July 10, 2013

This and That

After my diagnosis with diabetes I'm now taking meds. I'm still adjusting to them and the nausea was terrible in the beginning. It's getting better but let's just say my interest in food waned considerably. ;-)

On the other hand, my numbers are much, much better and I also feel better. Well, except for the nausea. Often my sight blurred suddenly (doc explained that this happens when the glucose level is too high) and for the last three weeks that didn't happen once. It's really nice to see the world without blurred edges.

Someone stole my wallet yesterday and I'm still pissed off because I have to get all those papers new (driver's license, identity card, etc.).

I've been watching the BBC production of Robin Hood and adore this series! It also proved again that I'm odd because I desperately want to read some fan fiction with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne as a pairing. In case anyone has any recs I'll love you forever!

Did you see that I changed the headline for my blog from Chris T. Kat to "The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris T. Kat"? Kudos for coming up with this slogan to Lex Chase, who interviewed me here. I hope to have a fitting banner soon.

To be true to my new slogan, have a cute picture:


  1. Love...LOVE... the tagline. :D Fuzzy and fluffy sums you up, especially when you keep posting those adorable pictures! I look for them everyday. Forgive me for using you as a filter?

    1. Thanks, Tali, and sure, use me as a filter. :D

      I'm reading "Thick as Thieves" at the moment and enjoy it very much!