December 31, 2015

Despite the Odds is a Hot Deal!

Despite the Odds is a Hot Deal at All Romance Ebooks today, so if you want to give Joshua and Michael's story a try now would be a good time. :)

Never judge a book by its cover.

Michael Campbell can’t hold a job for more than a few days. He’s lucky his foreman is giving him another chance with the solar panel project at an elementary school in Atlantic City. When he spies a man walking strangely in front of the school, Michael laughs, assuming he’s drunk or high. Little does he realize that Joshua Stone, a teaching assistant, has cerebral palsy, and he’s having a bad muscle control day. Taking a tumble right in front of the handsome construction worker is just his luck.

When Michael learns the truth, he feels bad for his cruel behavior. He offers to give Joshua—and his tricycle, the Racing Rhonda—a lift. Joshua accepts the help, and suddenly there’s a gorgeous man breezing into his life, turning his world upside down. But Michael has more issues than his inability to hold down a job, and neither man is sure if they’ll be able to overcome their fears in order to be together.

December 19, 2015

Hunter's Hunt

As an early Christmas gift I'm offering my story Hunter's Hunt to my readers. This story was published by Torquere Press but I got the rights back and changed a couple of minor things. Since I don't want submit it anywhere I'm posting it for free on my blog.

This drawing by Mondriana isn't completely fitting for the story but it's one of my favorite drawings by her, so... :)

Here's what the story is about:

Wanted: one bear. Must be burly and hairy, and strong enough to paddle.

Hunter Bell is on the prowl, and he knows just where to find his prey: at the Bear Trap, a gay leather bar he’s more than a little familiar with. So many men, so little time. He’s just about to pounce on his choice of the evening when a newcomer enters the bar, turning everyone’s head. Adrian Michaels is everything Hunter despises in a man. He’s lean and boyish looking, and he has the deepest dimples Hunter’s ever seen.

And yet there is an immediate attraction, one that neither man can deny. They’re both too astonished to do anything about this apparent interest in one another, and they waste their opportunity. Now it’s up to Hunter to forget about his stereotypical preference and go for the guy that’s just entered his dreams. If only he can admit to himself that Adrian’s what he really wants..

Hunter’s Hunt
by Chris T. Kat

Hunter leaned against the bar, idly rubbing his thumb along his glass and re-distributing the condensation while he observed the people in the room. Tonight was hunting night. It was going to be a good night for that, Hunter could tell already. On a Saturday night, lots of regular customers trooped into the Bear Trap in Oyster Creek, but also lots of newcomers.

It was almost impossible to stumble into the Bear Trap by accident as it was at the end of Leeds Point Road, with the bay on both sides. Only sometimes—and mostly in the summer months—did people end up here because they were looking for the Jersey Devil. Most of these visitors fled as soon as they gathered the bar’s real intentions, which was just as well with its customers.

Several of the newcomers caught Hunter’s eye tonight. All of them wore the usual tight leather pants—showing off their assets—and heavy boots. The dressing style of their upper bodies varied greatly, though many wore plain nothing. Hunter didn’t complain because it allowed him to separate the really great looking guys from the ordinary ones. Tonight, Hunter needed someone special: a big, burly man he could fuck without having to hold back.

His most recent encounters fell in the what-the-hell-did-I-think category. The men had seemed tough—and that’s how they still posed, except when they caught a glimpse of Hunter—but the sex had been disappointing. Sure, they’d endured Hunter’s paddles and strap, but neither of them had really submitted to Hunter. It was all a game to them, nothing more. There had been no serious desire to accept Hunter as the one calling the shots, which meant Hunter needed to be more selective tonight.

He noticed a twink sizing him up and grimaced inwardly. He was a magnet for those boy-like, young guys, who always seemed to think he’d become their sugar daddy. Just because he was a large man and he fit all the outer criteria for a bear didn’t mean he was interested in those boys. He preferred his men big, even a tad on the fat side, and furry, period.

“Hey, you—”

Hunter cut the twink off, grabbing the boy’s chin in his hand. The boy’s eyes grew large and Hunter forced himself to keep his face impassive. No need to show the kid how amusing he found his reaction.

“Kid, do yourself a favor and look for a more suitable guy.”

The twink darted a glance at him that was somewhere between embarrassment and longing but he scurried away anyway, which was all that counted for Hunter. He kept an eye out for the kid and soon discovered he’d found someone else. Actually, the kid had found someone who could have been Hunter’s twin; the only difference was that this guy allowed the kid to feel him up. Soon, both were oblivious to everything else.

Hunter snorted into his glass; he could never understand what some of the other bears hanging around here saw in those slight, willowy guys. Did they never fear to break them?

He kept nursing his beer while he stroked his beard, lost in thought. It was unusual for him to ponder whom he wanted to bed, but his last encounters had proved that either the other guys were changing or his own perceptions and desires were.

After about an hour, Hunter had narrowed down his choice of prey to two men; one gray-haired, with tattooed arms and a big beer gut that hung over his belt. He’d seen him around before but the name eluded him. At least he knew the guy could take a strap applied to his ass without fussing. He really wasn’t in the mood to soothe anyone tonight. He longed to get his rocks off in a spectacular fashion. It had been too long since he’d seen stars during his climax.

The other potential guy was bald, but with bright green eyes, sturdy, and furred everywhere. Hunter’s pulse fluttered as he thought how good it would feel to rub his fingers into that mat of hair.

Hunter set his glass aside and straightened, ready to make up his mind, when the door to the bar opened. Hunter stopped dead in his tracks as several heads turned toward the newcomer. Most conversations broke off, and the silence that followed was heavy with a ferocious kind of hunger. The man who’d just entered wasn’t remarkable in any way, except that he didn’t wear clothes according to the bar’s dress code. No leather, no boots—just jeans, a shirt, and sneakers, all of which clung tightly to him because he was drenched.

Someone next to him whistled appreciatively. “Now that’s the prettiest pup I’ve seen in a long time.”

Hunter inspected the newcomer more closely. The man was young and still fumbling around with something. From his right side, someone handed the newcomer a hanky, eliciting a grateful smile from the new guy, and Hunter knew that many men here would love to show this guy what they saw as a good time.

Hunter watched the young man clean his glasses. Did the guy knew about the bar’s reputation?

When the glasses were to the new guy’s satisfaction, he pushed them on his nose and ran his fingers through his hair, slicking it back. Hunter changed his mind—this guy was remarkable. Lean, a well-sculpted upper body, and a boyish face only enhanced by the glasses he wore. A lot of men would love to hook up with him, but Hunter wasn’t one of them. The guy wasn’t his type; nope, absolutely not.

It took a moment for the newcomer to absorb his surroundings and, when he did, he flinched. A few men chuckled upon discovering the baffled look on the guy’s face, which proved that he indeed hadn’t known about the nature of the Bear’s Trap. Hunter watched him shift from one foot to the other while most men turned back and resumed their conversations. The new guy remained rooted to the spot, dripping water all over the floor, before he squared his shoulders and pushed through the mass of bodies. At last he reached the bar, where Hunter was still standing, for some unknown reason interested in this guy.

The newcomer waved at the bartender. “Is there a phone anywhere?”

“You don’t have a cell phone?” another guy asked, perplexed.

The newcomer shot him a drop-dead look, startling Hunter into a laugh. The new guy turned toward him with a quizzical look. Hunter was face-to-face with an irritated man, whose dark blue eyes were blazing.

“Bad day?” Hunter heard himself ask.


Hunter pulled his cell phone from his pocket and held it out to him. “You might better go to the back. Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand anything.”

Baffled, the other man took the phone. “Thank you, uh, what’s your name?”

