October 08, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #46

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used: "Is it just me or..."

Hope #46

Had I really said that aloud? Oh. My. God. What if they wanted to try, and I couldn't go through with it? Shane had always filled me up pretty good. Not that I couldn't have taken more. He had a beautiful cock, long and smooth, but it wasn't thick. I eyed Silvion's heavy dick that rested on my thigh. Now that was a cock that should fill me up to the brim. How would there be any space for Shane?
“Relax, baby,” Silvion murmured. “We'll do whatever makes you feel good.”
I want to try,” I heard myself say. Was that even my voice? It sounded faint, but hungry at the same time.
Is it just me, or did it get hot in here?” Shane sounded breathless.
I laughed because what else was there to do? It was hot, suffocatingly hot, really.
Silvion pushed the blanket aside, leaving all of us exposed to the air that raised goose bumps on my skin. Or maybe that was because of Silvion and Shane's hands exploring my body, roaming along and sending tingles through my entire being. I closed my eyes and concentrated on feeling, just feeling.
Shane sucked my cock into his mouth again, twirled his tongue around my cockhead and pressed his wicked tongue into my slit. With his hands, he fondled my balls and rubbed along my perineum, causing me to leak precome into his mouth.
Somehow they'd manhandled me onto my side. Shane lay in front of me, playing with my cock and balls and driving me insane. Silvion slid up behind me, his large frame curling around me. I leaned back against his chest and opened my mouth, inviting him in. He lost no time and licked any part of my mouth he could reach. I melted against him, sometimes mewling and clutching Shane's hair to show him how much I loved what he was doing.
Silvion slid one hand to my buttocks, spread them open and nudged his thick cock against my entrance. My belly clenched in anticipation when a tiny voice piped up inside me. How could I be so hot for Silvion when a few days ago I was ready to throw my life away because I couldn't get Shane back?
As if he could read my mind, Shane unlocked his lips from my swollen member and glanced up at me through his long lashes. “Gil, no guilt-trip. I love you, and it's fine for you to want us both.”
“It's not weird?” I whispered back.
“You'll love it when he breaches you, buries himself balls-deep into you—”
Silvion and I groaned. I grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard to prevent myself from coming.
“Enough talking already,” Silvion grumbled, his breath gusting along my neck.
He rolled onto his back, then lifted me onto his body. I stretched out on his broadly-muscled frame, shivering at the power underneath me. Shane helped me position myself on all fours before he massaged my buttocks. A moment later he pressed kisses on my fluttering hole, wetting it thoroughly.
His tongue made way for Silvion's thick fingers, covered in lube or whatever gooey stuff. When they both deemed me ready, Shane steadied my hips and Silvion pushed into me in one excruciatingly slow stroke. My eyes widened as he slid deeper and deeper into me, stretching me.
“Full,” I gasped when he was fully sheathed inside me.
Silvion grinned and rocked his hips back and forth, helping me to adjust to his girth. Sometimes he brushed over my prostate, which forced me to whimper and writhe on top of him. Shane kissed me, pinched my nipples, stroked my hair, did everything he knew I liked. Then he slid behind me and rubbed his cockhead against my hole. I squeezed around Silvion, causing him to let go of a guttural moan.
“Ready to try, sweetheart?” Shane asked.
My heart hammered against my ribs, and I wasn't at all sure if I wanted to try, but I heard myself clearly say, “Yes.”

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