November 18, 2013

Teegan Loy: Echoes of Us

Please help me welcome fellow Dreamspinner author Teegan Loy!

First off, I’d like to thank Chris for letting me hang out on this blog. My name is Teegan Loy and my new novel Echoes of Us will be available from Dreamspinner on November 18, 2013. 



Most people think falling in love is a wonderful thing. For Rylan Blake, love only complicates his life. After a disastrous tip home, Rylan and his best friend, Maggie, head back to Chicago to meet their new roommate, Jade Marin, and prepare for their final year of college.

Love is the last think Rylan expects when he meets Jade. But as the two men get to know each other and discover their mutual love of music, friendship becomes more. They compose songs and, at Maggie’s urging, post their work on YouTube-where the videos go viral and a music producer discovers them.

But hitting it big isn’t always a good thing, especially when it comes with a price. When Rylan and Jade sign a deal with a big music company, they’re ordered to hide their relationship from the public and take fake girlfriends. At first, it’s a game, but as their fame grows, Rylan feels forced to choose: Does he stay and live a lie, or does he walk away from a life of fame-and from Jade?


A few people recently asked me if I ever use “real life” incidents in my stories. And yes, one of the people actually did the air quote gesture. I rolled my eyes and told her this story.

One day, a very good friend sent me a text, telling me she had a weasel in her house and no one believed her until her dog started sitting in front of the dishwasher. The first thing I asked was if it was a ferret and not a weasel. She insisted it was a weasel. I still didn’t believe her. About an hour later, I got a comical description of how the exterminator and several members of her family tried to round up the unwanted houseguest. Needless to say, I included a slightly different version of the weasel story in Echoes of Us.

Here’s a sneak peek of my main character, Rylan Blake in Echoes of Us. In this scene, he’s talking with his sister and his best friend, Maggie. The first person to speak is Rylan’s sister, Kellie.


Because you’ve always gone after what you wanted, dressed and acted like you didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought. You’re talented and special, and you’re not afraid of anything.”
I’m afraid of everything,” I choked.
He is,” Maggie confirmed. “Once, I was sitting in the living room and Rylan screamed so loud I thought someone was murdering him. Even our next-door neighbor heard him. She came rushing over to our house wielding a golf club like it was a machete, and she’s eighty years old. We found Rylan perched on top of his desk shouting about a giant weasel that ran across his floor. Mrs. Morgan burst out laughing and got down on her hands and knees, talking softly to something she called Harry. A few seconds later, a cute little ferret poked his nose out from under Rylan’s bed. It was one of our neighbor’s missing pets. Mrs. Morgan picked him up and left, laughing.”
I didn’t know it was a ferret.”
You grew up on a farm,” Maggie fired back.
I took liberties with the scene and changed the weasel into a ferret. In real life, it was a weasel that came into my friend’s house. It still makes her shudder when you mention weasels.

Thanks again, Chris, for letting my hang out here
Xo Teegan

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