July 20, 2014

Coming Soon: Unicorn Rescue

First, let me apologize for my lack of updates lately. Work has been very busy and now that I'm on summer break I'm still busy. ;-)

My friend from the US visited and stayed with us for a week. We had so much fun and we all miss her terribly but at least we have the great pictures and memories. ^_^

Writing news:
Unicorn Rescue will be published on August 15th by eXtasy books. Here's the cover and blurb, in case you're interested.


  A search for missing unicorns reveals a Fate that Samuel has only dreamed of before.  
    When they first meet, Jordan takes Samuel’s breath away—but not in a good way. Jordan knocks Samuel, a gatekeeper from a world called Eden, flat on his ass. In Jordan’s defense, Samuel did freak him out, appearing out of thin air the way he did. Luckily, the appearance of the unicorns preempts a possible fight.
    Relieved to have found Eden’s unicorns, Samuel is astonished that Jordan knows about them, despite the fact that their horns have been concealed by magic. Attempting to remove the halters that bind them, Samuel is rendered unconscious.
    The question now is how to get the unicorns back to Eden, as well as solve the mystery of who has stolen them to begin with. But just maybe Samuel and Jordan need to deal with this attraction between them that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Are their feelings tied in with the mystery of the unicorns?


  1. Hummm a new book... I'll keep it in my sight.

    1. Thanks, Sylvie. :)

      This is the first of the upcoming releases.