November 23, 2013

Interruption ("A Purrfect Match")

Sharing a short story that features Jim, Andrew and Tony from A Purrfect Match. It's set 4 years after the events in the book. I hope you'll enjoy the story.

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Interruption (“A Purrfect Match”)

What?” Andrew panted.
Your cat... I think she's contemplating murder.” Jim kept his eyes trained on Nika, their orange-striped tabby, who'd strolled in through the adjacent bedroom door and now stared at him from small slits.
Didn't you close the door?”
No,” Jim muttered. “for some reason I forgot.”
Andrew, who currently hung face down over Jim's left thigh, wiggled his jeans-clad ass and chuckled. “Did this have anything to do with your forgetfulness?”
Jim's erection pressed against the zipper of his pants as he smoothed his hand over Andrew's ass, following its curve in a loving caress. “Maybe.”
Maybe? Well, if it's not up to your standards anymore, I—” Andrew cut himself off with a fervent yelp when Jim's hand connected with his ass. “Ow, sheesh. No joking, okay, I get it.”
You sure?” Jim asked. He patted Andrew's rump, delighted in Andrew's wriggling, and the light flush that crept from his neck to his face.
Well...” Andrew drawled. He glanced over his shoulder and flashed Jim a smile. It was one of his thousand-watt smiles, one of those Jim could never resist. He applied another swat to Andrew's ass, which resulted in a deep moan from Andrew.
It also resulted in Nika jumping on Andrew's back, where she arched and hissed at Jim.
Um, what's going on there?” Andrew asked, sounding breathless. He shifted slightly but aborted any kind of movement when Nika's hiss grew deeper, more intense.
Jim swallowed while he stared at their usually mild-tempered cat. He understood the sounds she made perfectly, even though he wasn't in his cat-form at the moment. Nika was pissed off at him for hurting Andrew, and she'd defend him with claws and teeth if necessary.
Nika's mad at me.” Jim tried to move his lips as little as possible but Nika's eyes narrowed even more. “She probably thinks I'm going to hurt you.”
Can't you explain to her that it's the good kind of hurt?”
I doubt she'll understand there's a difference,” Jim replied.
Can't you just lift her off me and we chase her out of the room and close the door?” Andrew squirmed and rubbed his erection against Jim's thigh, although Nika voiced her displeasure about him moving.
Jim shrugged and reached out for Nika. “It's worth a try, I guess.”
He jerked his hand away when a fierce burn blossomed on the back of his hand. “She scratched me!”
No, Catwoman.”
Wha— Oh, all right. Sorry, it's kinda hard to think when you're hanging upside down.”
Jim stared at the slash on his hand, the way blood trickled out of the small cuts, and shook his head. She had to be seriously pissed off. Point for Nika.
Nika stalked up and down Andrew's back, meowing in a non-stop chatter that pretty much summed up her opinion about Jim. Any time one of them moved, she hissed and bared her teeth. After five minutes, Andrew groaned and pushed his upper body up on the bed. Nika jumped from his back, next to his face, to rub her face against his.
The front door slammed shut and Jim and Andrew jumped. Nika growled at Jim, her fur standing on end as she arched her back again. Tony called, “Dad! Jim! I'm back!”
Oh, my God! What's he doing here already? He can't see us like this!” The panic in Andrew's voice rang clearly.
Drew, calm down, we're both clothed and—”
Jim had no chance to end his sentence because Tony bounded into the bedroom, pushing his glasses up his nose. He jumped onto the bed next to Jim and pecked his cheek before he pointed at Andrew. “What are you doing? Massaging him?”
Jim snorted, which resulted in another spitting fit from Nika.
Something like that,” Jim replied. “Nika got in our way, though.”
Oh.” Tony gazed from Jim to his father and back again before he crawled onto the bed and scooted closer to Andrew. He gesticulated with his hands, and a fine flush covered his cheeks, when he whispered, “You didn't... you know... you weren't going to be busy or something like that, right?”
Andrew whimpered and clapped his hands over his head. Jim laughed, even though Nika advanced on him, hissing.
Oh, come on, girl!” Tony grabbed the cat and rolled into a cross-legged position on the bed. She allowed him to manhandle her and he stroked her belly until she purred.
