this once, right after his parents’ death, after the paramedics broke the news to him. It had taken hours for him to stop.
“Midget?” I asked softly.
Fynn’s gaze snapped up. In a rough voice, he said, “You know that I’d clock anyone who’d call me midget, right?”
“I’m not anyone.”
“No,” Fynn choked out. “No, you’re not.”
I rose to my feet to help him up, so we could talk in a more comfortable position, but he raised his arms and shouted, “No! Stay there.” In a much softer voice, he added, “Please.”
Dry-mouthed, I slumped back on the bed’s edge. “Whatever you’re going to tell me must be horrible. At least, I feel horrible already.”
Fynn shrugged. “I don’t know if it’s horrible, it’s just... I need to say it, and I have no idea how you’re going to react.”
“Shouldn’t you’ve talked to me about whatever it is you need to tell me before we left port?”
Fynn’s expression shuttered. He tucked his legs even closer to his chest, which should’ve been impossible, but Fynn had always been flexible. I almost didn’t hear his next whispered words, “This way you can’t run away, and I might be able to rescue whatever is left of our friendship.”
I rubbed my sweaty palms on my pants, then forced a smile on my face. “Fynn, this is really making me nervous.”
Fynn barked out a laugh. “I’m kinda nervous, too.”
“No way!” I exclaimed, grinning at him. The grin came much easier than the smile before, and Fynn smiled back, though it was reluctant. “Come on now, midget, just get it out of your system.”
“I love you.”
I blinked at Fynn, trying my best to comprehend his words. He didn’t just say what I thought, right? I opened my mouth to reply, to say anything at all but no words were coming forth. Instead, I started to shake.
Fynn slowly rose to his feet, his expression a mixture of relief and sadness. “Gordy? Did you hear what I said?”
I nodded while I pressed my now clammy palms to my thighs, willing them to stay still. In a rough voice, I asked, “Is this some kind of cruel joke? Did someone find out how I feel about you and now you’re playing with me? Because heaven knows you’d never be interested in someone like me.”
“What? I... What are you talking about? I’m pouring out my heart and you think I’m joking to hurt you? Do you even know me?” Fynn walked over to me, but hesitated to get in arm’s reach. “I told you that I love you. I’ve been in love with you forever, and you think I’m joking?”
Groaning, I shook my head, then hid my face behind my palms. This was what I’d always wanted, so why didn’t I grab him and kiss him silly? I slid my hands downward and stared at Fynn, who by now stood next to me.
“Midget, I have been in love with you forever. I hid it because we’re friends, and you never showed any interest in me, which I absolutely understand. You need someone good-looking and—”
Fynn cut me off. “I never showed any interest in you? Seriously? Didn’t the fact that I always hold your hand or sit on your lap or sleep cuddled up to you clue you in how I feel about you?”
“You did that on purpose?” I asked, baffled. “I mean, I know you did it on purpose, but you did it because you wanted to show me how you feel about me?”
Fynn groaned. He punched my shoulder and plopped down on my lap. He wound his arms around my neck and without hesitation, I embraced him. “What did you think I was doing?”
“I... I don’t know. I thought... you just liked body contact. You’ve always been touching me. I don’t remember it being different even when we were young,” I said.
“That’s because I always loved you,” Fynn replied. “Okay, so maybe I didn’t know why I always snagged your hand, but it felt so right to do it. Do you—”
“Do I what?” I rubbed my hands up and down Fynn’s back and flanks, eliciting a full-body shiver at one point.
“Do you by any chance reciprocate my feelings? You haven’t run away or clocked me yet, so...” Fynn laid a hand on my left cheek and stroked his thumb along my cheekbone. From this close, I caught sight of his carotid pulsating frantically, his lips quivering.
“God, yes. Yes, I do,” I whispered. “I never thought I stood a chance with you. But wait…” I tensed up, realizing this was too good to be true. Still, I hugged him closer, almost crushing him against my chest. “I’m not—”
“If you dare to say something about the way you look, I will clock you, understood?”
“Fynn.” I sighed. “I’m fat and you’re beautiful. You’ll make a laughingstock out of yourself if we... date.”
Fynn cupped my face in both hands, stared at me, and then he closed his eyes and brought our lips together. The kiss was soft, almost chaste, but it was everything I ever wanted. I must’ve closed my eyes during the kiss because when I opened them again, Fynn pressed his forehead  against mine, and he said, “You’re a big man, not fat. I’m not saying this just to appease you or anything. You’re smart and wonderful and the best-looking man I’ve ever laid eyes on.”
