October 03, 2012

Cross stitch

When I'm not working, taking care of my family or writing, I indulge in cross stitching. It's a hobby I picked up after crocheting led to inflamed wrists. I learned this craft from my grandmother but only did it sporadically for years.

Since three or four years I'm a very happy cross stitcher. :)

Cross stitching is an old embroidery technique and I only do counted cross stitch. It's a very relaxing hobby that keeps my hands busy but leaves me free to dream up new stories. If you'd like to learn how to cross stitch here's a good how-to site (including a video).

You can create smaller objects with cross stitch or large ones. Here are examples for bookmarks (which I love to make because they are quick and easy):

A card:


An apron:


My current project is a horse picture for my daughter. This project is driving me crazy because it's taking FOREVER!

Here are some pictures:

I know that at least one person (yep, Rosie--I'm talking about youuuu!) started to do cross stitch too. How about you? Anyone else likes to do cross stitch? Do you have pictures you'd like to share?


  1. I like to do cross stitch, but it's been a while. My ADHD keeps me from doing anything as complicated as those pictures, though. I'd get a small part of it done and give up. I also crochet, but I even have to keep those projects small OR do them in small bites because my ADHD kicks in and I drop them. I like to do things like those towels or the apron and I could probably do little-ish things like the bookmarks or card, but outside of that... yeah, it'd sit, half-finished, and I'd never get back to it. >.>

    Beautiful projects, though!

    1. Hi Grace,

      I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your comment earlier, I must have overlooked it!

      I'm glad you like the projects but I can imagine it to be really hard for you to do bigger projects.