June 23, 2017

Still alive...

artwork by Mondriana

Okay, dusting off this blog... 

I guess I need to apologize for vanishing without a proper goodbye about a year ago but I really wasn't in a good place. I've had a physical and mental breakdown in autumn last year. I knew beforehand I was headed that way but no matter what I tried nothing helped anymore. To cut this short: I'm finally feeling like myself again and that's a huge relief!

I'd actually given up on writing completely about a year and a half ago and never thought I'd want to go back to it. I'm still not entirely sure if I'm up to it again but a few days ago I started writing again and it felt awesome! Just like in the good old times. :) I'm not sure what will come out of this story or if I'll even finish it but the writing itself felt so good again when it had been a torturous chore a year and a half ago.

In any case, just wanted to give a small sign of life!