September 05, 2013

V.L. Locey: Goaltender's Penalty

It`s a great day for hockey, to quote ‘Badger’ Bob Johnson.

First thing I need to do before I start gushing about hockey and the sexy men that play it, is to say thank you to Christi for having me here. I`m still over the moon about it! Or maybe over the goalie`s net is more apropos.

I`m quite thrilled to be able to bring this story to the public for a few reasons. One, obviously, is that I love the game of hockey. I am a rabidly roaring New York Rangers fan, while my husband is a backer of the Boston Bruins. Hockey has become a huge part of our lives, and serves to bring our family together whenever a game is on, as my daughter is a fan of the sport as well.

Secondly, being able to portray a gay love affair blossoming in the world of ice hockey was a joy. To my knowledge, no one in the NHL has come out as being gay- yet - but the powers that be in the National Hockey League are a step ahead. The NHL has taken a firm stand and announced that they will punish any player who harasses another player about his sexuality. That is incredibly strong stuff and I applaud the NHL for taking such a stance. It`s quite encouraging to see other sports following suit in the fight against passive homophobia in the world of professional athletics.

To see how you can team up with me, other authors, and NHL players for respect, check out the You Can Play Project.



In my story you`ll meet Daryl Hamilton, an openly out gay man who works as a daycare provider. After Daryl attends his first hockey game he has a memorable run-in with the goalie for the Harrison Hawks. Ryan Amirault. When the two meet, it`s not the romantic or glorious first impression that Daryl had hoped for. Goaltender`s Penalty is filled with entertaining secondary characters, ice hockey action, a powerful romance between a man who is out and man who is afraid to come out due, steamy sex, and of course, humor. This novella, while being rather light-hearted, does touch upon some important issues as well.

Goaltender`s Penalty is just one of several stories in the Scoring anthology. I`m betting that you`ll want some asbestos gloves to hold your eReader with!

Here`s a little excerpt from Goaltender`s Penalty. This scene takes place after the rather gruesome meeting between Ryan and Daryl. Daryl has taken a pain pill and is in a rather . . . comical state, shall we say?


The ride home was a psychedelic trip. The cars passing the Lincoln left multi-colored plumes behind them. I was singing that theme song from the old PBS show The Magic School Bus because I was having one hell of a wild ride, just as the song promised. Ryan didn't look much like Miss Frizzle though, but then again my eyes were nearly swollen shut. I tried to get a clearer look. He placed his big hand on my shoulder and pushed me gently back into my seat.

“You need to stop singing that stupid bus song,” Ryan said with a small trace of humor. Or was it aggravation? Oh who knows?!
“You are just too cute! Sing along with me,” I giggled. I love Percocet.
“No. I think you enjoy it too much,” Ryan frowned, wheeling into my apartment complex. I threw up my hands and yelled ‘Wooooo!’ as if we were going through Space Mountain, which in a way we were. Or I was anyway.
“Please?” I pleaded as we cruised past the A and B buildings. I couldn't see much but a purple fuzzy outline of his profile but I could hear him blow out a long breath.
“I do not know the words.”
“Oh, your pants are on fire for that, liar. Wait . . . that's not quite right.”
He sang the song but it was begrudgingly.
I clapped and bounced in my seat. “I love it! That is precocious! No, I think I meant something else. Oh, are we stopping? Did we see Mickey Mouse yet?” I craned my head around to peek through the rear window.

“No, we did not see Mickey.” His voice was fading in and out, and then disappeared. Ah well. It was nice and warm in here. My ass was toasty. My face didn't hurt at all. My brain was okey-dokey, the good Dr. Whatever told me. He gave me ten little pills to take for the pain and a slip for a week off work. I had called my boss, told her I had been mugged, hung up and popped a happy pill. And now here we were!

Where were we?
A cold gust blew over me. I turned from Old Man Winter, wanting nothing more than to curl into this heated throne and take a long nap. Oh man, look at the pretty blue numbers! I poked the stereo numerals gently, lest they get angry with me. Someone was unbuckling me. Their hands moved over my hip, searching for the little hooky thing. What the hell is that called? WOW! This man has hair like the sun! I must touch it!

“You want to get your fingers out of my nose?”
“Sorry,” I snorted. Oh mercy, did it hurt to snort. My mouth was as dry as a spinster's whiskey cupboard. “Where are we?” I asked as he helped me from the Lincoln to the ground.
“We are at your apartment building.” Ryan hiked me up higher on his side. “Building C, yes?”
“Yes.” I leaned into him. He was so strong and firm. My left foot felt like it had suddenly fallen off. I screamed bloody murder. Thankfully my big strong Canuck located my foot and reattached it via super goalie powers of mind control. It didn't even hurt. We paused at the bottom of the stairs. I was rubbing my cheek on Ryan's shoulder like a sexed-up tabby cat.

“You think you can do steps?” he asked after an eternity passed. I had visited ancient Rome while we waited. I met Caesar there and had one of his salads.
“Hail Caesar!”
“Never mind,” he muttered.


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