May 25, 2018

FAN FICTION: Live Free or Die Hard: Falling

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Title: Falling
Author: christikat
Fandom: Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing/Characters: John McClane / Matt Farrell
Rating/Category: PG-13
Word count: ~ 2000

A/N: Written for hc_bingo, prompt: seizures

Beta: The wonderful petey156

Excerpt: Really, John had already covered the getting sick part at the most inconvenient time possible.


“Do you know where we are? Because I don't know and there are at least four men with really big guns chasing us and one of them injected whatever into your veins and … and shouldn't backup be here by now?” Matt was panting as John pushed him to his limits. Matt took four steps at once but John urged him to go even faster while they raced down flights of stairs.

A loud bang announced that their pursuers were closing in on them and Matt's heart skipped a few beats before it thumped erratically in his chest. He really hated it when they got trapped in the middle of some evil scheme, especially when they were supposed to be at home with John bending him in half while he fucked him into oblivion. A sharp tug on his left wrist caused Matt to stumble right into John's arms. He opened his mouth but one of John's broad hands covered it.

“Be quiet!” John hissed. Matt obeyed immediately.

John carefully maneuvered Matt and himself through a door, then closed it with a soft click. They were in the parking lot of the building at the ground floor level and Matt breathed a sigh of relief. There were enough shadowy spaces to hide until the cavalry arrived. He was following John when he recognized that something was off with his partner. John seemed to be unsteady on his feet and sometimes changed the direction abruptly only to change  back after a second.

“John?” Matt called out though he kept his voice low. John turned around with an utterly confused look on his face. He just stood there, blinked at Matt while an uneasy feeling grew within the younger man. Again he said, “John? You're okay?”

Both men jumped when the door to their floor crashed open with a loud bang. Fear crept up anew in Matt but he knew that he could trust John to do everything to get them out of the danger zone. He was completely unprepared for John tumbling to the ground and thrashing around wildly. Matt gaped at the sight of his lover convulsing at his feet and dread spread throughout his body, leaving him cold and shaky. After a few seconds he  crouched down next to John which wasn't easy because the man was still moving unpredictably and almost knocked Matt out.

Matt's eyes widened when he saw scratches and trickles of blood on John's head where he'd thumped it on the concrete over and over again. Recalling everything he had ever heard about people with seizures he knew that he shouldn't restrain John's movements.

“Ha ha, me restraining your movements. As if that would be possible anyway,” Matt muttered. “Oh fuck, John, come on. Stop it, man. This is a really bad timing to have your very first seizure. Or wait, is this even your first? It has to be, right? Shit! What did they give you and why … Geez, stop thumping your head!”

John didn't listen and Matt did the only thing he could think of. He slid out of his sweater, folded it together and tried to place it underneath John's head. It took him several attempts and earned him a few bruises from John's flailing fists. He scooted out of John's reach and just stared at John's convulsing body.

His concentration had been so centered on John that he hadn't heard the approaching sirens. He was surprised when there was yelling and shooting around him. The shooting didn't even scare him, he was too terrified by what was happening to John. Someone ran past him, clapped him on the shoulder and told him to stay down with John. Matt rolled his eyes, “As if I was going anywhere without him.”

He eyed John apprehensively. Matt felt his own throat constricting and prayed that he would not get an asthma attack right now. Really, John had already covered the getting sick part at the most inconvenient time possible. The sounds of shooting and yelling  subsided and eventually John's movements stilled. Matt was trembling though and had to crawl on all fours to get to John. Kneeling beside John he tentatively reached out and stroked John's stubbled cheeks. He swallowed hard several times and fought to keep his composure. John's eyes were open but his movements were slow and clumsy and he didn't react like Matt expected him to.

Matt's eyes widened when John began to groan and moan. It took him a few seconds to realize that John was going to vomit. Since John didn't seem capable of controlling his body, Matt quickly crawled behind him and pushed the older man onto his side. He wasn't a second too soon as John started puking instantly. Matt rubbed over John's flank with shaky fingers and spared a moment to wonder why the hell his own vision was so blurry when it occurred to him that his eyes were filled with tears.

Someone approached them and asked, “Do you need the paramedics?”

Matt's voice sounded foreign to him when he replied, “No, John McClane always lies on the ground and pukes all over it, it's no big deal.” The officer stared at Matt in bafflement until Matt barked, “Of course we need the paramedics over here! He just had a seizure because of whatever drug those idiots injected him with and why are you just staring at us like a dumb idiot? Move and get some help!”

The officer blinked, then briskly walked away to get help. John's raspy voice caught Matt by surprise: “Kid, you weren't exactly nice to him.”

