October 22, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Hope #47 (last chapter!)

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, where authors post free fiction of 1000 words or less each week. I used: "I never dreamed this would happen!"

Hope #47

Shane pressed the tip of his cock against the rim of my hole, and my eyes opened wide. This was impossible! How did the guys in the porn videos do it? I was already so full with Silvion's erection, how was Shane supposed to fit in there?
Despite my whirling, and admittedly panicking thoughts, a surge of heat rushed through me. I wanted this, wanted to know what it felt like to be taken by two men at once. Shane nipped at my earlobe, causing me to gasp, and at the same time pushed forward.
I yelled at the intrusion, my hole spasming around the two cocks. Silvion groaned, a deep rumble that reverberated through my chest. He clenched his hands in my ass cheeks and parted them further. Shivering, I tried to hold still, to adjust to them, but instead I swayed slightly back and forth, not sure whether I wanted to get away from them or impale myself on their cocks.
Shane's heavy breathing gusted over my sweaty back, setting off another round of shivers. He had an almost bruising grip on my hips as he pushed forward. The unbearable fullness and feeling of 'oh shit, that's too much' waned when Silvion shifted ever so slightly, allowing his cockhead to brush against my prostate with every tiny movement. Pleasure so bright and encompassing flowed into me that I opened my mouth in a long-drawn moan.
“Feels good, sweetheart?” Shane asked.
“Feels like too much,” I replied.
“God, it's so tight,” he groaned.
I cracked a laugh. “Well, you're both stuffed into me. It's bound to be a bit tight.”
Silvion dropped one of his hands, and a moment later, flesh connected with flesh. Shane jerked forward with a yelp, and I couldn't help but scream when they pegged my gland simultaneously.
“Here we go,” Silvion said, his voice dripping with smugness.
Beads of sweat trickled down my back, and my arms started to tremble from the onslaught of sensations. I whispered, “I never dreamed this would happen.”
Come here, baby,” Silvion said. He wrapped his arms around me and crushed me onto his chest. It was just as well, since my arms wouldn't hold me up for long anyway. “Let us take care of you.”
I wasn't sure what he meant by his statement. After all, I was tethered to his chest with not much leeway. I could only wiggle my ass, or shift my legs a bit, but that was it. Silvion pulled up his legs, planted his big feet firmly into the mattress and rocked back and forth, his cock rubbing my channel and pulling needy moans from me.
“This is so hot,” Shane gasped out.
I felt him move behind me, then his hips snapped forward. I hung on for the ride, unable to form words or have any coherent thought at all. I was reduced to moans and whimpers as they drilled into me, took possession of my body in a way no one ever had. Scorching heat shot through me when Shane pistoned in and out, his grunts increasing in volume, the sounds of his balls slapping against my flesh intoxicating me.
The scent of sex and sweat wafted around us, and my whole world shrank to that small part of my body that connected the three of us. Silvion's cock pulsed suddenly, and with a guttural groan he came inside me, flooding my channel with his seed. Shane went completely still, and seconds later he shot his load as well. It was all too much. I climaxed, howling my release, as waves and waves of ecstasy crashed over me.
For a while only harsh pants were audible, then Shane gulped and pulled out of me. Silvion did the same a moment later, and I shuddered at the emptiness. Semen dribbled out of my hole, and along my crack, but I didn't care.
Silvion and Shane rolled onto their sides, with me sandwiched between them. I could get used to these two curled around me. Exhaustion took its toll on me, and my eyes felt heavy. Still, I blurted, “I want to do that again.”
Shane laughed out loud, while Silvion chuckled. After trailing a series of kisses onto my shoulders, Shane said, “We created a monster.”
“It's a good kind of monster. I'll be happy to oblige.”
Shane's voice took on a rough edge. “I'll be more than happy to oblige as well. As many times as you want, Gil.”
Smiling, I drifted off to sleep.

Okay, folks, this time there will be no to be continued. The story clocks in at 32k so far and I'll end it here. Of course I know there's more I need to address but for now I want to let it rest. Thanks to everyone who followed Gil's story!

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  1. I've been following this the whole time and I'm so sad that there won't be anymore weekly updates. However, I'll hope in the fact that you said you know there's more to address and believe that means that the story doesn't end here.

    1. JL! Hi! I'm so glad to see you around. <3

      I need to pull some threads together for this story and I can't do that when I only write small parts every week. I hope I'll find the time to finish writing this story in the near future. At the moment I'm editing and revising several other books.

      I'm so happy you enjoyed the story so far. Thank you very much for reading and letting me know, I appreciate that! :)

  2. Oh, Chris T. Kat!! I've not had a chance to comment on all the wonderful chapters, but now that this is the end, I'm sorry I didn't! I loved this ending, you know I love 3somes. I'll miss these guys. I know you are busy with all your other projects, so I won't complain about this being over. I'll just patiently wait for your next new release.

    1. Hey Dizzy!

      I'm very happy you enjoyed reading the chapters. I'm fond of 3somes too--as you already know. ;-)

      I'm still going to flash on Wednesdays but probably not a longer story. In any case, I'm happy you liked the story. Thanks a lot for letting me know!

  3. Who would have thought when were introduced to the fluffy little puppy, it would end like this. It's been quite a ride and I'm glad I tagged along. It is sad to see the story end, but it's a lovely place to leave the boys. Well done!

    1. The story had some unexpected turns, huh? Thanks a lot for reading the story and for letting me know you enjoyed it. I appreciate that. :)

    2. Thoroughly enjoyed this story, once I got past my heart breaking for the first few chapters. Did you you ever have a chance to continue their story?

    3. Thanks a lot and sorry for the very late reply. No, I haven't finished that story and I'm not sure if I will, to be honest.