February 28, 2018

Quick Hello!

Okay, so posting regularly is obviously not in the cards...

But the good news is that my new book is already through edits and I also have a beautiful cover, designed by Cate Ashwood. I'll show it off when it's closer to release day.
I've also started writing another story, this time a contemporary one. Admittedly this one is slow going (like in snail-like slow) but since I'm not in a hurry, that's fine. I've been sick since Christmas (even including a hospital stay) so I haven't been doing much. Most of the time I've hung around, played games or watched TV, which is saying something about how sick I've been. A few days ago I finally had enough energy to read and sew a bit, so there's hope this damn infection is finally going away.

I've found some new authors which became favorites, including Sloane Kennedy (I love her books and I've read every single one!), Hannah Walker, LC Davis and Ann-Katrin Byrde. Except for the first one all books deal with m-preg, so if that's not your thing you better stay clear of these books.

That's it from me. Hoping you're all well and healthy!

[artwork by Mondriana]


  1. I'm a little late, I missed your post. I hope you're feeling better now

    1. That's fine, Stella. I'm so rarely active on this blog that it's a miracle people still find their way over here. ;-)

      I'm doing okay now but wow, it took months to get better!