August 29, 2013

Castle: Schloss Drachenburg

Today I took out my Dad to visit Schloss Drachenburg (a pretty castle).

The drive was good even though we were on the road longer than planned (damn traffic!). But it never gets boring with my father. We talked about a lot of things and when I told him about one of my books with a squirrel-shifter he was like "A squirrel. For real? What about werewolves? Is it at least a nasty, biting squirrel? Why couldn't you come up with a snake-shifter?" LOL You gotta love the man.

Once there (and after eventually finding a parking spot) we took the railway up to the castle. We explored the castle, afterward had lunch and then strolled around. We climbed the North Tower, which very effectively turned our legs into jelly. But the view is beautiful!

Eventually we got into the train again and drove up to the Drachenfelsen where the old ruin still stands.

Well, and when it was time to go down the hill again we had to wait for fifteen minutes for the next train. So what did we do? Exactly! We decided to walk and climb into the train at the castle station. Um, yeah... My Dad's sense of orientation is, um, bad but put him together with me and you have a disaster in the making. Soooo, we took the scenic route down and back to the car. lol

Anyway, it was a great day and we laughed a lot. He even made me spit water while we drove because he caused me to laugh so hard. Now my voice is hoarse from all the laughing but I'm happy. :)

On a book-related note:

Thanks to everyone who voted for Secret Chemistry in You Gotta Read Reviews Cover Contest! The cover came out as 2nd place winner! THANK YOU!

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