“Hunter.” He held out his hand for the other man to shake.

“Last name or first name?”


“Thanks, Hunter. I’m Adrian.”

“Hey, Adrian.”

Adrian gestured with the phone toward the end of the bar and raised one delicate eyebrow. “This way?”

Hunter nodded and beckoned Adrian to go past him. Adrian only came a few feet before one of the other men groped him, drawing out a surprised yelp from Adrian. He shoved the guy aside then proceeded farther into the back. On his way, he struggled with advances from more guys than Hunter could count. At some point, Adrian whirled around and, even from that distance Hunter could see the fast heaving of his chest, the free hand balled into a fist, and the distressed look on his face.

With a sigh, Hunter pushed away from the bar and strolled after Adrian. He caught up with him right when another man, a regular customer called Dean, made a pass at him.

“Hey, knock it off. He’s with me, Dean.”

“With you? Since when are you going for his type, Hunter?” Dean asked with a sneer.

Hunter shrugged while he sent a dark glower toward Dean. The other man to dropped his gaze and inspected the contents of his glass. Hunter laid a hand on Adrian’s shoulder and pushed him ahead. Adrian cast him a worried look but walked where Hunter steered him. After opening a door to a private room at the end, he ushered Adrian through and switched on the light.

“Go ahead.”

Adrian clutched the cell phone in his hands, staring at Hunter with an apprehensive look. Hunter noticed that Adrian’s eyes were of a dark, almost navy, blue. He swallowed. Even behind the glasses, Adrian’s eyes seemed large and expressive. He had to concentrate on listening to Adrian’s question. “Is this... is this some kind of leather bar?”

“Yeah. Never been in one before, have you?” Hunter asked.

“No. No offense and all, but I’m not very fond of it.”



“Need a bodyguard?”

Adrian eyed him before he obviously came to some kind of decision. “You free for bodyguard duty for maybe an hour?”

“Sure.” Hunter grinned. “I won’t even try to molest you.”

Adrian laughed, a light tinkle more suitable for a boy than a grown man, before he flipped open the phone. Hunter sat at a large table in the middle of the room, remembering times when he’d bound other guys to this exact table and plowed into them. His mind provided him with an image of Adrian kneeling on the table, and Hunter jerked away from the table with a barely suppressed moan. Adrian took a step backward, which brought him closer to the wall behind him.

“Just remembered something,” Hunter explained, feeling embarrassed about his reaction.

“That must have been quite the memory,” Adrian replied.

Seconds later, Adrian was talking to someone on the phone, and Hunter tried not to eavesdrop while he paced the room, instructing his traitorous cock to behave. Whomever Adrian called gave him an earful. Adrian’s voice turned into pleading as he talked, with the occasional flustered glance directed at Hunter. To thwart himself from more daydreaming, Hunter used the time to study Adrian’s face in profile. He was everything Hunter despised: perfect complexion, dimples, long, dark eyelashes and a thick mop of dark hair, fashionably cut.

Still, Hunter couldn’t ignore the attraction.

“Yes, I’ll wait. No, I won’t go with anyone, promise.” Adrian sounded exasperated.

After disconnecting the phone call, Adrian handed Hunter the phone. “Older brother. He drives me crazy.”

“Protective?” Hunter asked as he pocketed his phone.

“Overprotective, overbearing and a know-it-all.”

“Sounds like he’s distantly related to me.”

“Just my luck to get rescued by another overbearing guy.” Adrian rolled his eyes and tucked a loose strand of black hair behind his left ear. On anyone else it would have looked ridiculous, but on Adrian this gesture was... endearing.

Hunter cleared his throat before he walked to the door. For a lack of a different topic, Hunter asked, “Ever heard the terms bear and cub?”

“I’ve been to school?”

Hunter stopped in front of the door and turned around, uncertain whether Adrian was trying to be funny or mocking him.

“What?” Adrian asked, immediately on the defense.

“You really have no idea, have you?”


“This is a gay bar.”

“All the groping from the men at the other side of the door clued me in, but thanks for the explanation anyway,” Adrian said dryly.

A smile tugged at Hunter’s lips before he said, “A bear is a certain type of gay man.”

Why did he feel the urge to explain to Adrian where he was, anyway? He was a grown man, after all. Still, Hunter wanted him prepared for what was behind the door while he waited for his brother to pick him up. It was oddly disconcerting.

Adrian approached him, smiling, and without the slightest hint of his earlier wariness, he gently cupped Hunter’s cheek in his hand. Hunter couldn’t suppress a startled gasp as he enjoyed the warmth of Adrian’s hand, the softness of his skin, while Adrian asked, “Is it really necessary to peg everyone as something or the other? I don’t care.”

“Maybe you should, so you know what to expect.”

Adrian pulled his hand away, leaving Hunter weirdly bereft, and stepped aside. “There’s a bar filled with giant men, who seem to either suck faces with other ginormously big men or have really young guys sitting at their feet. That’s pretty self-explanatory.”

“How old are you again?”

“I didn’t say.” Adrian stared up at him, obviously pondering whether he should give a different answer or not. “Twenty-two.”

“You’re young.”

“You’re so observant.”

Adrian’s smile deepened his dimples and made him look even younger. It should have been a revolting sight, or at least it should have led to Hunter running for the hills but, instead, his lips curved in a lopsided smile.

“You like me,” Adrian stated with a smug little grin.

“I do.”

“Would you make me to sit at your feet? Or lick your boots or such stuff?” Adrian asked.

Hunter hesitated. He had no qualms about getting rough or demanding obedience, which also meant pushing the boundaries sometimes, but it all seemed wrong when he thought about doing any of it to Adrian.

“Think you’d break me?” Adrian asked.

“You don’t seem to be that easy to break.”

Adrian’s smile grew bigger. “Only when you use a Lexan paddle. That guarantees me to burst into tears after the third smack, tops.”

“Lexan paddle?” Hunter peered at Adrian more closely. “You seriously want to tell me you’ve been spanked?”

“I love it.” Adrian’s answer sounded like a purr and Hunter’s cock twitched eagerly in response.

He shook his head in a vain attempt to clear it, then squinted his eyes. Something wasn’t adding up. “But you looked very uncomfortable, even scared, earlier. If you were versed in the leather scene, you’d know about the terms bear and cub.”

“I don’t know anything about the leather scene because it looks scary. Most of the guys in the bar were ready to take something from me without my consent. That’s not really my cup of tea. I’ve had lovers who were interested in spanking me, though.” Adrian lowered his gaze to look at his feet. “I told my brother I’d wait outside the bar.”

“I’ll escort you,” Hunter replied.

He couldn’t deny that he was intrigued and wanted to spend just a little more time with Adrian, maybe even get cozy with him. This thought struck him as funny, especially because it was a first, but when Adrian’s gaze flickered upward and he thanked him, the laugh got stuck in Hunter’s throat.

* * * *

Hunter waited with Adrian outside the Bear Trap because Adrian refused to stay inside. They stayed beneath the roof of the bar, which offered minimal protection from the sharp wind blowing inland. Adrian shivered and wrapped his arms around his torso before he asked, “You don’t happen to have a jacket with you that you could lend me?”

“Sorry, no. I don’t freeze easily.”

Adrian looked him up, then bit on the inside of his cheek.

“I know what you wanted to say,” Hunter grumbled.

He normally didn’t care about other people’s opinion but he knew he was a big man, one most people would describe as overweight. He didn’t have a gut-belly but his muscles were all well hidden underneath fat and hair. Add to that short-cropped brown hair and brown eyes, and most people wouldn’t look twice at him. It was unsettling to become aware that he wanted Adrian to like him, which also included his appearance.