“Fynn... midget... you are saying this to appease me. I know what I look like.”
Fynn shook his head, which meant both of our heads moved from one side to the other. “No, I don’t think you do know what you look like. Just because you’re no twink, or no bodybuilder type, doesn’t mean you’re not good-looking. I love you just the way you are and... how about... how about I show you? Maybe that way you could start believing me?”
“Show me?” I asked. The next second, Fynn pushed against my shoulders and I fell backward onto the bed. My blood pumped fast, and my cock stiffened in a breathtaking tempo. Was this really going to happen?
Fynn straddled my hips, smiled down at me, and stripped off his shirt. I moaned at the sight of his finely chiseled chest, the way his belly muscles lightly rippled underneath his skin. He pulled the hairband out and shook his hair until it framed his face in the best possible way. He wiggled his butt above my crotch, and my erection strained against the fabric.
Fynn’s abdominal muscles quivered as he ground down hard on my erection. I glanced at his face and caught him staring at me with lust-filled eyes. He licked his lips, then lifted his butt. “I’d love to go slow and seduce you and do all those things I always dreamed of doing to you but to be honest—I’m short of exploding, so this’ll be quick. Forgive me?”
I nodded as Fynn pushed down his shorts and underwear in one fluid movement. His cock sprang free—long, with a thin trickle of pre-come hanging precariously from the tip. Before he had a chance to straddle my lap again, I grabbed his butt cheeks and yanked him close to my face. I lost no time in swallowing him until my nose touched his pubic hair. Fynn yelled something, but I didn’t get what because I concentrated on his shaft in my mouth, which expanded in girth. His salty taste exploded on my tongue.
“Gordy!” Fynn shouted my name as he struggled against my hold. “Stop! Please! I’m gonna shoot.”
So what? I held him immobile and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock before I sucked him. Fynn slapped his hands down next to my head, probably to keep himself upright, and whimpered. He was still trying to pull away, so I allowed him a bit of leeway, then pushed him back deep in my mouth. Soon, Fynn pumped in and out, stretching my lips to the fullest.
The weight of his shaft on my tongue, the way he panted above me, was all I cared about. At one point, I let his cock pop free to mouth his balls. Fynn’s thighs quivered, and he moaned deep in his chest. I licked a path up and down his shaft, then sucked the tip back into my mouth. I slipped my tongue into his slit, which resulted in a high-pitched squeal and Fynn’s forceful attempt at pulling away from me. He whimpered, “I’m going to come!”
I gave his ass a light slap, surprising Fynn so much that he shoved his cock deep into my throat with a guttural grunt. How interesting. As I sucked, I applied another swat, and this time there was no mistaking Fynn’s excitement. His heavy cock pulsed on my tongue, and seconds later he spurted jets of semen down my throat. Nothing had ever tasted better.
I swallowed everything, then licked Fynn’s shaft until he cringed. “Sensitive?” I asked. He gave a curt nod, but said nothing else. Worried, I asked, “Are you okay?”
A dazzling smile broke out on his face. “Do you really need to ask?”
Shrugging, I smiled back at him, then gripped his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Our tongues dueled and Fynn constantly emitted moans and groans that went straight to my still trapped cock. Fynn snatched my free hand and pushed it against his cock. His newly rising cock.
I arched an eyebrow and asked, “Ready to go again? Already? How old are you again?”
Fynn rolled his eyes. “You’re turning me on, that’s all.”
“Oh, well, in that case...”
We both laughed. I closed my hand around Fynn’s cock and stroked it in slow movements, relishing the way his erection grew. My own cock leaked copious amount of pre-come into my underwear, and the urge to plunge into Fynn’s tight ass increased.
“I really want to fuck you,” I blurted out.
Fynn’s eyes widened, and for a moment I feared I’d overstepped the line. Then he smiled at me again, a shy and nervous smile, and said, “I want that too, but... you have to show me, because I never... I never did that. I always wanted you to be the one. Sounds melodramatic, doesn’t it?”
I lifted him next to me, then got rid of my shirt. “Seriously? You never... Wasn’t that a bone of contention with some of your boyfriends?”
You were the bone of contention with all of my boyfriends. They all knew pretty fast that I’d compare them to you and they were never able to come out as the winner, which was actually one of the reasons why Adam cheated on me. He told me I was cheating on him all the time, since my mind was always on you but never on him.”
