September 28, 2012


After I blogged at Michael Rupured how fan fiction helped me to become a writer I had the vague feeling of something missing. It took me at least a week to figure out what. I never mentioned what a thrill it is when someone is so touched or inspired by your written words that he/she creates artwork for one of your stories. I was floored when this happened to me for the first time and thought it'd be fun to show off some of the great artworks, so here we go:

This one is from brynnamorgan:

There's another sweet artwork here and you can find lots more as well as instructions on how to create such beautiful artwork.

This one here is a cover for a White Collar mpreg story I wrote (yes, I went there! LOL):

You can find more of themulberrybush's amazing artwork here.

Now, what do we have here? A cutie!

Embarrassingly enough I can't remember you did this amazing drawing, so if anyone recognizes it and could tell me the artist's name I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

As you probably guessed correctly, I have a thing for cute, sweet, and so on. My dear friend Mondriana is a wonderfully talented artist. Here are some of her works:

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey There, I tried to post yesterday but I wasn't on my computer, I was on the iPad. What I wanted to say was the foxy wilson picture and the last one were always my favorite!

    1. Hey, Miss Gracie! I hope you're treating Mommy kindly?

      These two pictures are my favorites too!