Hunter was relieved when Adrian said, “You’re not bad-looking.”


Adrian grinned before he wrapped his arms tighter around himself. Hunter battled with his inner demons for a couple more minutes, then held out his left arm. “I don’t have a jacket but I can provide you with body heat.”

For a moment, he feared Adrian wouldn’t accept his offer.

“That would be acceptable.”

Hunter snorted. “Get over here.”

Adrian closed the short distance between them and cautiously nestled up against Hunter, who swore under his breath when he came into contact with Adrian’s chilled body.

“Sorry,” Adrian said. His teeth were chattering audibly.

Hunter pulled him in close and rubbed his back, hoping to warm Adrian up a bit. Adrian leaned his head on Hunter’s shoulder, and the trust implied in that small gesture caused Hunter’s throat to close up. Just a little.

“Why are you this wet?”

“Now you’re asking?”

“I was busy protecting you.”

“If you tell me I’m stupid, I’ll clock you,” Adrian said with a surprising amount of fervor.

“Ah, yes, that’ll work just fine.”

“I could clock you. Only question is whether you’d feel anything.”

Hunter chuckled. It was a spur of the moment thing when he decided to slip one hand underneath Adrian’s wet shirt. His skin felt icy and goose bumps popped up in the trail of Hunter’s hand. Adrian tried stifling his gasp but Hunter heard him nonetheless.

“Why are you this wet? And where’s your car?”

“Yeah, well, my car broke down and I didn’t have my phone with me.”

“You walked? In the middle of nowhere you decided to walk? At night?”

“I was coming back from a trip to New York and it was the first time I drove there. Coincidentally, it’s also the last time. It’s hell to drive through New York traffic!”

Hunter laughed while he pulled Adrian even closer. “I bet. So you drove back from New York... and then?”

“I took the Garden State Parkway, but there was a detour. It was dark, I was tired...And, well, somehow I got lost, so I followed the road. All of a sudden, my car makes weird sounds and then... nothing.” Adrian sighed. “I managed to push it from the road but I couldn’t get it started. The motor’s dead. So, yeah, I decided to walk and follow the road. I knew it had to lead somewhere.”

“Well, it did,” Hunter assented.

“Who would have thought I’d find a gay bar in the middle of nowhere? With such a nice knight in shining armor even!” Adrian patted Hunter’s back, then wrapped both arms around Hunter’s waist, squeezing it. There was more strength to Adrian’s wiry frame than Hunter thought.

Without consciously knowing that he’d done it, Hunter became aware of his other hand cupping the back of Adrian’s head and gently massaging his scalp. His tender approach was completely out of character for him but no one, absolutely no one, could have forced him to act differently. This felt right. In a way it never had before.

Adrian’s shivering lessened but never stopped completely. Hunter couldn’t bring himself to mind because it allowed him to go on stroking Adrian’s bare skin, familiarizing him with the planes of Adrian’s back and torso. His cock reacted to the skin contact with almost embarrassing eagerness. Hunter noticed with satisfaction that he wasn’t the only one with a boner because there was a hardness pressing against his hip.

All too soon a large, blue pick-up truck pulled to the curb, revealing an equally large man. Who stopped dead in his tracks when he discovered Hunter. The man’s facial expression could only be described as murderous.

“Adrian? I think your big brother is here,” Hunter said softly.

Adrian still clung to Hunter and mumbled, “Hmm? How do you know my brother?”

“The man who’s coming straight toward us caught one glimpse of us, then looked ready to kill me.”

Adrian’s head shot up and he whirled around, dislocating Hunter’s arms. “Hey, Matt!”

“Adrian,” Matt growled.

Hunter quickly seized the man up and down, then relaxed a bit. Matt was a big man—almost as big as Hunter—but Hunter felt confident he could knock him out in a fight.

“I-It’s not what it looks like,” Adrian stammered.


Hunter listened to the exchange with growing trepidation. When Matt reached out to take Adrian’s arm, Hunter looped an arm around Adrian’s waist and held him in place. Not bothering to hide his concern, Hunter asked, “Are you safe with him?”

“Safe with me?” Matt echoed.

Adrian burst out laughing. Hunter noticed Matt’s befuddled expression, but mostly he was occupied with feeling Adrian’s stomach muscles flexing and contracting underneath his palm. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on Adrian, or at least not one he’d found so far, and normally that would be a major turn-off for Hunter.

“Yeah, dear brother, will I be safe with you?”

“That’s the stupidest question you’ve ever asked!” Matt exclaimed. His earlier unpleasant expression had softened considerably in the last few seconds.

“Well, he seemed to think you might be dangerous,” Adrian replied as he patted Hunter’s hand that still rested on Adrian’s belly. “Matt, this is Hunter. Hunter, this is Matt, my big brother.”

Hunter stretched out his free hand for Matt to shake, though he still remained alert. Matt stared at this hand for a moment, then took it firmly in his own. Matt gestured between Adrian and Hunter, before he asked, “So, you two know each other?”

“We do now,” Adrian quipped.

Matt’s eyes narrowed to small slits.

“Are you aware how this might sound to your brother?” Hunter loosened his hold and turned Adrian around, bringing them face-to-face.

“I don’t understand your question.”

Hunter gazed into Adrian’s eyes, searching. When he found his answer, he stated, “Yes, you do.”

“Adrian, come on. I saw your car and the tow truck is on its way. We better be there or your car will stay there for the night,” Matt interrupted.

Adrian diverted his gaze and whatever connection there might have been evaporated. Hunter pulled his hands off Adrian, even though it was harder than he expected. “‘Bye, Adrian.”

Adrian looked at him oddly, as if he was waiting for something, then seemed to almost collapse into himself. “Thanks for helping me tonight.”

“No problem.”

Adrian walked over to Matt, who wrapped an arm around Adrian’s shoulder. Grimacing, Matt said, “Sheesh, you’re wet.”

“Wow, I’m surrounded by the most observant people ever!” Adrian rolled his eyes when Matt looked from his brother to Hunter in confusion.

“Long story,” Hunter offered.

Matt clipped Adrian’s ear, even though Adrian tried to ward off the attack. Their moves spoke of long practice. While Adrian shoved Matt aside with a firm nudge of his elbow, Matt grunted. “Aha. Thanks for taking care of my little brother. I know how annoying that can be.”

“Hey!” Adrian protested.

“I didn’t mind,” Hunter said.

Matt opened his mouth but closed it without saying anything. He gave Hunter a curt nod, then grabbed Adrian’s hand and towed him to his truck. Adrian complained all the way about Matt acting like their dad, but all his complaints obviously fell on deaf ears.

Eventually, Adrian climbed into the car and Matt did the same. Matt made a U-turn while Adrian rolled down his window. He waved at Hunter, sending him a last dimpled smile, and Hunter lifted his hand to reciprocate. Hunter still stood there even when the taillights had long vanished out of sight, uncertain how he felt about the last hour.

* * * *

Two weeks later, Hunter was tired of dreaming. He usually couldn’t remember what he dreamed about, but since he’d met Adrian all his dreams circulated around one single thing—Adrian.

At first, Hunter had laughed his obsession off. After a week, it started to grate on his nerves. He’d been back to the Bear’s Trap four times. Mostly in the hope Adrian would show up again, even though he’d never admit it aloud. Adrian never came, so Hunter tried to take the edge off his frustrated mind and found other playmates. Those sessions had been rough and ended in very sore asses for his partners. Despite their skilled efforts, Hunter could only climax when he envisioned Adrian on his knees, sucking him off, or Adrian riding him.

