October 23, 2013

Sophie Bonaste: The Sacrifices We Make

Please help me welcome brand new Harmony Ink author Sophie Bonaste, who is here to talk about her book "The Sacrifices We Make".

Hi everyone! My name is Sophie Bonaste and today I am taking over The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris. T. Kat. So before I go on, I would like to send out a big thank you to Chris for letting me do this. 
For those of you who haven’t heard of me, I am a brand-new author in the world of published literature. My debut novel, “The Sacrifices We Make”, was released on October 3rd by Harmony Ink Press. You can read all about the novel towards the bottom of the post.
But since I have everyone’s attention I thought I would talk about one of the questions that I’ve been asked a lot since my book was published. Namely:

What led to you to writing fiction, specifically M/M novels?

Well, despite my young age, this process seems like it’s been very long in coming. When I was a kid, writing and I didn’t mesh very well. I had a lot of problems learning how to write and, as a result, I hated it.
By the time I was in high school, writing and I were on much better terms and I started experimenting with writing for fun. I didn’t do it too much because I was more concerned about the theatre, but I did some. I wrote short fictional stories as well as some plays. They weren’t great, but it started me on my journey. 

College was much of the same in terms of what and how much I wrote, although I did a lot more mandatory writing, thanks to all my class. But something important changed for me in those four years. I found fanfiction! Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I became obsessed with fanfiction. I started in the Star Wars and Seaquest genres, before branching out to House MD and Numb3rs. (And, yes, Chris, I have read your stuff. I love it!)
[Chris: Whee! That's so exciting to know! :)]
When I graduated college and entered the job market, I had to tone back my involvement with the theatre. There were some local community productions, but it wasn’t possible to put so much time into a production when I was working. However, I still wanted to do something creative. I’d toyed around with the idea of writing fiction professionally, but I never really did much about it. But one day, when I was bored, I decided to stop procrastinating and try to write a novel. And “The Sacrifices We Make” was born. I took a chance and submitted it to Harmony Ink, who accepted it on the first attempt.
So why M/M? Well, remember how I told you about finding fanfiction in college? Well, I started out reading general fics (those with no romance). Most of my genres have strong male characters, so there were a lot of slash (M/M) stories and, for a time, I ignored them. But soon, curiosity got the better of me and I started reading slash.
I found I really enjoyed reading M/M stories. When I read all of the stories I wanted to read in fanfiction, I switched over and started to read original fiction and then published works. By the time I started considering writing as more than a hobby, I had read so many M/M romances I didn’t even consider writing in another genre. And I have to say how happy I am with my choice. Hopefully, I will be able to write in this genre for many years to come.
So that’s my story. I hope I didn’t bore anyone too much. I want to thank Chris again for letting me do this post. Now, as promised, I leave you will the information for “The Sacrifices We Make”, my bio and all of the links you will need to buy the book or contact me. Thank you!

Adam Jameson has always felt like an outsider in his own home, where his parents’ constant efforts to instill religious fervor have instead filled him with fear. Most of the time, he just wants to stay out of everybody’s way.  But when Adam is forced to volunteer at a homeless shelter his senior year in high school, everything changes. He’s introduced to people who care about more than religion and, as a result, he starts to come out of his shell. For the first time in his life, Adam finds people that he wants to be around.
Mickey Stafford lives on the streets, a teen kicked out by his parents for being gay. He comes to the shelter for food and medical care, and after they literally run into each other, the two boys strike up a friendship. As Mickey introduces his new friend to the world he lives in, Adam starts to question everything: his parents, their religion, even his own beliefs . Once Mickey kisses him, Adam starts soul-searching and finds his heart, which is full of love for Mickey. But these two young men will have their love put to the test, as they face a future of uncertainty and fear.

Sophie Bonaste is a novelist who never set out to be a novelist. As a child, she wanted to a Broadway actress and spent her childhood in numerous productions. But when adulthood set in and reality took over, Sophie chose to give up the theatre for a steady paycheck and instead turned to writing as a creative outlet. She stumbled into the M/M genre through fanfiction and never looked back. Sophie is quite happy with her change in artistic expression and doesn’t plan to stop writing for a long time.
A self-proclaimed nerd, Sophie is an avid fan of all things Star Wars and Harry Potter. (Sophie is a member of the Slytherin house, for those who were wondering.) Sophie also spends many hours watching and re-watching nerdy television shows. When she is not obsessing over the latest and greatest in nerdy entertainment, Sophie can be found screaming at her television during American football games. (Go Pack Go!) Sophie currently lives in Pennsylvania, about twenty minutes from her childhood town of The Middle of Nowhere.

Buy paperback for “The Sacrifices We Make”- http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=4294

Sophie’s Website- sophiebonaste.blogspot.com
Sophie’s Email-sophiebonaste@gmail.com

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