June 22, 2014

Character Interviews: Kit and Dale from "Seizing It" and "Too Good to be True?"

I stumbled across a couple of character interviews I wrote when I promoted Too Good to be True? last year and realized I never posted the interviews on my blog. Maybe a few of you will like to read them, so here they are:

Interview 1:

Hey everyone! My name is Chris T. Kat. I invited myself into Kit and Dale's living room and—
Kit: Hey! What about Jackson?
Chris: Oh, right. Shall we try again? I invited myself into Kit, Dale and Jackson's living room to—
Kit: Invited herself? More like barged in here without asking if we have time or are busy or anything. Really annoying.
Dale: *puts an arm around Kit's shoulder* How about you tone down the attitude a notch or two?
Kit: This is our home and I wasn't asked if I wanted to do an interview right now!
Dale: *sighs* Chris, you have to excuse Kit. He's still a bit off-kilter after his last seizure.
Chris: No problem.
Kit: No problem. Sure. *glares at Dale* Did you have to tell everyone about that?
Dale: No one cares that you're epileptic.
Kit: Right.
Chris: Um, guys, maybe you could discuss this later without an audience?
Dale: Sure.
Kit: There's nothing to discuss.
Dale: Nikita, tone it down.
Kit: *scowls but snuggles closer to Dale*
Dale: What did you want to know, Chris?
Chris: The last time we saw you two in Seizing It you had just embarked on giving a relationship a try. How has that worked out so far?
Kit and Dale: Great!
Chris: Really? No bumps in the roads?
Kit: None you need to know about.
Dale: Actually we did have some issues. We—
Kit: They do not need to know about our issues! Haven't you ever heard of a little something called privacy?
Chris: You don't need to go into detail. Of course we all value your privacy—
Kit: *sneers* Says the one who invited herself in.
Dale: *lifts Kit onto his lap and whispers something in his ear*
Kit: *blushes* I... um, I apologize for snapping at you. That was really inappropriate. Like Dale said in the beginning I'm a bit off-kilter because of a big seizure. I really hate those. I always feel so unsettled afterward.
Chris: I can imagine.
Dale: *rubs Kit's back* You're getting a better grip on the epilepsy again.
Kit: *smiles* Because you're taking good care of me.
Dale: Always, kitten.
Chris: Awww, you two are so cute together!
Kit: *groans and pushes his head under Dale's chin* This is embarrassing.
Dale: *laughs* Chris, don't make him blush. He'll be a pest for the rest of the day.
Kit: Hey, you always say I'm a good-looking pest!
Dale: That you are.
Kit: *mumbles* Love you.
Dale: Love you too, kitten.
Chris: *watches Dale and Kit kissing* Oh, all right guys. I take it this is a really inconvenient time for me to drop by. Maybe another time?
Dale: You're always welcome!
Kit: Except when—
Dale: Kit!
Kit: Yes, dear?
Dale: *gets up and flips Kit over his shoulder* I don't want to appear impolite but will you find your way out on your own? Kit and I need to do... something.
Kit: *snickers* Right. We need to do something about Dale's little problem.
Dale: Geez, you're such a brat!
Kit: You love me anyway, right?
Dale: I do.
Chris: *waves and rushes to the front door* Have fun, guys!

Interview 2:
Hey everyone! My name is Chris T. Kat. Since my first attempt at inviting myself into Kit and Dale's living room wasn't all that successful, I called ahead this time.
Dale: Hi Chris, welcome back.
Chris: Hi Dale. Where's Kit?
Dale: He's walking Jackson and should be here any minute.
Chris: I take it he's doing better? Since he's walking Jackson alone?
Dale: *sighs* Yes, he is.
Chris: You seem... doubtful.
Dale: No! Well, okay, maybe. It's the first time he's off alone and it makes me nervous not to know how he's doing. I just want to make sure he's all right.
Chris: His epilepsy must be hard on you too.
Dale: Let's not talk about his epilepsy when he's back, okay? It's a touchy subject for him and I'd rather do without a tantrum. Don't get me wrong: I get why he acts the way he does, I really do. No one wants to be defined by something out of his control.
Kit: Honey, I'm back!
Jackson bounds into the room, sniffs my hand, then goes over to Dale to receive a pat before he reclines next to the heater.
Kit: Oh, you.
Dale: Kit.
Chris: Hey, Kit, nice to meet you again.
Kit: *plops next to Dale on the sofa* Hi, Chris.
Chris: You look much better than the last time I saw you.
Dale: *cringes*
Kit: Do I?
Chris: *looks around in embarrassment* Talk about putting your foot in, huh?
Kit: *laughs* Hah! Better you than me! What would you like to know? And before you ask: Dale is off-limit.
Chris: I thought so.
Kit: Just wanted to be clear.
Dale: Kit, what's gotten into you?
Kit: Nothing.
Dale: I raise your nothing to a something. Shoot.
Kit: No.
Dale: Do you seriously want me to tickle you in front of an audience?
Kit: *blushes* Dale!
Dale: Yes?
Kit: I don't want to talk about it, okay? Forget about it?
Dale: About you having a jealousy fit? No way!
Chris: Here we go again. Do you need time to settle your argument?
Kit: Yes.
Dale: No.
Chris: *narrows eyes* Is this a ploy to get rid of me?
Dale: No!
Kit: *mumbles* Yes.
Dale: *stares at Kit in disbelief*
Kit: Don't look at me like that! Dale? Come on! Okay, okay, I'll answer all her questions! Just stop looking at me like that.
Dale: *keeps staring*
Kit: Would it help if I said I love you really loud?
Dale: *snorts* You're unbelievable!
Kit: *climbs onto Dale's lap and kisses him*
Chris: *rolls her eyes* All right, guys. I get it. Kit really doesn't do interviews. I'll rest my case.
Kit: *grins and winks*
Chris: *gets up* No, no, you two stay where you are. I know my way out.
Kit: Hey, Chris?
Chris: *turns back around* Yes?
Kit: Will Too Good to be True? be the last book about Dale and me?
Dale: *pulls Kit closer* Shh, kitten, it'll be fine.
Chris: Honestly? I'm not sure. There's still some stuff you need to work through, isn't there?
Kit: I guess.
Chris: Give me some time to mull it over, okay?
Dale: That's fine. I already got him, that's all I need.
Kit: You're making me all teary-eyed.
Dale: *kisses Kit again*
Chris: *walks to the door and furiously scribbles notes*




  1. I loved these interviews!! Not that you got much information from these two men, but it's wonderful to see them so happy together. I think Seizinng It was the first of your published books I'd read. I've gone back and read both of these books a couple of times.

    1. I'm so glad you liked them, Dizzy. Kit was--as usual--uncooperative but it was fun to write these interviews. Wow, that you re-read the books is a huge compliment, thank you! ^_^

  2. I love these two interviews!! Kit and Dale are such a great couple and I am really happy to hear there will be more of them to come. I've read their books a couple of times each and I will definitely have to read them again before the next book. :)

    1. Thank you very much, Trisha! I'm glad you enjoyed the books and I feel honored that read them more than once. :D