September 02, 2015

Wednesday Briefs: At Full Speed, #22

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used this prompt: “I’m counting flowers on the wall, what are you doing?”

At Full Speed, #22

Waiting for Bruce to finish tidying up tested Jake’s patience more than he thought it would. It probably didn’t help that he was becoming increasingly irritated at Bruce and himself. Of course he shouldn’t have had so many drinks, he was no idiot, but did Bruce have to act like he was his caretaker? He could take care of himself pretty well, thank you very much!
Jake whirled around, his tense shoulders pulled up to his ears. He needed to bring some distance between himself and Bruce.
“Jake, what do you think you’re doing?”
In his best conversational voice, though laced with venom, Jake replied, “I’m counting flowers on the wall, what are you doing?”
With his head held high, he strode away. His heart hammered painfully and the rushing of blood in his ears almost deafened him. He was nuts. Or in self-destructive mode. Whatever. He shouldn’t bait Bruce. After all, he couldn’t be completely sure Bruce would remain the same sane and compassionate man after he threw his temper around. And yet, he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted… needed so badly for Bruce to take the reins and spank him, he could barely breathe. Why couldn’t he just be normal?
Jake yelped when Bruce’s large hand clasped his neck and steered Jake to the sofa. Jake didn’t resist, not one single bit. He glanced at Bruce to assure himself Bruce hadn’t turned into another monster. Jake’s people-reading skills seriously sucked. Although they hadn’t with Bruce—so far at least.
Bruce guided him to his side, then wrapped an arm around Jake’s shoulder and pulled him close. Jake tucked his legs up and nestled against Bruce, tension slowly seeping out of him.
“If we were in the club, I’d say you were angling for a spanking,” Bruce said as he rubbed small circles with his thumb on Jake’s shoulder.
“What would you do if we were in the club?”
“I’d tan your hide since that’s what you obviously need.”
A shiver slithered down Jake’s spine. Need. Yes, everything in him screamed for that. To feel taken care of, but also to be shown the boundaries. As much as a spanking hurt, the floating afterward, the knowledge the slate had been cleared, that was what he needed.
He’d hoped again and again that he’d found partners who got him but to no avail. There’d always been a large sexual part to it. Or there had been a different kind of kink involved, and even though Jake craved the impact of a hand on his butt, he was in no way kink material. He’d never fit in anywhere or find someone who got him.
“Jake, I need you to communicate with me. I’ll even start, okay?” Bruce’s chest expanded as he released a long breath. He pulled on Jake’s legs until he could drape them over his lap. After pressing a firm kiss on Jake’s forehead, he continued, “I’m disappointed that you lied to me.”
Jake jerked in Bruce’s arms. “I didn’t lie to you!”
“Yes, you did. Every time I asked how you felt you said you were fine.”
“You’ve got a job with great responsibility and you need regular sleep to be fit for it. You don’t need to come running to your idiot boyfriend who can’t sleep because his big, buff boyfriend isn’t there to chase away the nightmares,” Jake muttered.
Bruce tugged his butt off the sofa and unhurriedly applied a well-aimed swat to Jake’s bottom, eliciting a surprised screech from him. “That was for the term idiot. And Jake? Believe me when I tell you that I can take care of you and do my job properly.”
“Okay.” That was it? That was all Bruce had meant with ‘talking’? Disappointment blossomed inside Jake’s chest. So there would be no spanking and he’d have no outlet for all the accumulated misery. Normal people wouldn’t have such a reaction. They’d deem this ‘talk’ sufficient and move on. But Jake?
“I still think you deserve a good spanking for all that drinking, but I’d rather do it when you’re sober.”
Jake peered up at Bruce, relief battling with apprehension. “I’m not that drunk.”
“You’re drunk enough, Jake. Would you like me to stay overnight? I’ve got to be up early, and that would mean you’d be up early too since I’d spank you before I went to work. Or I could come over after work tomorrow.”
“I’m not sure if that makes me sound like a loon but… I want you to stay overnight and sp-spank me before you go to work.”
“Then that’s what we’ll do.”


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