His co-workers gave him a wide birth after a few days, for which Hunter was grateful. He and one other guy laid the lines for the lights in the rooms on the seventh floor at the casino they were currently constructing. Hunter wasn’t interested in gambling or anything, he just wanted to get rid of Adrian’s image. His recurrent dreams played havoc with his temper, especially because he couldn’t wrap his mind about this weird fascination with Adrian.

“Ever thought about calling him?” Ed, his co-worker, asked during lunch hour, catching Hunter off guard.


“Might be worth it.”

“I don’t even have his number.”

“Oh.” Ed glanced at him, then went back to placidly eating his lunch.

They didn’t talk for the rest of the day. Only when Hunter came out of the shower at home, later that night, did he realize that he might have a chance to contact Adrian. He had called his brother from Hunter’s phone, so the number should still be trackable. Hunter toweled off and dressed—all in record time—then hunted for his phone.

He flipped it open, searched and scrolled around a bit until he found Matt’s number. With a thumping heart, he stared at the one possibility he had to contact Adrian. Was he really going to do it? What was he going to say? If Adrian was interested, he could have him come back to the bar.

Hunter pushed all these worries aside as he waited for Matt to pick up his phone.


“Matt?” Hunter asked.

“Yes. Who’s there?”

“My name’s Hunter. We met two weeks ago. I took care of your brother, Adrian

After a short pause, Matt replied, “Sure, I remember. What can I do for you, Hunter?”

“I would like to talk to Adrian.”

Silence greeted him for a long time, then Matt’s cautious voice came on again. “Why?”

“Just because.”

“That’s not going to fly with me, man. This is my little brother we’re talking about.”

Hunter expelled a long breath. “All right. What do you want me to say? I’d like to get to know him better and you’re the only chance I have at getting in touch with him.”

“Hunter, I know what happens in the Bear’s Trap, Adrian doesn’t. He doesn’t even understand how dangerous it could have been for him in there. All he said to me was that you were there, protecting him.” Matt sounded weary and worried.

“Look, I don’t want to harm him, and I didn’t do anything to him the last time we met.”

Matt snorted. “Because I showed up. I saw how you looked at him. I don’t like anyone looking at my little brother the way you did.”

“That’s too bad for you because I’m sure there are a lot of people interested in him,” Hunter replied.

“True, but they’re usually not that much bigger than him. I can rely on him being able to protect himself.”

“I understand your concern, Matt, so... how about you give him my number and my address? It’s up to him whether he wants to meet up or not.” Hunter held his breath as he waited for Matt’s answer.

“I swear if you hurt him in any way, his other two brothers and I will go after you and make your life a living hell.”

“It must be comforting for him to know how you all feel about him,” Hunter replied dryly.

Matt laughed. “He keeps whining about us. He always claims it’s a miracle he managed to lose his virginity at all. All right, I got paper and a pencil. Shoot.”

Hunter gave Matt his number and address, his heart thundering in a way it hadn’t done since he was a little kid. The urge to tell Matt to hurry and talk to Adrian was strong, but he tamed it to, “I hope he’ll consider calling.”

“Consider? He’ll be on the phone within a minute. Every time I see him, he’s talking about you. Drives me nuts. He would’ve been at the Bear’s Trap again if his car was fixed. I’ll probably see him tonight.”

“Okay, ‘bye, Matt.”

Hunter gave a shout of victory. Excitement flooded through his body, setting every nerve on fire. Since Matt sounded so convinced Adrian would call, it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?

* * * *

Three hours later, Hunter’s earlier exhilaration had dwindled into nothingness. Either Matt hadn’t seen Adrian or Adrian had decided against calling Hunter. Neither option sounded good in Hunter’s mind, although he very much preferred the second option if he had to choose.

Hunter slouched on his sofa, a can of beer in his right hand, irritable and dwelling just the tiniest bit in self-pity, when the doorbell rang. Hunter got to his feet, clomped toward his front door and opened it.

“Hi,” Adrian said. His hair was mussed and his cheeks brightly colored, a sight that caused Hunter’s heart to stumble, then race in hopeful anticipation.

It took Hunter a moment to get his wits together. Then he asked lamely, “How did you get here?”

“I rode my bike,” Adrian gestured to a silver bicycle leaning against Hunter’s porch rail.

“At night?” Hunter frowned at Adrian, who seemed oblivious to Hunter’s admonishment.

“It’s supposed to work even in the dark.”

“Why didn’t you call me? I would’ve picked you up.”

Adrian shrugged. “Do we have to argue or will you let me come inside?”

Hunter stepped aside but Adrian still had to squeeze past him. While he walked in, Adrian’s gaze remained focused on Hunter, a smile lingering on Adrian’s face and his cheeks dimpling. Fascinated, Hunter stared after Adrian and, at the same time, willed his fingers to stop twitching. The compulsion to dip his fingers into Adrian’s dimples, or to cup his face in Hunter’s hands, was so strong it bordered on being uncomfortable.

“You all right?” Adrian asked.

He was halfway through the door, then stopped and pushed close to Hunter. His hip brushed against Hunter’s crotch, causing him to inhale sharply. The smile on Adrian’s face broadened. Even in the dim light, Hunter could see the twinkle of mischief in Adrian’s eyes.

“Ah, it’s like that, hmm?” Hunter hummed.

Adrian swallowed, clearly caught off guard by Hunter’s remark. “It’s like what?”

“You want to play.”

“I thought that was obvious? Why else would I be here?”

Hunter laid a hand on Adrian’s shoulder, relishing in the fact that the contact shook loose a tremble from Adrian, then closed the door. He remained silent as he steered Adrian into his living room.

“I wasn’t sure you wanted to play with me, though. I mean, I’m obviously not such a butch, like most of the guys at the bar, and I think I’m lacking in the facial hair department. And, well...  you didn’t ask for my number or anything, so...” Adrian trailed off.

“You’re not exactly my type,” Hunter replied while he set his can aside.

“And still you called my brother because you wanted to talk to me.” Adrian’s eyes narrowed and Hunter wasn’t surprised to hear an edge in Adrian’s remark. Adrian wasn’t someone to be bullshitted, which only endeared him more to Hunter.

“You didn’t just want to talk to me, did you?” Adrian asked.

“What? You don’t want to get to know me better before I plunder your ass?”

Adrian shivered. Even though he cleared his throat several times, his voice sounded hoarse and a whole octave higher than before, when he answered, “I’m all in favor of the plundering-thing.”

“You’re taking a big risk here. Are you always this trusting?” Hunter didn’t like the thought of Adrian hopping into bed with just about anyone who offered to fuck him. It didn’t sit right with him, absolutely not.

“No, of course not. Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“Why me, then?”

“Sheesh, if I’d known you’d want to dissect this, I wouldn’t have bothered showing up,” Adrian muttered. He walked a few paces away, a calculating look on his face. Adrian made a show of averting his eyes and looking at the front door.

“Are you trying to get a reaction from me? Or do you really feel uncomfortable and want to leave? It’s up to you.” Hunter sat down on his sofa, deliberately making himself smaller and less intimidating.

Adrian sent him an irritated glare. “You’re not doing this right. You’re supposed to growl at me and demand obedience and all that other stuff.”

Hunter observed Adrian for a while, the way he held himself, the way his gaze flitted from one thing to the other. Adrian obviously hadn’t done this sort of casual hook-up before, but he didn’t know the rules for this particular game, so he fell back on what he thought was correct. Puzzled, Hunter asked, “Did you watch some porn since we met?”

“Everyone watches porn once in a while.”

“But you watched a certain kind of porn, didn’t you?”

Adrian shrugged. “It was... educational.”