I stopped in my undressing, suddenly aware of the way my belly stuck out, that it would never be as flat as Fynn’s or any of his friends. Fynn’s eyes narrowed, and he slid his thumbs into the waistband of my pants. “Oh, no, you’re not going to freak out on me now. I love you just the way you are, and I want you to make love to me, but right now... I need to do this.”
Fynn yanked my pants down, but only far enough to allow him easy access to my cock. He pressed a kiss on the crown before he swirled his tongue around the head. It was all I could do not to shove my fat cock into his mouth and fuck his face. My balls drew up tight to my body, and heat already coiled in my stomach. I slid my fingers into his hair and tugged him away from my crotch. Fynn pouted at me. Apologetically, I said, “I’m going to come if you don’t stop.”
“How come that line didn’t work for me, but it’s supposed to work for you?”
“If I come now, you’ll have to wait for a couple of hours before we can do anything else,” I replied.
“Oh,” Fynn said. He eyed my package, then lifted his gaze to meet mine. “You’re big. I think I like that, though I have no idea how you’re going to fit into me.”
Laughing, I shucked the rest of my clothes. “I will, don’t worry. Or... would you like to do it the other way?”
Fynn’s expression could only be described as horrified. “No! Not that I don’t appreciate your offer and I might take you up on it later, but damn it, Gordy! I’ve waited an eternity for this moment. I... I even brought lube and condoms. Just in case, you know.”
“Pretty sure of yourself, weren’t you?” I grinned at him as he jumped from the bed to get to his suitcase. His cock bounced up and down with every step, and when he reached his suitcase, he gave his cock several fast strokes, squeezing his eyes shut. “Hey!” I called out to him. “No touching right now! Get over here!”
Fynn shot me a guilty look, then unlocked his suitcase and grabbed the needed supplies. He threw them on the bed and straddled my lap again before he stretched out on top of me. So much soft skin covering my own!
Goosebumps rose everywhere and a heavy shiver surged through me. This was the real deal. Amazing.
“You okay?” Fynn asked.
“You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”
Chuckling, I said, “This is just unbelievable. I never thought this would happen.”
“This could’ve happened years ago if you hadn’t been so stuck up about your appearance.”
I rolled us around until I pressed Fynn onto the bed, growling in response to Fynn’s teasing remark. His eyes grew impossible large but he laughed, accentuating the dimples in his cheeks. “You have no manners, whatsoever.”
“I’m impatient, in case you didn’t get the memo. My manners always make a run for the hills when I get like this. Come to think of it, I’ve never felt like this.” Fynn licked his lips, a surprisingly seductive gesture, then added, “I never wanted anything as badly as I want you, Gordy.”
Fynn’s legs fell open and he canted his hips upward to make sure I got his message. I snatched a quick kiss, before I flipped the cap of the lube bottle open. “Hold out for a moment longer, okay?”
I pushed myself up on my elbows, so my whole weight didn’t rest on Fynn and crush him. A scowl appeared on Fynn’s face and he muttered something I didn’t catch. Taken off guard, I asked, “What is it?”
“Come back here.”
A blush crept into my cheeks as I squirted lube on my hand. “I don’t want to smother you.”
Fynn rolled his eyes so much I feared they might pop out. He lunged for my neck and pulled me in for a kiss that sent searing heat through my whole body. There was no chance for me to keep on my elbows. I lowered myself on Fynn, and his legs wound around my waist. His heels dug into my ass as he tried to get closer to me.
I unsealed our lips and panted, “Okay, I got it. You’re not going to break. I, however, will shoot in the next ten seconds if you don’t let me up for a bit.”
Fynn dropped his legs and threw one arm over his eyes. “I don’t think I’ll survive this.”
“Stop with the drama act already,” I said as I reached behind his sac. I massaged the firm area behind his scrotum and Fynn’s pants came in strained puffs. “You like that?”
“Yes,” Fynn hissed.
I slipped a finger between his butt cheeks, searching for his opening. Fynn grabbed his knees and tucked them up to his chest, giving me the perfect view of his taut buttocks. After circling my thumb around the pucker for some time, I dipped it inside Fynn. He shouted my name, and his cock twitched.
My own cock screamed murder at me for neglecting it, but it would have to wait just a little bit longer. I fucked Fynn with my thumb, then added another finger. Fynn sucked them right in and squeezed around them. I licked his balls before I drew them into my mouth, rolling them around to get a thorough taste. Fynn’s whole body quivered, and all the time he made strangled noises mixed with shouts of delight.
“I’m good to go,” Fynn said, sounding breathless.