Andrew pushed himself off from Jim's thigh, which sent him tumbling backward. Jim caught him and lifted him on his lap. “You okay?”
Yeah, just the sudden change of position got to me.” Andrew wrapped his arms around Jim's waist and dropped his head onto his shoulder.
You didn't intend to do the horizontal tango, right?” Tony asked.
The horizontal tango?” Jim asked perplexed. “Where did you learn that word?”
I picked it up somewhere, although I don't get why they'd call it horizontal tango. How are you supposed to dance in a horizontal position?” Tony thought aloud.
Well, I think that's because—”
Andrew cut him off. “Jim! Will you stop it? He's only ten years old!”
He started this conversation,” Jim defended himself.
Tony rolled his eyes, then cradled Nika securely in his arms and scooted toward the edge of the bed. “Since Dad's really pink in the face, I guess you did want to have sex. Nika and I will leave you to it.”
Andrew emitted a strange sound that sounded like something between a terrified squeak and an indignant huff. Jim cupped the back of his neck in one hand and kept Andrew's face on his shoulder, even though Andrew struggled against the hold.
Tony,” Jim sighed.
Tony had climbed off the bed and glanced over his shoulder before he stuck out his tongue. “Dad's so easily embarrassed, I couldn't pass the opportunity. Next time I'll stay longer at Susan's house, though.”
Andrew tweaked Jim's left nipple through the fabric of his shirt. For a moment, Jim lost his hold and Andrew freed his head. Andrew glared at him, or at least he tried, but all Jim could think of was how very enticing the disheveled look was on Andrew.
You said you'd be home by five-thirty, it's not even four,” Andrew said. Concern crept in his voice when he asked, “Did you have a fight with Susan?”
By now, Tony had reached the bedroom door. He shot Andrew a withering scowl. “Susan and I don't fight—ever.”
Jim raised an eyebrow. “What about—”
He stopped when Andrew's elbow drilled sharply into his abdomen. “Don't,” Andrew hissed, then said to Tony, “Why did you come back early then?”
Tony rubbed his face into Nika's fur and his voice was unsteady when he answered, “She's running a high fever. She felt really bad and her mother sent me home.”
Jim bit his tongue to thwart his initial reaction. There went the fun session he'd planned for Drew and himself. If Susan, Tony's best friend was sick, Tony would be a mess.
Oh, baby, come here.” Andrew opened his arms.
Tony didn't hesitate and hurried over to them. He threw himself into Andrew's arms, fighting against tears. Nika protested against the sudden change of location and ambled from Tony's arms onto Jim's thigh. She gazed at him, her tail twitching, then extended her claws for a split second. As soon as Jim gasped she meowed, then circled around herself and curled up into a ball.
Tentatively, Jim patted her head. At her first purr, he smiled—she'd decided to forgive him for spanking Andrew after all.
He transferred his gaze from Nika to Andrew, who sat with his arms wrapped around Tony. A soft smile appeared on Andrew's face and he mouthed, “I'll make it up to you.”
Jim nodded. He'd definitely take Drew up on his promise, but for now he engulfed the two people he loved the most in his arms, enjoying their closeness.


  1. Oh Chris T. Kat! This was so fun! I was giggling and laughing at Nika! And poor Andrew and Jim having their spanky fun interrupted by an angry cat! I think you write a 10 years old boy very well! Today's 10 years old know more than they should and often don't understand half of what they know! Very sweet family moment. Sweet and funny. Thank you!

    1. Hey Dizzy,

      thank you so very much. I'm happy you enjoyed reading this little story. I loved to re-visit Jim, Andrew and Tony. :)

  2. A Purrfect Match was your first novel I ever read and I still love it! Thanks for the little glimpse of life after the novel ended. You write cats very well!


    1. Hi Susan,

      I'm happy you enjoyed reading it (and that you gave "A Purrfect Match" a try in the first place). I loved writing Jim, Andrew and Tony again. :)

  3. That was great! I love catching up with well known characters.

    wylloh1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. Hi Holly,

      I'm very glad you enjoyed this glimpse into their life. I had a blast writing this short story. :)

  4. Thanks for the teaser and the bookmark offer -

    1. You're welcome! I e-mailed you. :)