November 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet #5 -- "Cuddling Up" in "Animal Magnetism"

This week's post is from a short story, called Cuddling Up, which was published in Dreamspinner's Animal Magnetism Anthology.

Daria's yowl stopped Noah. He turned around, waved, and said, “Yeah, I know. Good thing Mr. Nitpicker wasn't here. He would have had his panties in a bunch.”
Daria mewed an answer, and Noah chuckled. “Though I would love to see his face.”
That can be arranged,” I said.
With great displeasure, I realized Noah didn't jump. On the other hand, all color left his face.
For a moment we stood there, each of us silent, waiting for the other one to start talking. I crossed my arms above my chest, unnecessarily puffing myself up, and glared down at Noah.
He had to tilt his head back to get a good look at me. He wet his upper lip with the tip of his tongue in a nervous gesture. I couldn't ignore the longing desire unfurling in my gut. I had tried to squash this urge way too long already.
How long are we going to do this? Not that I don't get you wanting to act all macho-like. You've at least got the body for it, but… could you step aside so I can go to the room and get comfortable? By the way, how long have you been back, did you say?”
He rambled. Babbled, even.
Allowing a small smirk to appear on my face, but not budging an inch when he came toward me and tried to walk past, I eventually answered, “I didn't want to be drenched and decided to wait until the rain eased off a bit. I came back inside after the first thunder.”
Oh. Oh, you did? I didn't hear you.”
Guess you were occupied, huh? Totally understandable, since you were so busy cuddling a grown snow leopard!” I shouted, finally giving way to my anger.


  1. I'm sure you get tired of me saying this about each one of your couples, but I'd really love to see more of Paul and Noah! I like their relationship and that they have their own little issues to battle out. Noah with the big cats is just such a great storyline! I'm so glad you posted this blurb!

    1. Actually, no, I don't get tired of you saying so. ;-)
      I'm very glad you enjoyed Paul and Noah's story. Maybe I could write a little snippet for them--it's always fun to revisit characters. :)