Hunter snorted as Adrian stopped pacing. Patting a spot next to him on the sofa, Hunter said, “Come here. I promise I won’t eat you alive.”

Adrian walked to him, but Hunter could tell he was still highly alert and not completely at ease. After he sat next to Hunter, he brusquely shed his jeans jacket, laid it over the sofa’s backrest and scooted closer to Hunter.

“This is awkward. I thought we’d be doing the fun stuff by now.”

Hunter wrapped his right arm around Adrian’s shoulder, smiling. “There’s no need to hurry.”

“Yes, there is.”

“Because you’re supposed to call Matt at a certain hour, so he can make sure I didn’t turn out to be an ax murderer?”

Adrian cracked up and pulled his glasses off. After he put them on the small end table, he looked at Hunter and Hunter was shocked how much younger he seemed without the glasses. A dimpled smile appeared, when Adrian said, “Something like that. We still have a little over two hours left, so how about we start now? I’ve never kissed a guy with a beard.”

“Have a go, then.”

“Have a go? How very romantic. This feels more like some kind of sex education and not—”

Hunter yanked Adrian on his lap and swallowed Adrian’s yelp by slanting his mouth over Adrian’s. For an instant, Adrian tensed up, so Hunter gentled his approach. He traced Adrian’s full lips with his tongue, demanding entrance, and Adrian yielded against him, opening up to him. Several minutes passed with kissing, and exploring each other’s mouths, before they both had to come up for air.

“How is it to kiss a guy with a beard?” Hunter asked.

“Pretty amazing, thank you.”

After giving Adrian’s hips a squeeze, Hunter pushed his hands up along Adrian’s flanks, over his shoulders and down Adrian’s back, delighting in the quivering of muscles in his hands’ wake.

“Receptive, aren’t you?” Hunter murmured.

“One of my best character traits.”

Hunter blinked at the man who was currently straddling his lap and blurted, “I like you.”

“Great, I like you too. How about that ass plundering now?” Adrian widened his eyes in a deliberate attempt at being coy, but without even the remotest hint of trying to conceal that he was playing it up.

Hunter chuckled. He wasn’t used to having so much fun with someone else. No, that wasn’t right. He was used to having fun, but not in the way he did now. There was something lighthearted and carefree about Adrian to which he responded with an almighty rush of affection.

“What exactly do you want, Adrian?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Spell it out for me.”

Adrian’s lower lip slipped out into a pout, inviting Hunter to nip at it. He followed the invitation, which drew a startled gasp from Adrian.

“I want you to fuck me. And I’m not adverse to you spanking my ass.”

“I think I might be able to fulfill your wishes.” Hunter sized Adrian up and down, mentally taking stock of Adrian’s physique to gauge how far he could go with him.

“What?” Adrian asked. “I thought we’d made it clear I’m not so easy to break.”

“You’re not up to deal with some of the things I usually do to the guys I lay, Adrian.” Hunter warded off Adrian’s protest by pressing his thumb against his lips. “I don’t want to hurt you, at least no more than you can take. And believe me, I could harm you.”

Tremors fluttered through Adrian’s body, even though he kept his face impassive. “Did you try to be reassuring or something like that? Because I have to tell you, you suck at that.”

Laughing, Hunter pulled Adrian into his arms until he had him securely tucked against his chest. “There’s never been anyone who had the audacity to tell me I suck.”

“About time someone told you, I’d say.”

Hunter laughed even harder. Adrian relaxed against him and Hunter brought his hand down on Adrian’s ass with a sharp smack. Adrian jumped and yelped but, at the same time, a bulge formed in Adrian’s pants. Hunter kept his hand on Adrian’s ass, and with his other hand he snatched Adrian’s hand, that had wandered toward his ass to rub there.

“Your hands stay here,” Hunter demanded. He pulled Adrian’s hand back toward his shoulder, then pressed a kiss on his forehead. “Understood?”

“Yes. If I repeat that you suck will you do it again?” Adrian pressed his ass into Hunter’s palm for emphasis.

“You really do like getting your ass spanked, don’t you?”

“I thought we’d established that already?” Adrian countered. “Do you need me to repeat it? Maybe you’re a bit slow on the uptake?”

“Oh, no. You’re not setting the scene.” Hunter withdrew his hand from Adrian’s ass and instead rested them on Adrian’s hips.

There was no mistaking the distress he saw on Adrian’s face, when he complained in a mix of exasperation and anxiety, “You’re not playing by the rules.”

Hunter grinned at him. “Settle down and don’t rush.”

“I’m not rushing,” Adrian mumbled.

He grabbed Hunter’s hands in an attempt to pull them where he wanted them. Hunter allowed him to try for a whole minute before he shook his head. “Not going to happen.”

Adrian was breathing fast and his eyes had gotten big. “You’re strong.”

Raising an eyebrow, Hunter smirked at him. “Go figure.”

“I figured you’d be strong but...”


“You seem to hide a lot of muscles underneath this, um, bulk of yours.”

“Nice save, but you’re allowed to say fat. I won’t be offended,” Hunter replied.

Adrian seemed to think this over. “You’re the first guy I met who isn’t concerned about his appearance.”

“Nah. I am concerned, but I don’t need to have a six pack or bulging muscles and the like.”

“You don’t like six packs? Houston, we have a problem!”

Hunter erupted laughing. He couldn’t remember if he’d ever laughed that much with someone he was going to be intimate with.

“Let me see,” Hunter demanded as he pushed Adrian’s shirt up, revealing a flat and finely toned stomach. Of course, he’d seen Adrian’s torso two weeks ago, since the wet shirt clinging to Adrian’s body had left nothing to the imagination. But now he was allowed to examine Adrian’s body however long he wanted. He traced the planes and ridges of Adrian’s muscles, chuckling when Adrian shuddered. “These are nice. I think I’ll survive fucking you, even though you’ve got to have the most sculpted stomach muscles I’ve ever touched.”

A flush spread out from Adrian’s cheeks, over his throat and neck toward his chest. “Thanks, I think.”

“Lift up,” Hunter instructed him, then pulled the shirt off.

Hunter stared at Adrian’s bare torso, every muscle defined and barely a single hair on his chest. He represented the body type Hunter disliked, yet there wasn’t anything about Adrian he didn’t like.

“Are you done staring?”

Adrian’s question drew Hunter out of his reverie. “Just admiring the view.”

He reached out, laid his hands on Adrian’s shoulders, and slowly mapped the contours of Adrian’s upper body with his hands. Adrian held himself stiff until Hunter demanded softly, “Breathe and don’t bottle it up.”

Adrian expelled a couple of harsh breaths before his breathing became fast but steady. Hunter took his time, tracing each muscle, tendon, and the most bulging veins. Goose bumps rose on Adrian’s skin while his trembling increased. A soft moan tumbled from his lips, coaxing Hunter to look at his face. Adrian’s eyes were closed and his mouth slightly agape, while the carotid at his throat pulsed wildly.

Hunter bent forward and flicked his tongue against Adrian’s left nipple. Another gasp fell from Adrian’s lips while he clutched Hunter’s shirt for support. Hunter gave Adrian’s right nipple the same treatment before he nipped at it, causing Adrian’s to flinch.

“Sensitive,” Hunter murmured. He was used to no apparent reaction from his other playmates when he teased their nubs and, for a second, he worried if Adrian’s sensitivity would turn him off.

“Sorry,” Adrian squeezed out. “I’m good. Try again?”

Shaking his head, Hunter said, “You don’t have to prove yourself to me. If it’s too much, we’ll stop.”

“No! It’s—”

“If I can’t trust you to speak the truth, we’ll stop right here and now.”


