October 06, 2012

Germany: Cologne Cathedral

Most of you--or some at least--know that I'm from Germany, which means English is only my second language.

I thought it might be interesting to feature a part (monument, museum, etc.) of Germany each Saturday. Since my dear friend remydoodle visited me in July this year she took tons of pictures and I saw some parts of Germany with fresh eyes.

During her stay we visited the Cologne Cathedral. I've been inside the cathedral as a kid the last time, so it was a real treat to visit it again. Well, and the large ice cream afterward didn't hurt either. ;-)

The cathedral is located directly at the Central Train station of Cologne, which makes it very easy to travel. If you're interested in information about the cathedral, this site provides you with all the information needed (including a virtual tour).

Here are some pictures (credit goes to remydoodle):


  1. I never tried anon before. Let's see if it works...

  2. Such beautiful pictures, that Remydoodle sure knows how to take 'em!

    Wish I was there now!

    1. Oh yes, she does! Fortunately for me she just sent me HUNDREDS of pictures. LOL

      Wish she were here too but so far I'm still hoping to make it to your place next year. ^_^