July 10, 2018

Alpha Unit One, New York is available for pre-order on Amazon

Alpha Unit One, New York is now also available for pre-order on amazon. :)

The cat’s out of the bag….

In a world that accepts shifters as normal and thinks nothing of human/shifter couples, baby shifters and small shifters are treated as subpar. They are not allowed into the more dangerous professions, and their mates have legal control over what they can and cannot do.
Nicholas Reed is about to challenge the established rules. At twenty-eight, Nick has just been accepted into New York’s Alpha Unit One—an elite law enforcement team, composed equally of humans and shifters, that specializes in drug crimes. It is Nick’s dream job. But if they find out what he’s hiding, his career could be destroyed.
Enter a huge complication in the form of Sam Black, an older lion shifter who is the leader of the unit… and Nick’s mate. Nick wants Sam, and he wants to keep his job, but he can’t have them both. He also can’t choose between them.


  1. OMFG!! sounds fantastic!! <3 <3
    mine! <3 lol..

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy it. I had a blast writing it. :)