Hunter let go off Adrian’s hips. Adrian’s eyes flew open, his gaze darting frantically from Hunter’s face to his hands.

“Are we clear?”

Adrian nodded, quite enthusiastically. “Yes.”

“Do you want me to do it again?” Hunter asked.

Adrian swallowed, then whispered, “No. I’m sorry, I don’t want to disappoint you. Maybe you’re right and I’m really not up to deal with some of the stuff you usually dish out.”

“You’re not and that’s fine. You’re an exception to the rule, anyway, so why shouldn’t I treat you differently?”

Hunter watched Adrian’s expression change into open anxiety. Deciding he liked the enraptured expression from earlier much better, he stroked Adrian’s back with one hand while he used his other to rub Adrian’s nipples till they stood erect.

“How about that?” Hunter asked.

“It’s good.” Adrian was still clasping Hunter’s shirt but with obvious effort forced himself to release it. He pointed at the buttons of Hunter’s shirt and asked, “May I?”

“So polite.” Hunter smirked. “Yes, you may.”

Adrian made short work of Hunter’s shirt. As soon as he’d laid bare Hunter’s chest, he dug his fingers deep into Hunter’s hair.

“It’s so soft,” Adrian said quietly.

“What did you expect?”

Adrian shrugged. “I’m not sure.” Suddenly, he laughed. “You got boobs!”

“Boobs? These are well-trained pectorals!”

“If you say so.”

“Oh, you’re in trouble mister,” Hunter said in a mock-growl.

Adrian’s eyes twinkled in response. “Can’t take the truth?”

Hunter locked his arms around Adrian and got to his feet. Adrian clung to him, seemingly surprised by the sudden shift.

“Big trouble,” Hunter stated.

Adrian squeaked when Hunter pushed him higher, then manhandled him over his shoulder, so Adrian was hanging upside down.

“Hey!” Adrian protested.

Hunter heard the barely restrained laughter in Adrian’s voice and his lips curved upward in response. He patted Adrian’s ass firmly several times, making sure Adrian knew he meant business. “Stay put.”

* * * *

After carrying Adrian into his bedroom and placing him onto the mattress, Hunter swiftly climbed up on the bed. Adrian was sprawled out on his back, his black hair fanned out on the white pillow, and for a moment Hunter’s throat closed at the beautiful sight in front of him. He didn’t know how to go on, but then decided to act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He pushed Adrian’s knees apart so he could kneel between them.

“Am I still in trouble?” Adrian asked as he clasped his legs around Hunter’s waist.

Effortlessly, Hunter pried Adrian’s legs off him and pushed them toward Adrian’s chest. He stopped when Adrian’s knees were pressed tightly against his chest, effectively bending him in half.

During the process, for which Hunter had made sure to take his time, Adrian’s eyes widened and his breathing sped up. Hunter could feel the tension in Adrian’s body, while he controlled himself to radiate calmness. It was only because he observed Adrian’s face so closely that he had a chance to keep him still. A small crease formed between Adrian’s eyes before he suddenly put all his strength into a vigorous escape attempt.

Hunter remained calm and unwavering, which wasn’t an easy feat since Adrian, despite being much slighter than Hunter, was young and fit, and very obviously testing Hunter’s power. After a while, Adrian stopped and Hunter watched him swallow heavily once, then asked mildly, “Did I pass the test?”

“Test?” Adrian sounded wheezy. Hunter lessened the pressure on Adrian’s legs, so he could breathe freely.

Hunter slapped his right hand down sharply on Adrian’s ass. Adrian yelped and one hand flew to his ass to rub away the sting Hunter’s hand had left.

“Don’t play me, Adrian.”

“But I thought that’s what we’re doing?”

Hunter smacked Adrian’s other cheek, this time with force. Adrian’s next yelp was much louder before he replied, “Okay! Yes, you passed! I wanted to see if you’re as strong as you seem to be.”

“If you want me to be in charge, say so.” Hunter pulled Adrian’s legs down, then winked. “It’s no trouble.”

Adrian’s light laughter bubbled out of him as he said, “I bet.”

Grinning, Hunter opened Adrian’s belt buckle. With deliberate casualness, he proceeded to open Adrian’s jeans, all the while caressing Adrian’s belly and hips. He held eye contact with Adrian, noticing the hungry expression on Adrian’s face before he dipped his fingers into Adrian’s jeans and boxers and said, “Lift up.”

Hunter kept his voice soft and his fingers deft while he pulled Adrian’s clothes to his ankles. Instead of untying Adrian’s sneakers, he left everything as it was and sidled up next to Adrian’s left side. For a moment, he took in the sight of Adrian on his bed, all sleek skin and finely toned muscles. When Adrian’s thigh muscles began to quiver, Hunter reached out to stroke along the trembling limb.

Adrian sucked in a sharp breath. “Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Don’t tease me.”


“Not too much anyway,” Adrian amended.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Helping me to get rid of my shoes and jeans would be a really great start.”

Hunter, still with his hand on Adrian’s now unmoving thigh, looked up at Adrian, not really comprehending Adrian’s words.

“What?” Hunter asked.

“My shoes.” Adrian gestured to his feet. “This is awkward and I can’t move around and show you how flexible I am if I don’t get rid of my clothes.”

For a short moment, Hunter believed him. He really believed Adrian was that innocent, but then he caught a glimpse of a twinkle in Adrian’s eyes. Shaking his head, he stretched out on his side next to Adrian. After propping himself up on an elbow, he traced a finger over Adrian’s abdomen, again following the deep ridges. “I get it.”

“What do you get?”

“That you’re not fond of explaining what you want to do. Oh, and you’re not shy of mocking me,” Hunter added.

“Sorry, but what would you like me to do sounded like something from a bad romance.” Adrian shifted over on his side, dislocated Hunter’s hand, then heeled off his sneakers and kicked off his jeans and boxers. He sighed. “Better.”

Smiling, Hunter laid his hand on Adrian’s hip, enjoying the feel of smooth skin underneath his palm. A second later, he started, but with great effort thwarted himself from pulling his hand away as if it had caught fire.

Still, Adrian noticed and asked curiously, “What?”


“Right. For a moment you looked as if you were disgusted.”

“Disgusted? No. I realized this is the first time I enjoyed touching skin that wasn’t covered in hair.” Hunter shrugged. “I was merely surprised.”

“Oh, okay.”

Adrian scooted closer to Hunter, until they were pressed together from head to toe. Hunter smiled into Adrian’s hair when Adrian ground his growing erection against Hunter’s crotch. For a while, he allowed Adrian to rub himself against him, then pressed a hand firmly on Adrian’s ass to immobilize him.

“No,” Adrian whined.


Adrian pulled his head away far enough to look at Hunter. In a pleading voice, he said, “Please?”

Hunter had never been one who liked his partners to beg because he prided himself on always knowing what they wanted. The sex he’d had so far in his twenty-nine years of life had followed an unwritten script, one he didn’t need to think about. Here, with Adrian, it was different. He wasn’t sure what Adrian was pleading for, and he’d be damned if he got it wrong.

“Adrian, you have to help me out here. What is it you want?” Hunter asked. Adrian’s expression shuttered in an instant. Quickly, Hunter added, “Just a hint.”

Hunter could tell Adrian was struggling with himself, the apparent tension in his body a tell-tale sign. He nudged Adrian’s face a bit more backward to gain better access to his mouth. Once he reached it, he flicked his tongue against Adrian’s bottom lip before he nipped at it. Adrian gasped and Hunter used the chance to slip his tongue inside Adrian’s mouth.

