November 03, 2013

Sunday Snippet #2 -- Hunter's Hunt

This week's post is from Hunter's Hunt (light BDSM short story, published by Torquere Press):

Hunter waited with Adrian outside the Bear Trap because Adrian refused to stay inside. They stayed beneath the roof of the bar, which offered minimal protection from the sharp wind blowing inland. Adrian shivered and wrapped his arms around his torso before he asked, "You don't happen to have a jacket with you that you could lend me?"

"Sorry, no. I don't freeze easily."

Adrian looked him up, then bit the inside of his cheek.

"I know what you wanted to say," Hunter grumbled.

He normally didn't care about other people's opinions but he knew he was a big man, one most people would describe as overweight. He didn't have a gut-belly but his muscles were all well hidden underneath fat and hair. Add to that short-cropped brown hair and brown eyes, and most people wouldn't look twice at him. It was unsettling to become aware that he wanted Adrian to like him, which also included his appearance.

Hunter was relieved when Adrian said, "You're not bad-looking."


Adrian grinned before he wrapped his arms tighter around himself. Hunter battled with his inner demons for a couple more minutes, then held out his left arm. "I don't have a jacket but I can provide you with body heat."

For a moment, he feared Adrian wouldn't accept his offer.

"That would be acceptable."

Hunter snorted. "Get over here."

Adrian closed the short distance between them and cautiously nestled up against Hunter, who swore under his breath when he came into contact with Adrian's chilled body.

"Sorry," Adrian said. His teeth were chattering audibly.

Hunter pulled him in close and rubbed his back, hoping to warm Adrian up a bit. Adrian leaned his head on Hunter's shoulder, and the trust implied in that small gesture caused Hunter's throat to close up. Just a little.

"Why are you this wet?"

"Now you're asking?"

"I was busy protecting you."

"If you tell me I'm stupid, I'll clock you," Adrian said with a surprising amount of fervor.

"Ah, yes, that'll work just fine."

"I could clock you. Only question is whether you'd feel anything."

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