January 04, 2015

Sunday Snippet #15: Unicorn Rescue

Getting back to post some Sunday Snippets. :)


A whicker interrupted Jordan’s stammer and he jumped. Samuel sighed as he turned his attention to the big, white horse striding toward them. A blue halter sat snug around its head and it flicked its ears back and forth. The halter was wrong, so very wrong. No unicorn should ever be burdened with something so mundane.
“Hello, Ariel,” Samuel greeted her, and brushed a gentle hand over Ariel’s soft nose.
“Gatekeeper,” she said.
Samuel winced. Right. Gatekeeper. That was him. Now if he’d only managed to keep all gates closed—at least the ones he was responsible for. But no, someone had accomplished to not only open a gate but to keep it open while, at the same time, concealing that the gate was open. Worst of all, this same person had abducted Eden’s unicorns. A nightmare in itself because, without the unicorns’ combined powers, Eden’s plants would wilt and the sun lose its power.
“It speaks? I-I mean I know it’s a unicorn and all, but it can speak?” Jordan asked, baffled.

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