Adrian’s arm came up to clutch at Hunter’s shoulder, digging into his flesh almost painfully, while Hunter licked at the roof of Adrian’s mouth, then traced every tooth before he eventually sucked on the tip of Adrian’s tongue. He was rewarded with Adrian’s shallow breathing and his erection growing into full hardness.

Hunter moved his hand from Adrian’s hip to his cock and encircled it. At the first contact, Adrian cried out and desperately pushed into Hunter’s hand. Hunter wanted to take it slow, but Adrian’s mewl and moans disabused him from his plan. Instead he rolled Adrian on his back, knelt beside him, and pumped Adrian’s cock, setting a fast pace.

Adrian was spread out on the bed with his legs wide open. Hunter concentrated on the feel of his long shaft, the heat it emanated, and the frantically pulsing vein at the underside. Adrian’s cockhead shone wetly with pre-come, and wetness dampened Hunter’s briefs. He administered a hard squeeze on his cock, which lessened the pressure to the point where he didn’t have to fear he’d blow his load any minute.

After casting a glance toward Adrian’s enraptured face, Hunter bent down and took Adrian’s cockhead into his mouth. It was all he had to do. Adrian’s hips canted upward and jet after jet of semen spurted into Hunter’s mouth while Adrian cried out his release. Usually, Hunter didn’t swallow, but for some reason, he never even thought about using a condom. The salty taste of Adrian exploded on his taste buds, and all he could think of was how much he liked it, and that part of Adrian would be forever incorporated in his own body.

He licked Adrian clean, eliciting more shudders, until Adrian gasped, “No more, please.”

Hunter abode by Adrian’s wish, but his hand stayed around Adrian’s cock, weighing it and loving the feeling of it as it softened. “Pity,” he said.

Adrian laughed, then looked down at Hunter with something akin to embarrassment. He pointed at Hunter’s crotch with a quivering hand. “Sorry. I guess I was a bit selfish. I’ll take care of that for you.”

He moved into a sitting position, swayed and toppled backward. Hunter watched him fling his arm over his eyes, color high in his cheeks before he mumbled, “Just give me a moment.”

Hunter squeezed the base of Adrian’s cock. “Who told you that’s what I wanted?”

Adrian peered at him from under his partially lifted arm, a bewildered expression on his face. “You don’t want me to return the favor?”

“I want to fuck you, and you’re young. You’ll recuperate in no time. I still owe you a red ass anyway.” Adrian’s cock twitched in Hunter’s hand. “Ah, I see we have an agreement here.”

“The way you talk should totally creep me out.”


Adrian lifted his arm and held both hands out to Hunter. Without consciously registering what he was doing, Hunter let go of Adrian’s cock, took Adrian’s smaller hands in his, and pulled him up and into his arms. After he’d secured Adrian against his chest, he swept one hand in broad strokes over Adrian’s back, feeling him quiver.

“Adrian, why?”

“I don’t know.”

Hunter brought his hand down hard on Adrian’s ass. “Adrian.”

Adrian yelped and answered, “But I really don’t know.” He drew in a deep breath, then added, “At least not fully. It’s just... usually, I’d be laughing my ass off, but with you it’s different. I guess I’d better shut up or you won’t fuck me, hmm?”

Hunter rested his hand on Adrian’s ass and pressed a kiss on the tousled mop of dark hair, inhaling Adrian’s slightly sweaty scent, combined with a flowery kind of aroma. Hunter wasn’t even surprised about the flowery stuff and, to his astonishement, he realized he didn’t care—at all. Adrian’s hair felt soft against his lips, almost like silk, which wasn’t a fabric Hunter was overly fond of because it always seemed to elude a firm grasp.

“You’re something else,” Hunter murmured, still engrossed in the texture of Adrian’s hair.

“What are you doing?”

“Smelling your hair.”

“Um, all right.” Adrian snuggled deeper into Hunter’s body and Hunter noticed how relaxed he was. Adrian breathed in and out deeply, his ribcage pushing lightly against Hunter’s chest each time he drew air into his lungs. Hunter closed his eyes to concentrate on Adrian’s breathing pattern, adjusted his own and, maybe a minute later, they breathed in unison.

Adrian sagged even farther against Hunter, and the total trust this gesture showed was an eye-opener for Hunter. This was only his second meeting with Adrian, and he sure as hell wasn’t his usual kind of guy, but Hunter would be damned if he wouldn’t try with all his might to keep him. A long-term fling? Suddenly, this didn’t sound as alien as it had only a month ago.

Adrian’s next question interrupted Hunter’s train of thought. “So, I take it you’re more a teddy bear than a wild bear?”

Hunter laughed loudly while he scooted to the bed’s edge, with Adrian in his arms. There, he put his feet on the floor and arranged Adrian face-down over his lap.

Adrian peered at him over his shoulder, dark strands of his hair obscuring half his face. Hunter brushed the offending strand away, only to have it fall back the way it was before. He tucked it behind Adrian’s ear, still chuckling, and watched the grin on Adrian’s face grow bigger. With his dimples showing, Adrian was the personification of cuteness. Hunter’s eyes crinkled while his heart softened. This one here, draped deliciously over his lap, was special.

After clearing his throat, Hunter said, “I’ll show you teddy bear.”

“Oh, please do!”

Hunter shook his head, then cupped Adrian’s outer hip with his left hand to keep him still. With his right hand, he rubbed Adrian’s ass cheeks, sometimes squeezing and sometimes dipping his finger into the crease, which always resulted in Adrian spreading his legs for him, a soft sigh tumbling over his lips.

Adrian had pulled his arms under his head and pressed his forehead onto his crossed forearms, his whole body posture declaring he was at ease and content with the world. Hunter lifted his hand and brought it down sharply on Adrian’s right ass cheek. Adrian jumped but otherwise remained silent. Hunter started a steady stream of slaps, alternating between Adrian’s ass cheeks.

Soon, Adrian began to hump against Hunter’s leg, which was Hunter’s clue to up the intensity of the spanking. He peppered Adrian’s ass with a volley of sharp spanks, all concentrated on his sit spot, or the crease where cheeks met thighs. Adrian’s grinding motion against Hunter’s leg grew erratic but he wasn’t silent anymore. His moans were sometimes interspersed with hisses and yelps, and Hunter bit down on his lower lip to keep control over his own rock-hard erection.

“Don’t you dare to come like this,” Hunter growled at one point.

Adrian mewled, and his legs seemed to have developed a life on their own. Hunter raised his right leg, which caused Adrian’s ass to stick up higher. The skin on Adrian’s ass glowed, a dark red patch between the whiteness of his back and thighs.

“Hunter! Stop! I can’t hold off any longer!”

Hunter rested his hand on Adrian’s ass, enjoying the heat emanating from it. “Beautiful.”

He waited until Adrian stopped wheezing and twitching before he lifted him off his lap and instructed, “Get on your knees, ass out, head down on your arms.”

Adrian crawled into the middle of the bed where he took up the desired position. Hunter got up and stripped out of his clothes, sighing in relief when he freed his straining erection. He gave it a couple of long strokes, then squeezed the base of it in the hope of warding off his climax. The sight of Adrian, alone—on his bed, utterly serene, and waiting on him—caused a few drops of pre-come to ooze out of the tip of his cock, though.

“Fuck,” Hunter ground out. “This is going to be fast. You like fast, Adrian?”

At first, Hunter thought Adrian was too deep into himself, but eventually he heard him whisper, “Whatever you want.”

Hunter tore open the nightstand’s drawer, dug for a condom and lube, and threw both items on the bed. Adrian didn’t even flinch. After ripping the condom foil, Hunter quickly rolled it over his cock, then smeared a generous amount of lube all over it. He lathered his fingers with the liquid before he crawled over Adrian and knelt behind him.

