April 23, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #29

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used the following prompt: “What are you growling about now?”

Hope #29

Shane wound himself out of Silvion's hands, wearing a hurt expression. Silvion rolled his eyes as he rose to his feet. “Always the high drama with you, isn't it?”
Shane whirled around, pressed his paws into my shin and barked. I glanced down at him, unsure about the next steps. Shane tilted his head to the side, then growled.
What are you growling about now?” I asked.
He's pissed off at me, and he wants you to carry him,” Silvion rumbled. Shane cast him a scathing look before he directed his dark, liquid eyes at me again.
I pulled him into my arms and cradled him against my chest. “Marisa said you'd bring us to... what was it? A ruin, I think. You know, that place where we can collect dragon scales so Shane can shift back into his human-form.”
Silvion's breathing picked up speed. “You want me...”
Since he didn't seem inclined to finish his thought, I said, “Yes, we want you to bring us to that place. Didn't Marisa tell you?”
Marisa was mysterious, as she always is. She tends to make a mountain out of a molehill.” Silvion shrugged, but his gaze remained on Shane. “You're using this form out of your own free will, right?”
Shane barked and shook his head. Silvion sighed. “I wondered why you didn't talk to me the last three months, and I was really surprised when Marisa told me you wanted to show your mate where you're from. Especially since you were always so adamant that he doesn't need to know anything.”
I pursed my lips. “He had a change of heart.”
Silvion regarded me with something akin to pity. “Sensitive point for you, eh?”
Abruptly, I put Shane on the grass. He yipped when I strode a few feet away. Did everyone know about Shane's secret except me? Why did everyone harbor the impression I was a delicate flower? Sure, I'd never been an extrovert, and I'd rather stay at home to read a book. But that didn't equate to... to... the way everyone looked at me.
The grass rustled when Shane traipsed after me. He pawed at my left leg, whining softly. I stared ahead, catching sight of sloping hills covered with lush grass and cascades of brightly colored flowers.
I swiveled around. “Hey! When we left from the other side of the portal, it was night!”
So?” Silvion asked.
So?” I echoed. “Why is it day here?”
Why shouldn't it? You're far away from home, kid.”
Kid? Did he seriously just call me kid? Fuming, I glared at him. “Thanks for the information, grandfather.”
Shane howled and crawled behind my legs. He even went so far as to slap his forepaws over his eyes. I cast him a worried glance. “Why are you personifying a Disney character?”
Shane's answer consisted of a higher pitched whine. I forced myself to look back at Silvion. Somehow, and despite that he was such a giant, he'd approached me without making a sound. The stormy expression on his face didn't bode well either.
Um, I'm taking it that you didn't enjoy my little quip? Can't take a joke, huh? I mean, come on, you started it with calling me kid,” I rambled, probably digging my own grave.
Silvion's grim expression changed into a delighted grin. He yanked me into a bone-crushing hug that left not much room for breathing. His laughter vibrated through me even as he set me back onto my feet. “You got balls, kid.”
Yeah, yeah.” I flapped my hand dismissively, still panting. “Now lead the way, old man.”
Silvion's laughter echoed through the silence as he strode ahead. I hurried after him with a befuddled-looking Shane trailing me.


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