“Do I look as if I would care? You scared the living hell out of me! How do you feel? How's your head? Does it hurt? I tried to protect your head from thumping against the ground with my sweater but it took me a while to stick it under your head and you were thrashing and totally out of your mind and, hey, did you ever have a seizure before? And don't even try to convince me that this wasn't a seizure because it totally was and --”

“Kid! Matt! Stop it! I don't feel well and you're not helping.”

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, really. I-I didn't know what to do and you're … you're not allowed to have seizures. It's screwing up your immortal image and I don't think I can handle that. Come to think about it, I don't think I can handle when you lose consciousness and simply fall to the ground without warning me that you're going to do that. Fuck! I'm rambling, huh? Sorry!”

John was still lying on his side; exhaustion was clearly chiseled into his face when he craned his head to get a better view of Matt. “You're shaking.”

“Yeah, well, that was an experience I could have done without and you know, it's just the adrenaline wearing off.”

John smiled at him and the knot in Matt's gut slowly loosened up. The paramedics arrived, asked John and Matt like a zillion questions and eventually strapped John to a gurney – not without John complaining and ranting impressively. The only thing that prevented him from going straight home was the fact that his body didn't obey his commands. Matt expected John to grouse during the ride to the hospital but he was too worn out. He had his eyes closed and dozed throughout the ten minutes it took them to arrive at their destination.

Matt followed John even though the nurses tried to shoo him away. There was no way in hell that he'd allow anyone to separate them right now and after the third argument he snapped: “I swear I'm going to press charges against the whole hospital and you specifically because you denied me the right to stay with my husband.”

“Oh!” the nurse exclaimed and looked from Matt to John. She cleared her throat, then ushered him to a chair next to John's bed.

Matt stayed at John's side while the doctors did their job. Matt was grateful that John hadn't hurt himself too badly. There were no broken bones, just a few cuts on his head that needed to be disinfected. The doctor advised John to stay in the hospital for a few hours and drew blood to identify whatever the perps had injected into him. John shrugged the doctor's concern off and was about to sign himself out of the hospital when Matt decided to bring out the big guns. He closed a curtain around John's bed and draped himself over John's body, resting his head on John's broad chest. The rhythmic beating of John's heart was reassuring but Matt really wanted the doctor to be sure that John was okay. His voice was soft but held an urgent pleading tone when he said: “John, please. Just, just a few hours to make sure you're okay. I-I can't handle seeing you suffer from another seizure. If you don't want to stay for yourself, then do it for me. Please.”

Silence stretched out between them and Matt didn't dare look up. Eventually one of John's hands started rubbing soothing circles on Matt's back while the other hand petted his hair. Matt let out a shaky breath when John muttered: “Three hours and not one minute more. By the way, since when are we married to each other?”

Matt stiffened and hastily sat up. He stared at John wide-eyed while he furiously tried to come up with a witty reply. “Uh, I …,” he started. John raised an eyebrow questioningly and Matt wished he knew if John was pissed off or just slightly annoyed. Quickly he rambled: “I … that … it was the only thing that came to my mind. I didn't want to leave you alone. Oh wow, that sounds wrong. I mean, I just wanted to make sure you're okay and maybe I was scared they'd hurt you and --”

Matt cut himself off when a smirk appeared on John's face. John tousled his hair. Matt sighed and eventually smiled at John. “I should have been more worried about you hurting the staff here, huh?”

“Probably.” Both men looked at each other for a while. Matt opened his mouth but John forestalled him with, “No. Don't even think about that here.”

Matt blinked. “You don't know what I was going to say.”

“Don't kid yourself. Of course I know what you wanted to say and do.”

Matt folded his arms in front of his chest and stared at John defiantly. “No, you don't.”

“You wanted to ask me if you could cuddle up to me and the answer is still no.”

Matt felt his cheeks burn up but sullenly he clung to his lie. “That was so not what I was going to say and do.”

“Do you remember the fact that I'm a cop and can tell when you lie to me?”

Matt huffed and pouted, then said quietly: “You scared me. And … and since everyone thinks we're married anyway there's nothing wrong with me cuddling you.”


“Okay, okay. May I cuddle you at home, Mr. Grinch?”

“Sure, sweetie-pie,” John answered with a straight face.

Matt burst out in laughter and collapsed onto John's chest. John couldn't keep a broad smile from settling on his face and chuckled, “You started it!”

Matt lifted his head up from John's chest, still trying to catch his breath. John smiled at him fondly, then tugged at Matt until the younger man had nestled up against John's side. Gruffly John said: “Just for the record, I did not cave.”


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