I gazed up at him, gauging if I could trust him not to hurry things. Fynn wore a dazed expression that pretty much said Fuck me senseless. I gave his cock a swift stroke with my tongue, which caused Fynn to squeeze his eyes shut and moan loudly.
I fumbled with the condom foil and gritted my teeth when I rolled it over my erection. After slathering myself with lube, I lined myself up at Fynn’s hole. “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”
Fynn nodded, and I pushed my shoulders underneath the hollows of his knees, so he could do something else with his hands. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around my neck and tugged me close for another breath-stealing kiss. At the same moment, I pushed past the first ring of muscles. Fynn convulsed briefly, but he relaxed right away.
Slowly, I pushed in deeper, never stopping in my forward momentum but always looking for a sign of discomfort from Fynn. One never came; he just looked awed. When I was sheathed to the hilt in him, I remained still to give him time to adjust to my size.
“You’re really inside me,” Fynn said. Did his voice sound close to tears?
My own voice was husky when I replied, “Unbelievable.”
I bent down to trail a series of kisses along his jaw. Fynn reciprocated with vigor, and soon his fingers dug into my hips, urging me to move. I set a slow rhythm for us, but Fynn’s moans and desperate cries for more spurred me on to go faster and faster. I lost all interest in finesse and pumped in and out of him, seeking my release.
Unbearable heat spread out within me and my balls pulled up tight, then lights exploded in front of my eyes and I shot my load. On and on it went. Shuddering, I braved the waves of pleasure rolling through me.
It took a while for my climax to end, and when I stilled my movements, Fynn arched his back. I wrapped my fingers around his slender cock. It didn’t take more than that for him to yell my name. He came all over my hand, covering me with his seed. At the same time, he squeezed his channel around my cock, forcing another short spurt of semen from my body. Fucking unbelievable.
 * * *
Later, when we’d finally managed to withdraw from each other and clean up a bit, we shoved the blankets aside and lay on the bed. I was on my back, still sweating slightly, and Fynn  hooked a leg over my waist and an arm over my chest. Sometimes he pressed feather-light kisses on whatever part of me he could reach, and if he felt like it, he sucked on my nipple until it pebbled.
I tightened my hold on him after another attack on my left nipple and kissed his forehead. “Stop that.”
“Why? I’m allowed to do that now, right?” Fynn craned his head so he could look at me. His blue eyes shone with happiness.
“Can’t argue with that.”
“By the way, I changed my mind,” Fynn said.
I froze, unable to breathe or think or say anything. He had changed his mind? Why?
“Gordy, are you okay?” Fynn’s eyebrows drew together in concern, then he groaned in exasperation. “Oh, come on, breathe and calm down. I don’t even want to know how you just interpreted my statement. I just meant I changed my mind about my participation in the Bachelor’s Auction. I also decided you’re not allowed to participate either.”
I laughed about his remark. “I’d have never done that anyway.”
“Oh, yes, you would. I would’ve badgered you until you gave in, so I could bid for you. That way you would’ve been forced to date me and I would’ve had that at least.”
“Are you serious?” I asked.
Fynn climbed on top of me, then propped himself up on my chest. “Absolutely. And yes, before you ask, I was desperate.”
I swallowed the words that rested on the tip of my tongue. Would I really be enough for him? Wouldn’t he get annoyed with me after a while? When he realized I was just a big guy?
“Stop that,” Fynn scolded me. “I know exactly what you’re thinking.”
“You can’t know that.”
“I’m an artist. I have a vivid imagination, and now stop it. I love you, it’s as easy as that. Why can’t you trust me?”
He gazed at me with such a vulnerable expression that I felt like an ass for hurting him with my distrust. I expelled a breath and smiled at him. “I’m sorry. I do trust you and I love you too. I might need to hear you say it a lot until my subconscious believes you too.”
“Your subconscious is a piece of work.” Fynn snorted.
“That’s true,” I conceded.
Fynn grinned, then pillowed his head on my chest. Soft strands of hair tickled my skin, and I ran my fingers through them. Fynn almost purred and curled himself tighter up on me.
“This is going to be the best vacation ever,” he said in a voice heavy with sleep.
“Yes,” I replied.
He was certainly right about that.


  1. I adored this story. Thank you so much for it.

    1. Thank you so much for reading the story, Will. I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. Aw... omg! This was so sweet! <3 <3
    Thank you so very much for this short story! Ah! I kinda wish there was more but it was perfect nonetheless! <3 thank you!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. It could've been longer, I know, but it was supposed to be a short story and it felt good to write something short. Thank you very much for letting me know that you liked the story.