Adrian expelled a deep breath when Hunter grasped his left hip with one hand and applied the grease between Adrian’s ass cheeks. Before Hunter aligned his cockhead to Adrian’s hole, he rubbed his hand over Adrian’s sore ass, at least eliciting a reaction that consisted of more than just a change of breathing.

“Please,” Adrian begged, his voice sounding choked on emotions.

“You don’t need to beg, Adrian.”

Hunter pushed into Adrian’s body, anticipating at least a little bit of resistance, but to his surprise there was none. He could push into Adrian in one swift motion until he was sheathed to the hilt in welcoming tightness. A groan tore free from his throat when his balls rested against Adrian’s backside.

Adrian sneaked a hand toward his cock, immediately starting a rapid jerking-off session. Hunter allowed it for a few seconds, then smacked Adrian’s ass, introducing Adrian to his real strength.

“Ow!” Adrian cried out.

“Drop the hand.”

When Adrian hesitated, Hunter smacked Adrian’s other ass cheeks with the same power. Adrian yelped and hastily snatched his hand away. Satisfied, Hunter said, “No touching. Got it?”

Adrian whimpered as he nodded his head. When Hunter was sure to have a firm grasp on Adrian’s slender hips, he pulled almost all the way out. At first he set a rhythm of long, steady strokes, making sure to go deep, but Adrian remained almost motionless. Frowning, Hunter kept up the pace of his thrusts while he searched for any sign of what Adrian needed. His own cock begged for release, making it almost impossible to think.

Frustrated, he sat back on his heels and pulled Adrian with him. Adrian cried out and jerked violently in Hunter’s arms.

“Ah, there it is. Feels good, hmm?” Hunter asked.

Adrian bobbed his head up and down, gasping and trembling. Hunter had not much leeway in this position, couldn’t do much more than slightly roll his hips but whenever he circled his hips even a tiny fraction, Adrian shuddered and moaned. Sweat broke out at the nape of Adrian’s neck, beckoning Hunter to lick away some of it. For the time being, Hunter refused to follow the invitation, fearing he’d combust.

Hunter wasn’t used to being more or less immobile; the tantalizing slow movements were more than he could handle. The urge to bend Adrian back into the earlier position, so he could slam into him, caused him to struggle with his composure. Hunter also wasn’t used to prioritize his sex mate’s feelings over his own. If they came way after Hunter had already climaxed, that was their problem. It just didn’t work this way with Adrian. Cursing, Hunter closed his hand around Adrian’s long cock.

Adrian responded with a sharp twist of his head. He flicked his tongue against Hunter’s beard, before he teased the corner of Hunter’s mouth. Hunter slanted his mouth over Adrian’s, and while he suckled on Adrian’s tongue, he fisted Adrian’s cock. A shiver surged through him when Adrian clenched his ass muscles around his shaft. At the same time, Adrian rubbed his ass against Hunter’s thighs and belly.

From the corner of his eyes, Hunter watched a few drops of sweat roll down Adrian’s throat and pool into his clavicle. Prying his lips off Adrian’s, Hunter couldn’t refuse any longer. He dipped his tongue into the mole, relishing in Adrian’s moan.

For a long time they stayed locked in this position, where neither of them could move more than an inch. At least Hunter thought it was a long time; he seemed to lose track of it at some point. His cock hurt but, instead of reaching his peak, he seemed to soar higher and higher.

“Adrian,” Hunter wheezed.

Adrian was beyond replying with words. Nonetheless, he seemed to understand everything Hunter implied with the mention of his name. He broke the iron grip Hunter had around his waist and went back into their earlier position. Hunter followed him, since he didn’t want to lose their connection—not even for a second. He urged Adrian to stay on all fours, made sure he had the angle right, and pistoned his hips back and forth.

He hit Adrian’s gland spot-on at every thrust and soon he lost himself in the primal rhythm of fucking Adrian. Their skin made the distinct slapping sound of flesh-on-flesh, while their breathing became labored and both of them moaned continuously.

“Adrian, now!”

Hunter’s words had barely left his mouth when Adrian convulsed, crying out his release. The sudden spasming of muscles around his shaft sent Hunter over the edge as well. Jets of semen spurted out of his cock, almost too intense to cope, and Hunter shouted his ecstasy for all the world to hear.

* * * *

Much later, Hunter was on his back, with Adrian nestled up to his side. Adrian had buried himself into Hunter’s arms and body, clinging to him after they both had come down from their high. He hadn’t said a word since then; occasionally, he lifted his head to peer at Hunter with an awed expression. Hunter left him to it without comment.

Eventually, Hunter fell into a light slumber, which was only interrupted whenever Adrian moved around. Adrian didn’t move much but, each time he did, Hunter’s eyes flew open, afraid Adrian might leave their very comfortable nest, and tightened his grip. Hunter couldn’t remember if he’d ever felt so content in his life, and wondered why holding Adrian didn’t feel strange. He’d never been one to cuddle, especially not after sex.

Hunter’s thoughts went back to more mundane things when Adrian stretched himself lazily. Adrian was busy twirling strands of Hunter’s belly hair around a finger, sometimes pulling at it, but never letting go. Suddenly he stopped and his whole body tensed up. Hunter turned his head to look at Adrian. “What?”


“Something happened.”

“Nothing happened.”

Hunter moved his hand from Adrian’s hip to his ass, squeezed and evoked a hiss from Adrian.
“Sore?” he asked.


“Too sore?”

“You’re the biggest guy who’s ever fucked me but no, not too sore.” Adrian surprised Hunter with his next movement. Instead of rolling to the side, he climbed on top of Hunter and straddled his hips. His ass rested right above Hunter’s soft cock, but he still couldn’t suppress a moan. Adrian asked in subdued voice, “May I kiss you again before I go?”

“You may kiss me as often as you like, Adrian.”

He watched Adrian’s gaze skitter around the room as the anxiety built within Adrian. Hunter wondered if Adrian even knew the telltale signs he showed, like the broken eye contact, the hunched up shoulders, and the incessant tapping of his slender fingers on his thighs.

Adrian opened his mouth but no word came out. He closed it and pressed his lips into a tight line, then ducked his head, which caused his hair to fall forward and hide his face. Hunter took pity on him and asked softly, “Do you want to leave or do you believe that’s what I want?”

Adrian’s head snapped up, revealing a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. Tears welled up in Adrian’s eyes while his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down several times. Hunter didn’t waste any more time. He sat up, wrapped his arms around Adrian’s trembling form, and pulled him into his chest. Adrian wound his arms around Hunter’s neck, hanging onto him with a force that told Hunter all he needed to know.

He brought their faces together, rubbed his beard gently against Adrian’s still smooth cheek and pressed a kiss into Adrian’s dimple. “I know you don’t want to leave and I know you’re terrified of admitting it because you don’t know how I’ll react, especially since I made such a fuss about you not being my type. Did I get it right so far?”

Adrian’s clasp around his neck became even more powerful and the trembling went over into full body-wracking shudders. Adrian nuzzled back, then whispered, “Yes.”

“I had a change of heart. You’re exactly my type and you’re not going anywhere tonight.”

“Just tonight?”

Hunter was astonished how easily the next words came. “You’re mine now. We will make this work, Adrian.”

“Thank you,” Adrian said fervently. “Thank you.”

“You might want to call your brother now. Tell him I’m not an axe murderer or anything more evil.”

Adrian loosened his embrace and laughed with his head thrown back, a full, joyful laughter, sending a spark of delight through Hunter. This wasn’t just lust or clicking on a sexual level, Hunter realized—he was falling in love.